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  • Improv at its best

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is a very original show and I find it very impreesive that it manages to stay fresh and comedic despite the fact that the main character is always screwed in every episode, which gives it a great difference from the "and everything's perfect" endings to a lot of regular sitcoms.

    While I find the show impressive and hilarious, there are a few moments, because of improvisation, that are boring, and the running gags such as the long stares and "pretty pretty pretty good" are getting old aswell.

    Despite a few downsides, Curb Your Enthusiasm is definitely an entertaining watch and should at least be given a chance by everyone.
  • Basically, this is the story of a man who just doesn't get it. A man who contantly does the inappropriate thing. A man who even when he tries to do the right thing, creates three more problems out of the situation. This is the world of Larry David.

    This is my favorite comedy show of all-time. It's one of those shows that you may not want to watch with certain people that are easily offended. Larry means well most of the time, but he just doesn't know how to act appropriate. To me, every season is excellent with maybe this past season (5) being the slowest to get going. A lot of people didn't like season 4, which I don't get at all. I found it hilarious and entertaining. David's friend and manager Jeff only seems to worsen any situation that Larry may get in and ask for help...but that's because Jeff's wife always finds out and yea, this woman will call Larry everything in the book. Their spats are classic. Keep this in mind when watching it. If you see one episode and don't find it funny, don't give it up. Give it three shows. If you still aren't laughing then its not for you. However, I guarantee if my advice is followed most of you will be laughing your asses off during the second or third show. It's just one of those shows that may take awhile to appreciate, but once you get it....its sooo damn funny.
  • nice

    After missing Larry David's much heralded HBO Special which was the pilot for this masterpiece, on premiere night I was treated with a show that seems to be a bit of Seinfield and Larry Sanders, or maybe even more.

    While many won't get the premise, being much in-tune with inside Hollywood humor and personalities, Curb Your Enthusiasm takes us inside, past the backstage to the actual lifestyles of an "A-list" celebrity and shows exactly how they tick-Fear, paranoia, and maybe, just maybe the inner-workings of a creative genius like Larry David.

    It's clearly evident who the mastermind of Seinfeld was after watching it. Everyone of those Seinfeld characters are parts of Larry David's personality and just like Seinfeld and The Larry Sanders Show, I can hardly wait to see each episode over and over and over.

    This show shouldn't be labled a "10" it's much to brilliant for that. Try "A+" with a 210 I.Q.
  • I have just started to rent this show on dvd, and now I am totally addicted.

    I think that the reason that I originally was interested in this show was when I first saw the cover art on the dvds. I really have no idea why. I saw a few of the covers with larry david looking very depressed and put-out and for some reason that looked appealing. After this initial interest I had heard from a few people that Curb Your Enthusiasm was really funny. Sadly, I do not have HBO. So I am left with this growing curiosity, but I do not want to shell out over thirty dollars for a season of a show that I have not seen. Netflix to the rescue! Every summer when I am out of school I subscribe to Netflix, and one of the first things on my list was the first disc of the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. At first I was a bit skeptical that I would compare it to Seinfeld and it would fall flat. I would expect greatness and be totally let down. However, my curiosity got the best of me.
    I saw the first episode and I loved it from the very start. I finally realized the type of humor that this show offers. It is that extremely uncomfortable humor where you are embarassed for the characters. The kind of humor that often is almost hard to watch. Luckily, this is the same type of humor as The Office, another one of my favorite shows. I love to watch these shows and often cry out "Oh no!" or even groan at the actions and misfortunes of the characters.
    Curb gives us the daily adventures of Larry David, who constantly finds himself in these truly uncomfortable situations, and frankly I cannot get enough of it.
  • This is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen!

    Curb Your Enthusiasm has got to be one the funniest shows ever created. I don't see how people don't like this series. I mean sure they make Larry David look like a jerk, but that is what makes every episode so funny. If you don't understand that your completely missing the aspect of show. I think that Larry David does an excellant job writting and acting in this show. Just about every storyline is great. People that do not like this show either have no humor what so ever or don't like the actors. If you are in need of a good laugh I highly recommend that you watch this show.
  • a LOL riot

    Watching this show, you think, how can one person possibly get screwed over so many times in one life time.. or even in one day? This show is so original and so hilarious, you cant help but laugh. The way the show's seperate storylines intertwine with each other.. its just TOO GOOD. You sit and watch and understand where this crazy guy is coming from most of the time, but then he does something so absurd, it always kick him in the butt. Real props to his wife Cheryl to put up with Larry if this is close to his real life character. It takes patience. Get writing, each show is different, and wonderful.
  • Absolutley hillarious

    'Curb Your Enthusiasm' creates two solid groups. One group that loves and is in love with the show and another that absolutely loathes it, same with Davids other show seinfeld very rarely do you find a median inbetween the bunch. Much like Seinfeld, Curb your enthusiasm finds humor in average every day activities and situations in Larry David's life. The genius behind the show is how Larry reacts to these situations which always leads to a hillarious outcomes. Curb is a brilliant show that has developed a cult following and adds to HBO's already amazing series lineup. Larry David has become a poster child for those who have had always wanted to just tell it how it is. they should never cancel this show.
  • Larry David proves that there is, indeed, life after Seinfeld.

