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  • Creator of Seinfeld Larry David is awesome in Curb!

    Seinfeld Creator Larry David stars in Curb Your Enthusiasm as himself, a belligerent man who goes about his daily life running into the most hilarious scenarios. There are tons of cameo's and guest appearances, and the cast is hilarious. Whats more, is that the dialogue is completely original. The cast are given the scenario and directions, but most of the script is original and character made. While being a different show from Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm will make you laugh. However, it is on HBO and language as well as content may be a little bit extreme at times, but nonetheless hilarious!!
  • One of the few shows that can make me laugh consistently.

    I'm not usually one to watch comedies, but Larry David just has an uncanny ability to make me laugh. Curb Your Enthusiasm is the funniest show I've ever watched. Larry gets into the most ridiculous situations possible, usually caused by his social awkwardness. Countless times I just wanna yell at my TV "SHUT UP LARRY" as he refuses to let go of a simple dispute or disagreement, always taking it further than any person would ever take it. Larry isn't the only funny one on this show, Richard Lewis, Jeff Greene, Marty Funkhouser, and more recently Leon Black are all brilliantly funny as supporting characters. Please do one more season!
  • hilarious

    Larry David isnt afraid to do or say anything. He voices the opinions that many of us have, and usually gets in trouble for doing so. This is essentially the plot of this improvised seinfeld-esque comedy (Larry David was one of the two creators of Seinfeld.) The thing I love about this show is not only that it has great acting and great guest stars, but the plot of this show always seems convoluted and random, but by the end of the episode, all the seemingly separate side stories tie together to create consistently hilarious endings that you would have never seen coming. A must see.
  • A jerk you can love.

    Larry David is a jerk you can love. Curb specializes in that great form of humor... taking something too far. Larry will often pursue a trivial slight, trying to get it put right, to the extreme. He will often say something horribly awkard. Then ask follow up questions. And just won't let it go. The thing is half the time you want him to just stop, and let it go, and the other half of the time you completely agree with him. Why shouldn't you be allowed to bring water into a theater! But whether you thinks he's nuts or a crusader for justice, the result is always hilarious.
  • This show is an extension of Seinfeld and is mainly done by Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld and producer through 7 seven seasons. It portrays the life of Larry David and his outlandish life styles and the people he runs into.

    This show is fabulous. Larry David is a genius for Seinfeld and then thinking of starting his own show that has the same idea of Seinfeld but he applies his own ideas. The acting and writing in the show is awesome, especially from Larry and his how he improvises during the show to give more comedic affect. through the first five seasons Larry encounters many people and has many disagreements or fight with them. In the sixth season it goes a step further when the Blacks (an African-American family displaced by Hurricane Katrina) come live with him and Cheryl. It launches the a new portion of the series that I hope Larry and HBO decide to continue. This show applies great ideas and occurrences that happen to many of us and if you like Seinfeld or find it funny you'll love this.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm is about the creator of Seinfeld, Larry David, having a series of weird stories that surround his life. He has everything: A wife, a large house, many friends, and is rich. So, why on Earth is he still angry?

    Okay. I just loved this show! My God, I live it. Larry David, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, and many guest stars! It is like, Seinfeld-Funny! To me, there are three types of funny: The Chuckle funny, which is just like a sitcom that doesn't make me laugh but I like it, a Raymond-Funny, which is like where I laugh at a sitcom because it makes me laugh a few times like Everybody Loves Raymond, and Seifneld-Funny which is laughing at every joke I know. I just loved The Doll episode. Larry just got a doll, and cuts its hair! And it was an antique, and all sorts of hilarious stuff happened! Best show on HBO ever!
  • The show centers around Larry David, a self-acclaimed rich and occasionally selfish writer famous for his work on Seinfeld. He often gets himself in bad situations due to making single bad comments or decisions that carry on until it is made a big deal.

    This show is an A all the way. You can't beat the writing or plots in this show as they are simply genius and hilarious. You can't beat Larry David either, who seems to know himself quite well as in the show he plays the Larry that certainly isn't afraid to speak his mind, but often, this goes back to bite him. You also have to love Jeff Garlin and Susie Essman who add that touch. Garlin's clever remarks and Essman's remarks are ridiculously funny and so are their dynamics as a married couple. Cheryl Hines and Richard Lewis are also favorites. Can't wait for it to continue!
  • What a pleasant surprise! Another show I didn't think I'd like, but I gave it a chance and it was fantastic. Although Larry's actions make me cringe, they also make me laugh, and I love a bit of humour.

