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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2009 on ABC
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Trevor Pierce a.k.a. Cupid has been banished from Mt. Olympus and cannot return until he successfully matches 100 couples without the use of his magical bow and arrow. In this pilot episode, Trevor, newly released from a mental hospital, attempts to help Dave find the woman he crossed an ocean to be with, while under the watchful eye of his love-impaired psychiatrist, Dr. Claire McCrae.moreless

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  • The best tearjerker on TV since Ghost Whisper, Cupid treads familiar ground, but with fresh serendipity. Bobby Cannavale's Trevor Pierce/Cupid is a likable guy with a refreshing positive outlook on love in a time when cynicism reigns.moreless

    Cupid has it's act together out of the gate. Pilots are often the weakest episode of any new series, but this time the cast and writers have put together a solid opener. Cupid/Trevor Pierce is on a mission to put together 100 couples to gain reentry to Mount Olympus. Sans bow and arrow, he must rely on his optimism and belief in true love. It's refreshing to see a show about people falling in love (yes, I'm a closet hopeless romantic) rather than the now typical dysfunctional relationship, marriage and/or divorce situation. Trevor, who winds up in a psych ward for claiming to be the fallen god of love, is put under the critical care of Dr. Claire Allen, a psychiatrist and supposed relationship expert who plays the Scully to Trevor's Mulder. She believes that finding love is a methodical process requiring hard work and that love-at-first-site is as fictitious as Cupid himself. Trevor believes if can put the right two people in the same room, love will do its thing. In the end, we learn that it's called serendipity for a reason, Trevor screws up his first attempt. Then the old adage about the forest and trees gets Cupid a point on his road home. My only criticism of the pilot was how FANTASTIC the guest stars, Marguerite Moreau (Madelyn) and Sean Maguire (Dave) were as the reporter and illegal Irishman in New York. (Apologies to Sting!) We have yet to learn enough about Trevor's boss and coworker, Felix and Lita, to see what they bring to the table, but we're only one episode down. Cupid reminds me of the biggest tearjerker now on TV, The Ghost Whisperer, but it's about beginnings rather than endings. Also without the scare and a lot more hope.moreless
  • When he's sent to psych ward for claiming he's Cupid (Eros) the god of love he meets doctor McCrae who is charged by the hospital with monitoring his progress.

    The pilot for Cupid 2009 was exactly the same with the one for Cupid 1998. That doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyable more so now that the old version seems outdated. Bobby Canavale (Cupid/Trevor Pierce) is no Jeremy Piven. Piven had created the part himself and was amazing. I liked the plot very much because the story was romantic enough but not corny. I liked how NY was portrayed. The supporting cast was ok. I think they will have more to do in the future. In all i hope this series stands a chance and that it has better luck than the 1998 one.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the scene when the doctor is telling Claire about Cupid and his case being right up her alley an announcement on the hospital intercom can be heard that says, "Dr. Mars to the CIU." This could be referring to Cupid creator Rob Thomas' cult hit Veronica Mars.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Trevor: (grabs Madelyn as she's running away) Madelyn! This is it, you've got your story.
      Madelyn: But I didn't want to be the girl that got the story this time, Trevor. I wanted to be the girl that got the song. And I was this close.
      Trevor: Madelyn?
      Madelyn: I tried being bold, Trevor. (pauses) I should have stuck with being smart.

    • Trevor/Cupid: Love is passion. Love is heat, chemistry, sex.
      Man: Yeah!
      Dr. Claire McCrae: No. Love is what's left after the heat and the passion die...
      Group Member: Ouch.
      Dr. McCrae: ...or fades away kind of slowly.
      Trevor: Wow, who ripped your heart out?

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