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  • Will Become the Top Comedy Sitcom After It's Finished.

    It will be very sad when Curb Your Enthusiasm retires from the HBO network. This is a damn great show with plenty of laughs that seems to be ignored by the public. It will finish up quietly on HBO, then a network like TBS will pick it up for re-runs and people will start to ask questions like, "What the hell is this, its so damn funny?" People will begin to watch it every day in the evening and find that they missed out so badly when it was running. I knoiw it will happen. Hopefully, something will happen and cause it to be recognized by the public.
  • Greatness to Badness. What happend?

    Curb your remote, HAHAHAH! Yah I went there!

    The first 4 seasons had genius script techniques, beautiful and funny acting, and whiney Larry David bitching about every little thing that we ponder today out in public.

    Now he just bitches about every single thing that crosses his view and we complain as viewers wondering "why the hell is this considered funny, what happened to the old Larry?"

    They do not have a new writer or director or producer or actors. So what the hell is the problem?

    Maybe Larry had a good run and now its time to throw in the towel. It has been successful for four years, and now, it’s just depressing. I could come on set and write, produce, and direct an episode, for I have as much talent as Larry himself. Actually I don't, that’s a lie, but it’s making my point that anyone could do this show.

    The new season has had only two episodes and hopefully it will get better. I won't give it the entire season if it continues to plummet downhill, and fast!
  • Seinfeld x 1000

    After watching this show, you can see where 99% of the Seinfeld humor came from. I can't remember the last time I laughed as loud at a TV before this show. Simply classic, no two ways about it. All the characters in this show are simply hilarious, from Larry's agent to his wife, and Wanda Sikes (who i absolutely hated before this show) even does a great job. Classic
  • It's so real, it's great.

    An amazingly real show, which makes it so good. The characters are all so funny. Every season has a different plot with sides plots that will keep you rolling in your seat. larry is a genius, a master at comedy. It's amazing how well each episode ties back to another, and there isn't a single episode I wouldn't want to watch over and over again. Larry is really the kind of guy you love to hate, and his friends are perfect to really get his gears grinding. Plus, the show is just full of such natural and talented acting, that you think the actors are really like that in real life. I bet Larry David really is like that. In addition, the characters remind me a lot of members of my own ffamily and people I know. For example, Larry David is so cheap (at least, he is driving a cheap car for the money he has) wears old clothes (like the maroon blazer hes had since before Seinfeld from THE BAPTISM) and how annoying he his. He always gets himself in a fight one way or another, and nobody likes him. Overall, a combination like that makes a great show like this. I hadn't seen this show until I got an HBO box only recently, but I'd heard good things about it, and now I know why. I love this show. Bravo Larry. Bravo!
  • Curb your enthusiasm is one of the best shows going. Everyone should be watching this right now to see why it is so cutting edge, for its excellent humour and also the ad-lib nature of its dialogue.

    It’s very under-appreciated and much more should be done to encourage people to watch it, but to contradict what I just said, I also quite like the idea of it being a cult show, with a smaller audience (especially here in the UK) than most mainstream comedies, as it makes me feel like I’m an exclusive member of the Larry David reality show.

    In the UK only the first series has been shown so I have had to get my fix by purchasing the DVD’s. Nearly every episode is a classic. What I love about this show (similarly but to a lesser extent with The Office UK and US) is the fact that it has no boundaries or limits to where it will go for humour. The most embarrassing and awkward situations Mr Larry David finds himself in are a welcome reminder of the crazy world we live in.
    It’s the best!
  • Can't Help But Laugh At Larry David

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is a mostly improvised show based on the life of Larry David who help create and write Seinfeld. Mr. David is probably the funniest person on television. There is no filter button from Mr. David's brain to his mouth. He says and will say anything to anyone and his mouth is always getting him in trouble. The plotlines are usually thin, but the point of the show is to see what uncomfortable situation Larry gets into each week. The show is true gem.
  • Just when you thought it won't get funnier...

    The opening of Season 5 is so perfect that it not only raised the bar for show itself but also set the new standard in the industry.

    Look at other so called "comedies" on TV, CYE is a smart and classic show. Acting is good, story line is unexpected and character interactions are just perfect.

    On the other hands, with so many craps on TV, only CYE and Arrested Development will save the future of comedy.