    Curb your enthusiasm is great. Larry gets himself into the funniest, stickiest and most awkward situations... Specifically designed to make you laugh. He says and does things you want to do... but wouldn't dare, because they'd get you in trouble.
    The thing I love the most about this show is that its REAL... Sometimes I wonder if the people in it are actually acting... Of course they are but they're so good its hard to tell. Guest celebrities appear now and then, and apparantly Curb Your Enthusiasm is shot without a script! The cast is given scene outlines and often improvise lines as they go. The result is an unpredictable format that's unlike anything else on TV. Brilliant!
  • One show you can watch over, and over, and over again!

    Larry Larry Larry, you and your crazy antics make for great television. Who did know that it is taboo to steal flowers from roadside memorials!? I sure didnt (:P). Larry and Cheryl have great chemestry on-screen, and so do Susie and Jeff, being the disfunctional couple they play.

    What I like best about the show is that there is no set script, just an outline of how the scene is supposed to go. Giving the actors/actresses freedom to be able to make up on the spot their lines. Genious idea, more shows of this variety should pick up this style of production!

    Inbetween Larry always wanting to be a car salesmen, to Susie throwing Jeff, (and his clothes) out the window for whatever he does, I can't get enough of my Curb! Absolutely one of the most entertaining shows on TV today, though don't let the kids watch it, they may become bad influences to their peers!
  • This show is really funny and fun to watch.

    This show is just too funny. I mean just by looking at Larry will make a person laugh. I love how he seems to find the smallest little detail in something and turn it into a huge matter. Sometimes he is wrong about certain things but tries to avoid it and blame it on others or weasel his way out of it. I can't believe his wife is still with him in the show after all the crazy things he does. With the new season on the way, I'm sure that it will top all the others and continue to be filled with unthinkable situations.
  • funny

    Curb your enthusiasm is horrible funny. would have never have watched this about a year ago but when i first saw it i was glued to the stories of larry david and the genius of the show.This is something different and it is the show that influenced ricky gervais to create the office.
    since I first saw this show a year ago I have bought season 1 to 4.
    My favourate episodes are krazy eyez killa, nanny from hell, the doll, car pool lane and the group.
    curb has a great cast and looks great and Larry David is the funniest man alive.
  • I cry with laughter when I watch this show.

    I cry with laughter when I watch this show. Wish I was in the US so that I could see a lot more it. The Producers episode was particularly funny with David Schwimmer playing pitch perfect next to Larry David. There was a special in the UK where Ricky Gervais met Larry David & he's clearly a big fan. Both David and David Brent have this ability to carry on digging themselves in a hole when most people would have backed out long ago and this is what makes both CBYE and The Office (UK version) fantastic.
  • Larry David stars as himself in this hilarious series. As the creator of one of televisions most loved comedies "Seinfeld", David, often finds it hard to escape his past. Just about anything that can go wrong for him usually does.

    "Seinfeld" members that appear in the eerily similar "Curb your Enthusiasm" include, Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, both as themselves.

    Most memorable episodes include season ones "beloved aunt" where a printing error by a local paper leads to a not so classy obituary. Season twos "shaq" sees David using his star status to his advantage in smoothing things over with one of the NBA's own stars.

    Jeff Garlin is superb as Larry David's friend and manager and his nature is the perfect compliment to David's, who in any situation can be a real onion in the ointment.
  • Larry David, thy name is comedy.

    This is the ultimate for any fan of Seinfeld. Larry David's trademark humor permeates every scene and the show never ceases to get a laugh. Timeless television in every sense of the word. The story follows Larry through his daily life and all the trouble he seems to cause. Often he's not the cause directly, he just has ways of creating social tension whenever he's in the scene and the results are hilarious. Larry is a successful comedian and a co-writer of Seinfeld, in this series you can really see how the character of George Costanza was really based off of Larry David's personality.
  • The best thing on TV right now!

    Well, it took me a while to accept Larry as the main caracther of a show, but I must admit that the man got me.
    The script is awesome, the situations are funny and make me remember the old Seinfeld days. The actress playing Larry's wife is perfect on the role, and they fit very well together. I hope HBO keep it on the air for a long time!
  • Not bad.

    There are few men working on television today that rival the wit, the insight, or the genius of Larry David. To compare "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to "Seinfeld" is preposterous. With "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Larry David has created one of the greatest comedic series one have ever seen on American television. Fortunately for us, we got hooked right away from his first year and we sadly miss a new installment, which we thought would be forthcoming in the 2004-2005 season.

