Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 8 Episode 8

Car Periscope

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 28, 2011 on HBO

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    Reused Seinfeld things, particularly the car periscope itself, as well as reused Curb things such as a woman beating him up, were peppered throughout the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight. A lack of any real storyline, a lack of explanation as to why Larry thought a normal guy married to an ugly woman made him trustworthy, it was just an odd episode of the HBO original series. Season 8 has been far from outstanding, but this will surely go down as one of the year's weakest installments thus far. Few laughs at all.

  • Larry thinks his new trainer is just fantastic. Also,Jeff tries to convince Larry to go in with him on a new investment opportunity.


    You know there is a problem when the title of the episode is better than the episode itself. "Car Periscope" is definitely the most disappointing episode of season eight. Everything in this episode is not explained in any way. All the viewer is left with after the episode is numerous questions. Who is the one-armed man seen playing Scrabble with the judge in the beginning of the episode? How in the world did the one-armed man get into the apartment without the judge's son noticing? What is this nonsense with Larry only trusting men who are married to ugly women? There are no laughs at all in this episode. Aida Tuturro gives a terrible performance in this episode. A far cry from the excellent work she did on The Sopranos. I hope Curb Your Enthusiasm can get back on track before the end of the season.