    'Curb Your Enthusiasm' creates two distinctive groups. One group that comepletely loves the show and another that absolutely hates it. Seldom do you find a fence rider in the bunch. This following can be compared to another one of Larry David's successful projects, Seinfeld. Much like Seinfeld, Curb finds humor in mundane activities and situations in Larry David's life. The genius behind the show is how Larry reacts to these situations which always lead to a hysterical outcome. Curb is a brilliant show that has developed a cult following and adds to HBO's already stellar series lineup. Larry David has become a poster child for those who have had always wanted to just tell it how it is.
  • I BUY this Series every time it comes out because it takes the inconsiderate klutz that most of us are from time to time, and makes it funny.

    Where do we get such great writers? Another part of 'Curb's' charm is the fact that it shows us how celebrities live, folks with high intelligence, as well as a higher standard of living than most of us have.

    My favorite shows include the agent, who is a great foil for Larry David's klutziness. He is more subtle than Richard Lewis. I wish Stephen Wright would be hired. He is a fantastic comic who would also play well with Larry David.

    Since there is an infinite number of ways we can offend others, especially if some of them are neurotic, I think that placing this in L.A. is perfect. This series should go on forever.

    If any of you can tell me where I can submit show ideas for "Curb...", please let me know.
  • Larry david is a genius he is thinking about doing a tv show called stanny is spain with David Heron another comedy producer they would be great together but Larry david should bring Curb your enthusiasm back its great he is so funny with jeff and cheryl

    Larry david is a genius he is thinking about doing a tv show called stanny is spain with David Heron another comedy producer they would be great together but Larry david should bring Curb your enthusiasm back its great he is so funny with jeff and cheryl he is great
  • Possibly the funniest show on television...definitely the best on HBO!

    Word cannot describe the humour that Larry David displays in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'...unbelievably quotable, insanely hilarious, and grossely unpopular (at least with most of the people I talk to, who haven't ever heard of the show); this is a true gem.

    I currently have seasons 1 & 2, and am looking forward to grabbing the third season, specifically for the "Crazy Eyes Killer" episode (which was the first I ever saw from this show).

    It only takes a few words from Larry David to reveal the true essence of George Costanza within...and it's no wonder Georgey-Boy was so well-received...David is spectacular in this role, speaking his mind and making the most absurd decisions/choices one could ever conceive.

    As Larry David would say, "You people" ought to see what all the fuss is about, and have a good laugh over a severly under-rated show.
  • One of the funniest there is..

    Curb your enthusiasm is one of the funniest, if not THE funniest comedy series there is out there...
    Even if the basic pattern in almost every episode is puting Larry David in embarashing situations, it never stops to give you many laughs!!!
    Also, most of the characters are not very funny, with the exception of the swearing wife of his manager. But Larry David and the unbelievable situations that he has to face in every episode, are!!
    Also, the political incorectness is fantastic and not seen in many comedy series in TV! Imagine a 9 year old girl hugging Larry, only to "feel" a bottle of water that Larry hide in his pants...
  • best show in syndication!

    when seinfeld was over i didn't know what to do! thank you larry david for picking up where seinfeld left off. I also enjoy the fact that its on hbo. like larry said if you throw in the f-word you double your laughs!!

    i own all the dvds season 1, 2, 3, & 4... and they are always out on loan to my friends, who, buy the way love the show too...

    also, does anyone know when season 5 comes out on dvd?
  • Funny, But Overrated

    “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is one of those shows that is definitely an acquired taste, not unlike “Arrested Development” or “the Office” (either one). There is no doubt that Larry David is a comic genius, but one must wonder whether his best work is when he’s writing for somebody else (i.e. “Seinfeld”)? “Curb” is a good show, and a funny one at that, but the accolades it has received from fans and critics, far outweighs its actual consistency. Every once in a while (especially in its first two seasons), it had exceptionally brilliant moments, even entire episodes that were painfully hilarious, but those elements seemed to fade quickly as the show settled into a comfortable quagmire of redundancy. I’ve stopped watching in the past season or two. If its on when I’m around and nothing else is on, I’ll watch it, but I no longer remember the plotlines, jokes, gags or irreverent quips that, on occasion, made the show so unique to begin with.
  • The true Successor to Seinfeld!

