Cupid (2003)

CBS (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • America's Choice Is Lisa's Too: Hank's The One!
      The season's final episode begins with a look back at the previous 10 shows. All of the eliminated suitors are brought back to the stage. Dominic's elimination brings the show to a final showdown between Robert and Hank. Hank is revealed as America's chosen suitor for Lisa. Lisa's father gives Hank his daughter's hand and blessing, but Hank refuses to wed Lisa in the glare of a national TV audience. Lisa agrees.moreless
    • Verdict On Renda: Return To Senda
      Creativity is the key tonight, as each of the remaining suitors takes Lisa on their ultimate "fantasy date;" Lisa shocks all by declaring Hank as her choice.
    • Goodbye Joe, Five To Go
      The pressure is on tonight, as each of the remaining suitors must prepare a meal for Lisa, Laura, Kimberly...and the Shannon family.
    • Ken Leaves; Lisa Meets The Folks
      Tonight's dates give Lisa a chance to see how each of the remaining suitor performs "in his own element" -- on a trip to their homes to meet their friends and family.
    • Goodbye Paul, Hello Kiddies!
      Each of the suitors is placed among four kids (ages 5 to 13), and as a group, must come up with a date idea involving the suitor, the kids and Lisa.
    • Hello...And Goodbye!
      Lisa is given the chance to see how each of the remaining suitors performs while "not at his best." Each guy has been deprived of a night's sleep, and is given $1000 with which to buy Lisa an outfit for the next date -- with no knowledge of her sizes, etc.moreless
    • The Keepers And The Weeper
      In an attempt for Lisa to better know her nine remaining suitors, the second date with each features one of their hobbies.
    • The Losers Or The Real Deal?
      Each suitor is sent onto the streets for two hours, and must use their creativity and resourcefulness to accumulate money to spend on their date with Lisa.
    • Let The Brutality Begin
      Lisa divides the 20 suitors into four groups: "The Serious Group," "Diamonds in the Rough," "The Jocks," and "The Creative Types.
    • No Violins, No Roses, No Mercy
      In New York, the girls select Zach, Paul, Renda, Omar, Ben and Scott; in Los Angeles, they settle on Robert, Corey, Scott, Mark, Rob, Evan and Dain to make up the 20 total suitors.
    • Simon Says 'Welcome To Cupid'
      Lisa, along with friends Laura and Kimberly, arrives in Chicago, where dozens of potential suitors are weeded out. Dominic, Ken, Joe and Hank are selected to make the trip to Los Angeles. In Miami, the girls pick Nate, Paco and Darren.