    I'm really glad that HBO insisted on their choices and not go with mainstream comedy.
  • It takes all the awkward moments from seinfeld and just turns the volume all the way up. It's hard to watch Larry bumble around and that's why it's so great.

    Curb your enthusiasm is one of the only current "sitcoms" that I enjoy. Along with Arrested development, another single camera, zero laugh track show, it proves every episode how funny the tv medium can be. Sure, it can get pretty jerky at time, but that's what we loved about the george character on Seinfeld and can now adore in Larry.

    One of the reasons I think it's an even a better show then Seinfeld is that it tends to not rely on characters so much as it does on plotlines. As with most HBO fare, you've got a mostly serial story that while in this case doesn't have much of a point, at least carries from episode to episode in some form of chaotic direction. It's also gotten better every season, which is a rarity in these season 2 peaks of TV. Now if only they'd release all the seasons on DVD. edit
  • He's a victim of circumstance.

    having spent most of my life sitting in front of a television, i think i've seen a lot of good and bad TV. curb your enthusiasm is, to date, the smartest comedy series i've seen. i enjoy it more than seinfeld because larry is such a dynamically static character. you always know he'll do some sort of bonehead thing but, for some reason, you are always surprised.

    i think the format of the show is most impressive to me. there is no script; only a storyboard for each episode. thusly, the actors are forced to essentially improv characters and dialogue. every time i laugh at one of the jokes on this show, i laugh even harder when i realize that this is off-the-cuff hilarity.
  • What a fantastic show! It addresses the obvious in every day situations. Additionally, the beginning of the show deals with an issue. Then, another issue comes up that does not seem to be associated with the one at the beginning. But, they merge into o

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! The characters are rich in personality, the story lines are always hilarious, and Larry David's character comes across like a complete "putz." There is always a "foot-in-mouth" experience, and it usually involves Mr. David. I would suggest that you watch it several times before you decide that you do not like the show. It is definitely a "grow-on-you" show! And, it is worth the time to watch it.
  • Boy I wish i had HBO

    This is a show that constantly makes me wish I had HBO. It is always hysterical. This summer I got a real treat when the people I was house-sitting for had HBO on Demand. I could watch a curb your enthusiasm any time I wanted. I watched alot of episodes this summer and every one of them was awsome. This show should be called Everybody Hates Larry. Its very interesting to watch Larry get himself into the most uncomfortable situations imaginable. The guest stars are great with my personal favorite being Wanda Sykes. She is one of the funniest people i have ever seen and she makes a great show better. This is a brilliant show and i wish i had HBO to see the fourth season.
  • Larry David is a god

    This is the best show since Seinfeld and has been my new favorite ever since it came on. WATCH IT. The situations and cirumstances larry finds himself in are hilarious and would only happen to larry david himself. I love the subtle comedy throughout the episodes and the off the wall things that happen.
  • A Series of hilarious blunders, misspoken words, accidents, and mishaps that all tie together at the end of the show make this the must see comedy each week!!

    Larry David (Writer and Co-Creator of Seinfeld) has taken his own show to new heights that Seinfeld could not. In my personal opinion this show is better than Seinfeld. Larry David and his superb cast are hilarious. There are many guest appearances from Ben Stiller to Ted Danson all who play themselves and make this show fresh every season!! If your looking for raunchy, but innocent laughs this show is a must to add to your line-up each week!!
  • A near reality show with the creator of Seinfeld

    This show is great and I'm so glad the new season is coming up! It's right in your face funny with Larry David being himself in scripted situations. Once you watch, you're hooked! He's funny, annoying, real and off the wall all at the same time. The supporting characters are perfect for his personality. All in all a terrific show!!
  • this show brings the geniouse of sienfeld to a whole new level. Its much more adult and thats what makes it funny. Everything goes wronge for larry.

    A show about Larry, and everything he does. It seems nothing can ever go right for larry. He always ends up getting in trouble or screwing up somehow. He is trying to open up a fancy resturaunt but it seems alot goes wronge along the way. If you like sienfeld, and dont mind alot of swearing, then this is a perfect show
  • Some hate him and some love him! Larry David is great in this show more or less about him. His little quarks get him in trouble every episode and it's hilarious all the way!