    If there’s one thing that Larry David does best its embarrassing himself in front of millions of viewers. That’s just what this show is all about, its the everyday life of a man who literally everyone hates. But you love to watch him because he gets himself in some of the worst situations possible. Larry David is absolutely sensational in this show, and all the guest appearances are wonderful as well. The humor is very similar to that of Seinfeld. Overall its comedy at its finest!
  • Does anyone else see a resemblence to Alan Partridge in this?

    Curb is outstanding stuff, as good as Seinfelds, (allthough doubtfull if he can maintain it for as long.)

    I doubt many American viewers are familiar with Steve Coogans Alan Partridge, but British viewers will be. Allthough completely different, there seems to be some kind of similarity between the two characters, just wandering if anyone else felt the same way?

    I'm Alan Partridge is probably my favourite comedy off all time so this is a complement, for those who like Curb, should check it out.
  • Larry David’s character “Larry David” is a lovable, narcissistic asshole. The intelligent situational humor amplifies the unspeakably weird and personal situations we all experience.

    Larry David’s Character “Larry David” is a lovable, narcissistic asshole. First off, I unplugged from the cable/satellite grid three years ago because I really think most of what is offered is just awful! But, I happened to see Curb Your Enthusiasm once at someone’s house and became an addict. I have gone through four seasons on DVD. The intelligent situational humor that amplifies the almost unspeakably weird and personal situations we all experience is so engaging. The politically incorrect content is a welcome relief as well. The supporting cast are more than supporters, they are enablers for Larry’s hilarious dysfunction. It is also great to see such stars as Ted Danson, Ben Stiller, Mel Brooks and others be themselves. I suspect that much of the charm of the show for viewers is that we get to see great Hollywood personalities be something that is much closer to themselves than you will see anywhere else on television. Likewise, what Larry David seems to be giving us is a sensationalized version of himself. And... it’s enough for me!
  • one of the funniest shows in a long time

    what is not to like about this amazing comedy??

    there are so many laugh out loud moments in every single episode.

    the stand out character has to be jeff's wife suzie and her constant abuse of larry.

    if you have yet to experience the wonder of this show then make sure you do sraight away - as you are really missing out
  • Great dry senese of humor

    Larry David shows off his writing talents on this great show. It really feels good to watch and know something is going to happen, but you get excited when it does anyway. I always feel this excitement when watching the show. I predict a lot of the events in the episodes. Either I watch too much Larry David shows or I write like he does.
  • A souped-up, mature version of Seinfeld, with usage of the magical f word.

    There will never be a new episode of Seinfeld again. Unless thirty years from now, Seinfeld will be turned into a bad movie remake like the Honeymooners or Bewitched (I hope Jerry would be smart about that decision).
    Thank goodness Co-Creator Larry David made another show, although without Jerry, one of the undisputed gods of comedy.
    The summary of the show is like the stories of George Costanza but with Larry, a loser... but ten times more annoying. Unlike George, he is rich, has a wife, and is famous (wait until the little people meet this nut in Curb Your Enthusiasm).
    The stories are obviously like Seinfeld (guy gets obsessed with something that is not worth it), but some of them are fresh, original, and contains new laughs.
    Curb Your Enthusiasm is a must-see for Seinfeld fans who have had enough with watching the episodes over and over on TBS and FOX.

  • Like no other well aside from Seinfeld

    This show is quite simply the best thing going for fictional comedy right now on television (well aside from Arrested Development, and other assorted candies on tv). Its always a trip to watch our protagonist Larry David get into a situation and feck it up beyond our wildest beliefs. The recent episode with the edible underwear and the orthodox jewish young woman was amazing. This show creates the most unbelievable situations and conflicts. I worship the character of Larry David and hope to see him in future works once this show is unfortunately over. Considering the format of the show, this show can go on forever. Perhaps one day, it will even surpass the greatness of his show Seinfeld. I think its well on its way.
  • Curb your enthusiasm continues to be one of the funniest shows on televison.

    Before the fifth season started, i really wasnt sure what to expect. The first 4 seasons of Curb were outstanding, but very few shows are nearly as good as they were after taking a 2 year break, as curb did. I wasnt expecting it to be as good as the previous seasons. Fortunatly, I couldnt have been more wrong! The new season of curb has got to be one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life. Each episode is a classic, funnier than the last. There is not a single episode of this show that will not make me crack up laughing. Some people dont like this show, which i can kind of understand. You have to have a taste for this type of comedy. And if you do, this is one of the best shows you could possibly watch.
  • This show takes everything about Seinfeld that was funny, adds improv, and a hint of "reality" making it one of the funniest shows on TV.

