Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 3 Episode 8

Krazee-Eyez Killa

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2002 on HBO
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After a conversation about cunnilinigus with rapper Krazee-Eyez Killa, Wanda's fiancé, Larry is accused of letting the details slip. Meanwhile, a quest to replace a thrown away prop jacket leads Larry to offend a store clerk, and he once again finds a way to offend Susie.

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  • About the episode

    It got great directing.
  • Another favourite episode.

    Larry befriends Wanda's fiancé, a rapper, and searches L.A. for a jacket he urgently needs for the re-shoot of an upcoming Martin Scorsese film. This is just plain genuis I couldn't beleave how great the series was season two and three have been the best so far but I haven't seen six yet so I can't wait for that, Krazy Eyez is just the best in this episode and Larry was on top form, couldn't beleave some of the thibgs this man gets away with and I'm glad he does because he is hilearous, the episode has me in stiches every time.moreless
  • Possibly the best Curb episode ever!

    This episode ranks in the top 5 of all Curbs next to 'The Grand Opening' and 'Opening Night'. Chris Williams brings forward one of the best supporting characters in the form of 'Krazee Eyez' and any of his scenes with Larry - particularly 'Krazee's Crib' have the power of reducing you to tears!! Absolute Gold!
  • This episode was the absolute best from the entire series.

    'Curb Your Enthusiasm' is a good show, no doubt about that. But this particular episode is the best of the entire 5 years worth. From the 'cradle to the grave,' this episode had me in hysterics. The exchange between 'Killer' and Larry in the beginning is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. And they never took the foot off the accelerator. When Larry drops by Killer's house and ends up taking the house tour, I literally was on the ground laughing. Yo, Delicious! Get up here man! Bring a Kleenex, my boy's about to sneeze!

    I am a fan of this show and like a lot of episodes, but this episode, in Season 3, is magnificent.moreless
  • Larry finds out information about Krazee-Eyes Killa.

    So many laughs in this Curb Your Enthusiasm. One of the very few that can rival old Seinfeld episodes.

    Krazee-Eyez was played perfectly by Chris Williams. Exaggerated slightly, but not to the point where the viewer could not relate to numerous rappers through him.

    Larry David was at his best here with nearly every line having you laughing on the floor. Even an awkward performance from Jeff Green led to some Larry hilarity. From the scene at Mitchell's Clothing Store to refusing to take the house tour with Suzie to actually taking it with Krazee-Eyes.

    One of the better Season 3 episodes and looking back on it easily one of the best in series history.moreless
Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese


Guest Star

Al Fann

Al Fann

Wanda's Dad

Guest Star

Lynn Hamilton

Lynn Hamilton

Wanda's Mom

Guest Star

Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes


Recurring Role

Susan "Susie" Essman

Susan "Susie" Essman

Susie Greene

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Larry: (to Krazee-Eyez) Are you my Caucasian?

    • Cheryl: I'm gonna call her.
      Larry: What! You're gonna what?
      Cheryl: He told you that he is fooling around with other women!
      Larry: You're not gonna go call Wanda now!
      Cheryl: Of course I am, she's engaged to him.
      Larry: I don't care. He'll blame me! You know what he's gonna do? You ever heard his lyrics? "You betray me, you're gonna die?"

    • Krazee-Eyez: What's crackin', player?
      Larry: How are you?
      Krazee-Eyez: I'm alright, I'm alright. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just chilling. What's up?
      Larry: Chillin'. Just chillin'.

    • Krazee-Eyez: So you think you're going to cross me and mess with my shit?
      Opening your fucking trap and flapping your lip?
      Don't fuck with me, nigga, or you're gonna get dropped.
      I'll snap off your neck with a crackle and pop.
      If you say anything. you'll beg to die,
      Cause I'll make you suck my dick, then I'll nut in your eye.
      I'll stomp on your world as my name was Godzilla,
      I'm coming for you, motherfucker, I'm your Krazee-Eyez-Killa

    • Krazee-Eyez: (to Larry) Let me ask you something. You like eating the pussy?

    • Krazee Eyez: I'll snap off your neck with a crackle and a pop.
      Larry: Oh, I like the Rice Krispies thing, yeah.

    • Cheryl: You're that scared of Krazee-Eyez that you'd flee the country?
      Larry: Yes, I am! I want to live. I want to have both legs. I want to have my penis and my testicles intact.

    • Larry: You think I'd send anyone to this piece of shit store?

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