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  • shouldve been given more of a chance

    i dont understand how shows like Greys anatomy who although got good rating have really gone down the toilet in the last few years stay on tv season after season but a show like this one is barely given a chance.
    It had charm, comedy and was a really nice uplifting show the only thing i mightve changed was the actress playing the therapist, something about her just didnt sell the character too well but besides that this show had potential but what happened to it? it had like 5 episodes and then canned because it didnt get the same rating as other shows.
    If only this show tried a different network it wouldve probably done better. people on ABC have repressed sexual tension thats why the majority of their shows have something to do with sex...i mean am i wrong? look at greys anatomy, desperate housewives and brother&sisters!
    Cupid wouldve done well on Lifetime with Drop Dead Diva or something, then it wouldve at least gotten a 13 episode season.