    This show takes everything about Seinfeld that was funny, adds improv, and a hint of "reality" making it one of the funniest shows on TV. There are countless "guest" appearances and ridiculous story lines that just add to the humor and moxy of the show. Larry David unapologetically plays himself as a celebrity whose ignorance of other's feelings and social nuances makes for hysterical plot twists. This show takes everything about Seinfeld that was funny, adds improv, and a hint of "reality" making it one of the funniest shows on TV - not to mention it's on HBO which means there is a ridiculous amount of homorous swearing.
  • Worst show on earth!

    Curb your Enthusiasm is one of the worst shows I've ever seen on TV!

    What I mean is that this show has absolutely no meaning whatsoever , it is NOT funny ... at all , and is very boring.

    I used to think that Seinfeld was the worst show in the world until I watched an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm. At least Seinfeld even if it is a show about nothing is actually quiet funny at times and in a wierd way has some meaning.

    I can't believe that the same person who created Seinfeld actually created this show.
  • Hands down, the best comedy on television - cable or otherwise.

    I've seen every episode of this show and laughed my ass off at every single one of them. It's SEINFELD on steroids and Larry is a misanthropic everyman for the ages. Even last season's Producer's storyline - though not the strongest of the series - was still funny. Jeff Garlin is an underated side-kick.
  • Talk about mass appeal. The beginning of the end for CYE began last year when they finished w /David in the Producers. What was that. The show was great because of Jeff's wife and Shelly Berman etal. Now she's the straight person and Berman mumbles. Less

    Talk about mass appeal. The end of CYE came w/the Producers finale. Watching David sing and act was like watching Elton John play in his own tennis tournament
    The show has become painful to watch.
    Too much David in EVERY scene, not enough of Jeff's wife and the actors who really made the show funny.
  • BAD TASTE, DISGUSTING Larry, what were you thinking?

    Larry, is unquestionably a genius. But, he definately has a genius which goes over the edge sometimes, to the side of insulting.

    Okay, so if you're moved in any way by art therefore the artist feels vindicated in his craft.

    Tonight, his show featured the intentionaly humiliation of a Japanese son of a Kamakazi pilot who survived the war.

    The aged, 80, year old dad is in the nursing home and getting along famously with Larry's dad.

    When Larry comes into the resturant, sits down with his wife who is discussing the purchase of a piece of sculpture, Larry rudely interupts, cuts off both and then interjects the comment about his dad getting along with the American Japanese young man.

    Larry burrowed into the psyche of the concept of a Kamakazi pilot as a survivor and how that he must have had a change of heart while dive bombing his plane unto one of our ships.

    Then orders chicken and makes it very clear to the audience and the young man, he is implying his dad is a chicken.

    Never mind the kid would have never been born, never mind the kid loves his dad and the family is proud of him, no matter what his past, and never mind the man is now in a nursing home.

    Later that night, while playing poker with the guys, a phone call brings the news the young man, totally humiliated, and in keeping with a tradition, attempts suicide and is in the hospital.

    They keep playing, the pizza has been ordered and he didn't die, so why have any remorse?
    Laugh it up boys.

    Turned the channel, may never visit the show again. What are you thinking, Larry, curb your self.
  • a modern classic unlike anything else on t.v.

    I just watched my first ever episode of curb your enthusiasm and i'm instantly hooked. sharper than a butcher's cleaver this is a comedy show that the rest can only look on with envy. Are you watching this show ricky gervais?
    You should be. Next stop amazon. I need more now!
  • I would Give it a 10 but i reserve 10's for A.D. ONLY!!

    Larry David (co-creator of Seinfeld) stars in this true to life comedy that shows us all of those Awkward moments in life. Whether it is a disagreement with his wife (Chyrel Hines) or a fight with his wifes friend (Wanda Sykes), you will laugh out loud! It is hard to believe that most of the dialouge is ad-libbed (improvised)!

    Of course fans of Seinfeld will love this, but also, if you are a fan of awkward comedys (The Office, Arrested Development) I encourage you to pick up a copy of the First season.

    And of course.... I need to do it:

  • Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in.

    I have loved CYE ever since the first time I spotted it on HBO, during season 2. I went back and watched all the original episodes and have seen them all, and think this is the greatest show on tv at the moment - at least in the comedy genre.

    Every time I think they're done, or ran out of ideas, or a bad episode or two might put a damper on the current themes of the season, I see a hilarious episode with incredible redeeming value that pulls me back in.

    Now if they'd only put out more than 10 episodes a season, but it's the teasing that keeps us coming back for more.....
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