    Most of the episodes have been directed by Robert Weide, who seems to be attuned to Mr. David's kind of comedy. The episodes directed by the other guest directors are fine as well, but it seems that Mr. Weide gets the best out of all performers in the ones he is at the helm.

    The cast is flawless. Larry David is always enjoyable playing himself, something that is no small accomplishment. He is just a natural. Cheryl Hinds plays Larry's wife with a lot of style. Jeff Garlin, as Larry's manager, is good. Many talented performers are seen in different episodes among them, Sisie Essman, Wanda Sykes, Richard Lewis, and Ted Danson.

    "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has a quality that most other sitcoms don't have and it is the ability to amuse us even in reruns! This happens because of Larry David's tremendous intelligent approach to comedy.
  • Almost on the high note

    At the end of the sixth season Larry David leaves us and goes to the 'rest room'. I hope he will rest in peace. I was really scared if he could tear the whole fantastic series with the last season down. No esprit whatsoever. Never mind the first Five seasons where more than brilliant. I think really only commedy can be so avantgarde. If it is too over the edge you can allways pretend you are crazy and this is absurd comedy.

    Back on track. i could sing and dance about CYE but it is pointless in every way. Go rent the 5 seasons avoid the 6th and enjoy!
  • Larry David is the most socially awkward human being alive. The situations he gets himself into are absolutely ridiculous but spectacular at the same time!

    Amazing, but I will strongly agree that this show is not for everyone. Take this show with a grain of salt and you will see the true satirical comedic genius that Larry David truly is... enjoy it! Many people will take offence to this show but you must understand that these are the social encounters that go on in this world. Larry David and the spectacular cast have given our own human interactions a humourous prospective... whether it be indifference, misunderstandings, or ignorance. A clever spin on any situation can be found through this show! Although Larry certainly has his enraged moments and quirky catch phrases!
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm. My type of humor.

    Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld, has a normal life. He is a semi-retired multimillionaire, and everyday is a challenge, or every episode for us viewers. Of course he was to deal with the usual fans who know him and old friends that he used to work with. This kind of humor is not for everyone. But it's for me all thats all that matters. The humor behind Curb is the irony. People or situations will end up biting Larry in the butt. At first a character or place may seem like a joke, but by the end of the episode you'll be laughing your head off. Unless you're not like me and you're taste in comedy is different, then you can go watch How I Met Your Mother or something. The characters in Curb was hilarious as well. Larry David gives his bland yet charming touch on everything. And don't forget his best friend Jeff and his well evil wife. Of course Larry's wife is the exact opposite Larry. She can see the fault in all of Larry's events. Well they kind of are a bit disturbing at times. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a great comedy/dry-humor show for the people that are like me.
  • This show is about the life of Larry David (writer for Seinfeld) His wife, Cheryl, and his friends such as Super Dave Osbourne (Marty Funkhauser), Jeff Greene (Jeff Garland) and Richard Lewis (as himself).

    Larry David and all the things that happens to him and his friends. He is a comic genius! Somehow Larry manages to piss off pretty much everyone around him and in his life. Poor Larry is always trying to fix things but he ends up only making them worse. Richard Lewis is a RIOT!! As Larry's best friend they get into fights all the time. No matter what Larry does he makes a fool out of himself or his friends. This is non-stop humor at it's best! You could say that it is kind of like Seinfeld but way better! If you haven't seen this show..for Pete's Sake WATCH IT!!!
  • larry david(SEINFELD)and a slew of stars make this a very worthy show. the things larry says and does seemingly always offends multiple people, and enrages others. almost seinfeld-esque, but a totally different show, it never fails to get a laugh.

    you gotta love a guy who seemingly never wins. larry is that guy. this show is brilliant. larry is always the scapegoat as he unwillingly goes about his day offending those around him. you see, he has these little quirks.............and hard time holding his tongue. with a revolving door of stars to nag and offend, every episode is truly brilliant. this is one of the funniest shows on tv today, no doubt about it. ive found that the shows run in order making it easy to understand every show. it has a seinfeld feel to it, but is completely different. nothing is out of bounds here, anything is game.if you like witty but childish humor from adults of all backgrounds, then this is your show. it gets a ten, BIG TIME.
  • Brilliant comedy from the co-creator of Seinfeld. Not to be missed!!!

