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  • Some really great writing on that show!

    Some really great writing on that show! I LOVED the episode where kid finds dad through sperm bank records. The target couple's characterization of one anther's political beliefs was pretty spot on - and balanced, you know? Nobody got off without a little jab, which I thought so refreshing. Usually only the people on the right get the bloody noses and the homophobic, neo-Nazi, religious nut job profiling. And that guy who plays Cupid? Pure hotness and delight: from hedonist playah, to mischievous schoolboy, to somehow less-than-annoying mime - all while rockin that flirtatious vibe. Yum! And did you see that spin action behind the bar? Nice.
  • shouldve been given more of a chance

    i dont understand how shows like Greys anatomy who although got good rating have really gone down the toilet in the last few years stay on tv season after season but a show like this one is barely given a chance.
    It had charm, comedy and was a really nice uplifting show the only thing i mightve changed was the actress playing the therapist, something about her just didnt sell the character too well but besides that this show had potential but what happened to it? it had like 5 episodes and then canned because it didnt get the same rating as other shows.
    If only this show tried a different network it wouldve probably done better. people on ABC have repressed sexual tension thats why the majority of their shows have something to do with sex...i mean am i wrong? look at greys anatomy, desperate housewives and brother&sisters!
    Cupid wouldve done well on Lifetime with Drop Dead Diva or something, then it wouldve at least gotten a 13 episode season.
  • A huge step down from the original, even if they learned a little from its mistakes.

    Okay, Bobby Cannavale? Come on. The casting of him as Cupid is more than enough to ridicule those responsible. Not only can't he hold a candle against Piven's original, but he's a flat character even without considering whom he followed.

    I like Sarah Paulson, but I don't think she either was right for this part. I can always blame it on Cannavale and lack of chemistry because of him. You know. Nothing to act off, bounce off etc. As a result the leading duo is so much weaker than needed to pull of this kind of show.

    I didn't like the Champ character in the original. He had too much involvement, and way too little interest. Here they've rather chosen two siblings to bounce off as supporting stars. Much less air time on each, and it works a lot better. Good cast on both parts as well, so good decision.

    Overall Cupid 2009 is a parody on what Piven and Marshall delivered back when. Two of the seven episodes, including the pilot, is pretty much rip-offs. Those of us who enjoyed large parts of the original, hate the remake because we have to live with remembering Marshall and Piven selling it better.

    Those who didn't watch the original, was probably still bored to death of Cannavale's lack of romantic energy. He's just not credible in the part. Often, like when he stands up in single group-meetings, I don't believe for a second the group would follow him on any of his ideas. He just lack the charisma and glow needed.

    I know much of this review pulls down because of Cannavale, but with leading roles comes much responsibility. Got to face the music when you don't deliver then.

    Overall I'd have to say much of the writing is better than the original. They've delivered better focused episodes. A shame the casting sold them out. Correct cancellation.
  • Sign Petition Form to get the show back!

    I like this show so much but unfortunately heard it is cancel. I wonder what show next favorite show to be cancel. CUPID really bring laughter and happiness to life. Never missed any episode! When I check online, it was cancel after the 7th episode. Never even have the chance to see the final show of the CUPID. I am rating this show at 10 - PERFECT and would listed as my favorite TV show. Will be anxious to wait for miracle happen and getting ready for CUPID's arrow to struck me! Really hope the would bring this show back... I have sign online petition... Have you?

  • BEST SHOW EVER!!! How stupid of you to cancel it!

    We want it back!!!! How can you cancel this show???!!! It's everything you want in a new tv series! It was noticed and loved so quickly! It captured the female audiences of any age! It's everything we want to see. There are constant fairy-tale romances with true-love stories. It doesn't get any better than that! So you have all women watching for sure! And it's funny and sarcastic enough to keep a male audience! The guy playing Cupid is perfect for the part. He can be the perfect example of a sleezy shallow man while still appreciating the real love connection that can happen between any two poeple. Even the most boring, shallow, or unique individuals! He's the sexy, sleezy, shallow man most women would hate to get to know, but with the romantic, sentimental, sexy man all women want to wake up to! This show is a hit and it was a huge mistake to cancel it!
  • i loved this show!! im sad to see that it wont be coming back!!!

    i absolutely loved this show!!!!!! i dont really care to watch tv that much any more so when i do its must be a great least in my eyes!!!so why is it not coming back??? i dont understand...its like there is not any room for a great romantic comedy any more...everything now a days has to be a stupid cop or a stupid reality show!!! err im so mad... this is why i dont even bother watching tv any more!!!!!! everything that is on tv just seems to suck any more!! i must say i am very sad to hear that this show will not be coming back!! abc canceled a really great watch them put some dumb show in the place of it!!! i think abc should really think of bringing back this show!!!
  • As a rookie and it only lasted six episodes which is not a season...I am very disappointed in this show. I just hate that ABC remakes like this one fail; first it was Life on Mars and looked how that turned out. It just wasn't Cupid's turn.

    Cupid had a good story but each episode was very boring and it didn't catch the audience's attention so we weren't going to follow it and we were going to let it go. It wasn't a surprise when ABC decided to drop it and not give it a second chance because it only lasted a season and none of those episodes really caught our eye. I mean the story about the real life Cupid being on Earth was very intelligent a smart and it had hopes of succeeding but it really didn't have good storylines and nobody even remembered the character's name. I hope that ABC will learn from its mistakes and not remake past TV shows.
  • A dismal imitation/shadow of the original 1998 CUPID with Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall

    My opinion may be biased since the reason I stopped watching ABC was because they canceled CUPID after only 12 episodes. Anyway, I really tried to give this remake a shot... but the very first episode was, at best, hard to watch. For the most part, the dialog was basically the same script as the 1998 version's pilot. Unfortunately, it doesnt have the spontaneity as did the original. Everything seems so forced, trying to be funny and sassy, which in it self lost the witty-banter charm. The two main characters doesnt seem to have the same spark and chemistry as Piven and Marshall. Personally, I dont think anyone can pull off CUPID better than Piven. It's still a shame ABC canceled a wonderful show when it was actually good.

    To all new viewers of this show, PLEASE PLEASE watch a copy of the 1998 version. You will see what I mean by chemistry.
  • Cupid gets its sexy on! Who knew comedians Cannavale and Paulson could be sexy and funny??

    I can't understand why people (ok women) aren't talking about this show more! It's totally a funny, romantic sort of way. Underneath the lightheartedness of the show runs a slowly igniting flame fueled by the chemistry between Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson. Based on the first two shows, you can already feel the sizzling heat starting between just know it's going to get good (and hot)! The previews for next week indicate the sexy factor is going to go way up on this show. Let's hope so, but in the meantime, I'm hooked.
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