Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 9 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2017 on HBO

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  • The ninth season ends with a number of problems popping up for Larry as rehearsals for "Fatwa!" continue.

    Let me start with the positive comments I have about this episode. There are a number of laughs that are very clever and some very well written scenes. The scenes of Larry confronting Lin Manuel-Miranda about an apology that did not seem very genuine is one such example. Another is the scene at Jeff and Susie's home where Larry meets their future son-in-law's parents. Larry's claim of being able to improve sign language had me laughing non stop. The paintball duel scene was classic. I did not know Larry was such a great shot! However the episode did have its problems. One being Nick Offerman. He looked as though he did not want to be in this episode. It was like he needed to money or something. Also, he wasn't funny. The whole story of Lin Manuel-Miranda's whack job friends was just plain stupid. Larry should have just stood up to Lin and told him that his friends could not stay at his home. He should have told them to rent a hotel room and who gives a damn if hotels are not their thing as Lin said. They cause thousands of dollars of damage to Larry's home and are not held accountable? Give me a break. Still despite the flaws, there are a number of laughs here to make this episode work. One last note, I thought it was clever to have Larry singing the song from "Mary Poppins" in the final scene of this episode like he did in the first scene of the season opener. "Fatwa!" is not a terrible episode by any means, but it could have been better.