Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 4 Episode 10

Opening Night

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2004 on HBO

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  • The fourth season ends with Larry arriving in New York City to appear as Max Bialystock in the musical The Producers. Before the show opens Larry is presented with more opportunities for his 10th anniversary gift.


    There are many positive things to say about this particular episode. The part of the show before Larry's performance in The Producers is the best. His dinner with the teacher of an activity Former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky are familiar with is very funny. What I didn't care for was the recycling of plot elements from the original movie The Producers. What I like about Curb Your Enhusiasm is its strikingly original humor. I have always thought Curb Your Enthusiasm would be the last show on earth to rehash scenes and dialouge from another movie. I hope that does not happen again.

  • Larry Live!

    Wow, great season finale, I have never seen "The Producers" but the snippets in this episode have made me interested in seeing it, didn't knw Larry could sing! Some great moments here, Larry wolfing down spicy food while on a date with a felatio teacher and a spooky hex by Stephen Colbert! Some of the ideas seemed recycled though, as an Australian found the tipping humour funny (we do not tip in Australia), but thi has been done before. Larry trying to cash in his 10th anniversary present was a little like the Seinfeld episode where Jerry finds out his date is a Nazi. Loved the Jerry Seinfeld cameo in the audience though, excellent touch.
  • Great.

    Larry opens on Broadway with The Producers and forgets his lines during the performance; Cheryl reminds Larry to cash in on his present before "midnight" of the opening. Ok so this was one of the hardest episodes to pick so far because I love this episode and the episode the car pool lane so I couldn't decide which episode to review as my favourite of another brilliant season 4, I pick this episode over the other because it was an hour long speceal so twice as much Larry and because of another brilliant guest star appearence from David Schwimmer who we all know from the sitcom friends.
  • There's a good episode somewhere in here.

    The season finale, twice the normal length, could be forgiven for making some mistakes. After all, it has to connect the dots that were laid out during the season and keep the laughs coming for double the normal time. (Look at the quality of feature film comedies to see how difficult that can be.)

    I had the feeling that an episode overran and so they made it a one-hour show. A lot of the successful moments of this one are directly derived from the Mel Brooks musical. Apart from the lengthy musical numbers (which Larry does reasonably well) the plot of Brooks trying to sabotage his own show, is the plot of The Producers. The scene in the bar with Anne Bancroft is practically literally taken from the show. When you take all these things out there is only the bit about Schwimmer's watch (which I found cringeworthy) and Larry's problems with OCD and tips. The latter I found the highlight of the show because I too have faced the incomprehensible American system of tipping.