    Some hate him and some love him! Larry David is great in this show more or less about him. His little quarks get him in trouble every episode and it's hilarious all the way! I think this is a strong show and is great for Seinfeld fans. People who love Seinfeld are going to love this show. It's that simple.
  • This is one of the most original shows on television.

    I came across this show after watching some Seinfeld re-runs on TBS. I flipped through the channel, but then flipped back. What was going on? What was this guy doing? I watched the entire episode and loved every minute of it. This show follows the life of Seinfeld creative genius Larry David. The show is a virtual copy of Seinfeld and should be receiving Emmys. One of the funniest things on TV, no questions asked.
  • Seinfeld lives on in this show.

    Larry David has done it again. First, Seinfeld, and now this. Larry David does a great job of turning a simple thought, action etc. into the biggest deal. By the end of each show, he makes tons of new enemies. I highly recomend this show to anyone who has enjoyed Seinfeld.
  • oh that larry david... u love to hate him... and hate to love him...

    oh that larry... this show is so amazing becuase u have such a tortured relationship with the main character... i love him to death and feel for his ackwardness... but at the same time u hate him because his lack of common sense gets him into situations that seem absurd at first... and typically escalate to absolute bizaar.. few shows are able to make have such a mixed feelings toward the main character while still loving the show and appreciating the entire supportive cast for their roles in keeping this mellodrama in check...

    watch it... now...

  • As funny as Seinfeld and awkward as Meet the Parents.

    This show caught me off gaurd. HBO has some very origianl shows and this is definatly one of them. This show is about the life of Larry David, creator of Seinfeld, after Seinfelds run is over. Larry gets himself in the most awkward situations by being rude, obnoxious, and stubborn. Curb Your Enthusiasm is filled with improvisation that leads to countless laughs. The show is just starting its fifth season and is still going very strong. If you are a fan of Seinfeld, HBO, or flat out comedy this show is for you. The first three seasons are avaliable on DVD. So check them out!
  • If you miss Seinfeld this is the show for you.

    If you loved Seinfeld you are definatly going to like Curb You Enthusiasm. First off it is created and written by the the Same people that brought you Seinfeld only now they can cuss because it is HBO. It is littered with cameos and famous guest stars who all play a part in Larry Davids Life. This is a psuedo-reality show meaning its about Larry David and his life but it is scripted and it is genious. He is the master of putting you in the middle of those social situations that you would never want to be in. this show is a great show with great writing and even has multiple episodes with Seinfeld Alum. In closing be careful this show wii grow on you fast
  • Follows Larry David in his "day to day" life, meeting with celebrities, pitching new tv show ideas and going to dinner parties. Sound fun? Not for Larry and his habit to always provide an awkward moment, this show is without a doubt, brilliant.

    Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld, movie producer, writer and failed stand up comic takes us whevever he goes in what is supposed to be his everyday life. Meeting with celebrites, pitching new tv show ideas and going to exclusive dinner parties. Sounds like you would expect Larry's life to be easy, unfortunately, Mr. David has the unfortunate habit of creating the most awkward moments in history, and his days spiral downward from there.

    In a golden example of how everything can go wrong to him, Larry realises that if he gives a waiter 20 dollars he'll be seated faster, and he does so. Only later does he realise that he's accidentaly given the waiter his wife's prescription for her intense dermatitis, so he must go back to retreive it. "Where is the prescription?" Larry asks to be told it is in the garbage can, after sifting through garbage for a half hour, he goes and asks a man who he made a racist joke to for a prescription, he is thrown out of there after meeting an old friend. His wife Cheryl rings the doctor and asks for another, he phones through to the chemist. The chemist is busy, so Larry gives him a twenty to speed things up, and he is thrown out of the chemist, to face his wife and her itching.

    This is a prime example of how every seems to go wrong, and a great summary of this TV show. The humour is based around awkward events (ala George in Seinfeld), the music is sensationally suited to the show and the acting (which is greatly improvised) is great. This is on show I can't get enough of.
  • AMAZING! This show is so real. It's like all the daily issues people deal with!

    Wow, wow, and wow. I love this show more and more with every episode and every season that goes by. Larry David is so clever. I don't know how he comes up with these amazing shows...first Seinfeld and now this. He gets more clever as time goes on. Rock on, Larry! Please coming up with these awesome episodes!
  • It's like watching a show about George Costanza.

