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  • A huge step down from the original, even if they learned a little from its mistakes.

    Okay, Bobby Cannavale? Come on. The casting of him as Cupid is more than enough to ridicule those responsible. Not only can't he hold a candle against Piven's original, but he's a flat character even without considering whom he followed.

    I like Sarah Paulson, but I don't think she either was right for this part. I can always blame it on Cannavale and lack of chemistry because of him. You know. Nothing to act off, bounce off etc. As a result the leading duo is so much weaker than needed to pull of this kind of show.

    I didn't like the Champ character in the original. He had too much involvement, and way too little interest. Here they've rather chosen two siblings to bounce off as supporting stars. Much less air time on each, and it works a lot better. Good cast on both parts as well, so good decision.

    Overall Cupid 2009 is a parody on what Piven and Marshall delivered back when. Two of the seven episodes, including the pilot, is pretty much rip-offs. Those of us who enjoyed large parts of the original, hate the remake because we have to live with remembering Marshall and Piven selling it better.

    Those who didn't watch the original, was probably still bored to death of Cannavale's lack of romantic energy. He's just not credible in the part. Often, like when he stands up in single group-meetings, I don't believe for a second the group would follow him on any of his ideas. He just lack the charisma and glow needed.

    I know much of this review pulls down because of Cannavale, but with leading roles comes much responsibility. Got to face the music when you don't deliver then.

    Overall I'd have to say much of the writing is better than the original. They've delivered better focused episodes. A shame the casting sold them out. Correct cancellation.
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