Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 7 Episode 5

Denise Handicapped

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2009 on HBO

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  • Very funny, but a bit ridiculous.

    I have come to terms with the fact that Curb is going to borrow some Seinfeld storylines from time to time. Here it was a woman with a problem mocking Larry because he was bald, whereas in the classic sitcom on NBC it was a bald woman rejecting George because he was bald. Same thing. But tonight that is not my cause for complaint. Too many of these scenes were just borderline ludicrous. Larry being more concerned with covering his Blackberry with a towel than saving a child? Larry running from handicapped women and getting in two fights with Rosie O' Donnell? Ted Danson demanding Larry eat a piece of pie?

    I did like Leon's allusion to his past rant about anuses except this time it was a long monologue about intercourse with a woman as opposed to Season 6 where it was about fighting a man.

    Still, even amidst all the insanity and the 1980's sitcom like storylines, this was still a really funny installment. Unfortunately, it was probably the weakest of the season so far.
  • Along with Vehicular Fellatio, another Season 7 classic.

    Denise Handicapped had a strange plot, sort of like the rest of the episodes this season, but also similar to previous Season 7 episodes, the stories were much more unique, funny and paid off in ways that make you wonder how Larry David has been able to do this so effortlessly for seven years.

    Larry meets a girl at a restaurant and is surprised to find she's handicapped. He takes her out as a courtesy, in order to show he's not against dating a girl that's handicapped, and soon finds that the perks of dating a handicapped girl are too good to pass up. Despite treating her like crap half of the time and insulting her, she stays with him and ends up getting invited to a concert of a famous violinist that they both like.

    At times, there is so much going on in the episode that it's easy to forget a couple of simple plots, such as Ted Danson's sort of random dessert rant (about how you should accept the food if someone sends it to your table) and Larry's fight with Rosie O'Donnell.. However, the way that fight comes back screw Larry over makes it completely worth it.

    By the end, what you have is a classic Curb episode, with all of the awkwardness, humor and classic Leon moments of previous episodes. It's nice to have Seinfeld reuniting, but it's also nice to get episodes like this from Larry David, the ones where we get to see him in his element, embarassing himself and everyone around him.
  • Just for the handicapped foreplay scene alone, this deserves sending to the emmys.

    This season has progressed well and is giving me that feeling of "this is going to be a great season." On the level of seasons three and four. This episode made me feel that way.

    Just for the handicapped foreplay scene alone, this deserves sending to the emmys. It's another one of those things that to people would be abviously funny, but for some reason it takes a Larry David to discover it first. How do the handicapped engage foreplay with the non-handicapped?

    The rest of the episode was great, too. The Ted Danson dessert incident was another amazing moment that feels like something that actually happened to Larry David.

    On a side note, doesn't it feel like people are beating-up Larry David a lot this season?
  • I laughed from start to finish with this episode

    Larry, dating a wheelchair-bound woman mostly out of guilt, realizes he gets to take advantage of the perks society affords her as well. Meanwhile, following an argument over picking up a lunch check, he hopes to end a rumor that Rosie O'Donnell can beat him up. Now I didn't expect this episode to be so funny it was just Larry doing what he does best loved every minute of the episode. I have to say the highlight was the handicapped sex and Rose O'Donnell's scene were lets be honest she beat up Larry. The paart with Ted Danson also had me in stiches.