    To date, I've only seen the first season and I've loved absolutely every minute of it. If you were a fan of Seinfeld, you'll love this show. Since the character of George Costanza on Seinfeld was based on Larry David, this show is like George having his own show. The show is absolutely hilarious. The everyday situations that Larry manages to completely overcomplicate and blow out of proportion are too funny. Great writing that's funny and sharp. Great delivery and comedic timing. It's a shame it's on HBO and not more accessible. Overall a great show. I'm looking forward to watching the other seasons.
  • We can now see where the comic brilliance of Seinfeld came from- but Curb goes beyond that as only HBO shows can. Each season gets funnier and the season four finale was a classic hour of television where for once- Larry won.

    Absolute comic perfection. I remember not knowing what to make of this show when I first saw it- then Larry quickly grew on me- to the point where I laugh in hysterics at every little gesture and expression... We can now see where the comic brilliance of Seinfeld came from- but Curb goes beyond that as only HBO shows can. Each season gets funnier and funnier- and the season four finale- "Opening Night"- was a classic hour of television where for once- Larry won. Season V in September!
  • The funniest show i have ever seen. its only for people with ADD though, normal people dont get it.

    o my god, i live for this show. I have been with it since the premire back in 2000 i believe...anyway, larry david is quites possibly the most funny man to ever walk this planet. I really dont have to say much more about this show except that if you dont watch it i will kill you, and then i will kill myself.

    mother in law- ahh, somebody get a sponge
    Larry- I, I...dont understand, why dont you get the sponge?
  • Insanity at it's best.

    I started watching this after my brother kept going on about it, since then i loved it.

    The show is insane, i just don't know a better way to describe it, every time he gets into major problems, he always has a point, you always understand his reasons, but you never understand why he does the things that he does.

    The way the show is made makes things even better, first of all it doesn't really have a real script, it just contains general information about the episode, but the rest is just made up, which makes it all more interesting, also the way it's filmed makes it feel like you are really following him in his daily life, that he truely is such a jerk and all.

    As most people know, the character George Constanza was based for a large part on him, take George Constanza and make him twice as insane and you got Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    If you loved Seinfeld and always wished that they would go abit further, then you really should watch this, you will love it.
  • Funny! Gotta love Larry David

    Love this show! I can't believe the things Larry David says and does. He's just so argumentative about everything and has the worst luck. He has the guts to say and do the things that most people would just keep to themselves. It's hilarious! Like the time the lady made him push up his sleeve at the doctors. He complained that it would stretch the cuff and it would lose its elasticity and never be the same again. Then that's exactly what does happen, then he goes on and on about the cuff and how it's ruined forever. Too funny!
  • The absolute funniest television show I have ever seen.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is an underappreciated masterpiece that lives in the long shadow of Seinfeld. It is the absolute funniest television show I have ever seen.

    Larry David is great, funny and likeable even lovable. The show goes where others fear to tread it is amazing and utterly hilarious.

  • Stubborn, Stupid, Silly man!

    CYE is one of my all time favourite show, each episode is an half hour rollercoaster ride of uncomfortable incidences, awkward situations and hilaious moments. Larry David is a man of principles and the trouble he gets into, fighting for these princinpls never cease to amaze me. You find yourself thinking "Why Larry?, Why don't you just thank the woman and be over with it".
    Way too often Larry is just a victim of circumstances, his intentions being good but somehow ends up as the bad guy.

    Another thing I love about this show is the acting, there is no script for the episode, the actors are just given a scene layout and then most of the dialogue is improved in front of the camera, the show seems somehow more real as a result. The Cast is also brilliant, even Larry which unlike Seinfeld on his show, can actually act. Cheryl Hines is just an incredile actress, plays Larrys wife. Jeff Garlin is Jeff Greene, Larrys manager. His Wife however is one of the worst parts about the show, Susie Essman who plays her, tries way to hard, and her way too exaggerated yelling and obsceneties (most often intended for Larry) are really a low point of the show.
    What first got my attention about the show was that I heard some old cast members from Seinfeld were in it, Julia and Jason make a appearance in some of the earlier episodes and both do a wonderful job. Also actors like Ted Danson, who is actually brilliant as... himself, who would have thought?
    All in all, CYE is just great. If you havn't watched it, give it a try, if you have any sense of humour, you won't be dissapointed... :)

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