    Possibly one of the funniest shows ever conceived. This comedy chronicles the daily adventures of Larry David, who is a neurotic jew living in LA. As a co-creator of Seinfeld and having sold the syndication rights for hundreds of millions, he essentially hasn't much to do but winds up in a variety of hilarious situations. This show benefits from being screened on HBO as it can be a little more Risque than on conventional tv. It also has no laugh track and isn't completely scripted which makes the comedy funnier.
    It takes about 5 episodes to warm up to the style of humour and the characters but is well worth it and in the end brilliant.
  • Love this show. Makes you feel you are actually watching people live their lives. Doesn't seem like you are watching a sitcom.

    The whole cast seems to fit just perfectly into their characters. And what a bunch of characters they are. Poor Larry... always in trouble because of his big mouth. He doesn't seem to be mean sprited...but sure comes off that way. Many things he says and does are things we would all like to say and do. Every situation he gets into seems to snowball and most of the time through really no fault of his. The people around him take everything too personally and isn't that the way society is today. Instead of forgetting some small insignificant thing the characters take it personal and "run" with it. It is a great show and I love watching it. Can't wait to see what trouble Larry will get in next. Great writing and a great cast. All comes together in a neat package...
  • Funny, creative, and new

    My friend Angela told me about this show and I knew Larry David was funny. But I never expected him to do so well as the lead actor on a tv series. But the reason I like this show is because it is so different from other sitcoms. Here's why

    #1: It's on HBO so they can basically get away with a lot of things you cannot get away with on network television. That's what critics like.

    #2: There is no script each episode. There is a heavily detailed outline. But the actors improvise all their lines. I don't know how they get each episode complete on time.

    #3: They shoot with handheld cameras so it feels more real than most sitcoms do. Larry David has created something brillent and I know fans and critics alike love it and hope the show continues to get new fans. A show about nothing and on HBO.
  • Situation comedy following the life of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David.

    Lightning has struck twice for Larry David. Before Ricky Gervais' The Office and Extras, before Australia's We Can Be Heroes and Real Stories there was a show created after Seinfeld which perfected 'cringe' humour and this show is it. In this politically correct world where everything has become NICE, blandness rules and thousands of people line up to make it onto reality TV shows because they want the world to like them, firing right into the guts of this type of modern society is the selfish, unlikeable, winy and opinionated character of Larry David. So brilliant is the creation of this comic character who goes against the standard conventions of your Mary Tyler Moores and Cosbys, that David's writing and performance is so cringe-worthy in style that he literally delves deep inside your stomach and twists the laughs out of places that have never laughed before. He taps into emotions we have which we never realised could make us laugh, and even better than that, once your whole body manages to finally somehow drag itself out of an episode, for some darn reason with one eye closed and the other only peeking a look, it cries out to see more.
  • Brilliant show Larry David gets it spot on.

    This show is one that i could not, not have in my favourites, everything about it is brilliant. To think aswell that it is improvised, to do that you have to have talent. Every episode makes you laugh with the situations that he gets himself into. I find that i have been in some situations that are abit similar to the shows, but i've never had the guts to say some of the things Larry David does in the show. Also he shows things that also irratate us the viewrs aswell in real life. Larry David is a comical genius. I hope this show goes on for a long time.
  • This show is really good.

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  • An amazing show, by far the most inventive and creative comedy in the history of television. Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld and basis for the character George, epitomizes the misanthropic character in this amazing show.

    Everyday in the life of Larry David he upsets the vast majority of the people that he meets.

    He takes the comedic loser that accidentally puts his foot in the mouth to the extreme.

    The only person who puts up with his antics is his long suffering wife Cheryl who is constantly exasperated with Larry's most recent altercations.

    The most amazing thing about the show is the improv ability of the main cast, and even the secondary characters the majority of the time.

    Guest Stars include Richard Lewis, Dustin Hoffman, Ted Danson Michael York, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mel Brooks, Bob Odenkirk, David Schwimmer, Ben Stiller, Martin Scorsese, Jason Alexander, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Great Show

    What can you say about Crub Your Enthusiasm. Will it is a show about a man that gets in to every day problems. His name is Larry David. If you do not no Larry David in one of the people that start Seinfeld. Let me tell you if you are a fan of Seinfeld you will like this show alot. It is like Seinfeld but the only one going throw all the of the problems is Larry. So if happen to see it on watch it i think you will not be disappointed.
  • what a great show. It\'s funny to watch because some little thing always bothers larry if they keep this up it could be better than seinfeld! Only problem is that its been like 10 months and no new episode come on larry get off your ass!

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