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  • the BEST in laughs :)

    Love all the episodes of Larry David and his mishaps. He can get into more trouble, so funny! The best ever! Thank you guys for a fabulous show!!

    If you watched seinfeld.. u know what this thing is talking about. For all the people that gave it 1 or 2, you can die now and i wouldnt give a shit. this is the best show in the world.. and for those who watch how i met your mother.. these jokes are all made up, but this show is like real life.
  • ucommon genuis

    Larry David is at his finest. We are talking about they writer for Sienfield for Heaven's sake. The situations Larry finds himself in are absolutley hilarious without question and he often has me feelin sympathy for him being misunderstood all the time. The plots are relevant to everyday life and don't have to be so crazy and unrealistic. He does meet other c-list celebs and like any other person he come in contact with, he ends up pissing them of. I am black, and the fact that Larry said the n word does not phase me. First of all, Larry means no harm by saying this. His character houses a black person (have no clue if for free). Taking so much offense would be implying the meaning of the word which would actually make the critic rascist. Plus, Larry is'nt the rascist, we alll now Kreimer is. To finalize, its undoubtingly amusing when Larry scrunches up his eyes and his face and gives someone the stare down.
  • I'm Larry David, And I Happen To Enjoy Wearing Woman's Panties

    Larry David's hilarious follow up to Seinfeld. I didn't care to much for the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but as i watched more of Curb Your Enthusiasm it started growing on me and before I knew it, it started getting funnier and funnier. The show is set around Larry David's everyday life and people around him getting mad about the things he has been doing. The last seasons Seinfeld reunion was a dream combination with Curb Your Enthusiasm and i can't wait to see what the hilarious mind of Larry David has come up with for next year.
  • Seinfeld's Successor

    This show has gradually become one of my all time favorite shows on television. Larry David, the creator of Seinfeld, plays himself as a neurotic and gloomy person living in Santa Monica, California. Much like Seinfeld, Larry finds a perfect cast to be centered around the main character. You could watch this show over and over and never get tired of it.

    This show has gradually become one of my all time favorite shows on television. Larry David, the creator of Seinfeld, plays himself as a neurotic and gloomy person living in Santa Monica, California. Much like Seinfeld, Larry finds a perfect cast to be centered around the main character. You could watch this show over and over and never get tired of it.
  • GOLD !

    Curb your Enthusiasm, what a show. I can't describe how hilarious this is to me. This episode had me in tears, all the way through it, it's so well written, everything fits in, i can't wait for next week's finale.
    I really hope that next weeks episode includes some of the big characters that were in Seinfeld, like George's father or Puddy, and i noticed George's mother and Steve Hytner where in this one.
    Before i even watch this show, i have a big grin on my face because i know how good it's gonna be.

    COMEDY GOLD ! Well done Producers.
  • Both amazingly funny and incredibly painful watching. A must see!

    Larry David's lovechild is an amazing thing. The amount of times you will find yourself unable to move either from laughing so hard it hurts or from the intense awkwardness of whatever situation Larry has managed to get into is uncountable. Admittedly I say this loving British shows, such as the Office and Peep Show, which are equally painful and anyone who prefers to laugh without the associated cringing would best leave this alone. The improvisation that is so key to the shows format works wonderfully and the character (or perhaps caricature) that is Larry David, all bitterness included, is one of my favourite comedy creations in years.
  • The best comedy on TV, nothing comes close to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Anyone who says this show is overrated is either a complete idiot, or very, very jealous. Or maybe they just prefer shows with laugh tracks so all their simple minded family members can clasp along when they hear the laughs. Enough about these people let me start talking about the best show ever, Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's a fantastic show, full of wit and originality. It rivals any comedy 'classic', and to me, its more than a show, it's a way of life. I admire Larry David so much that sometimes when i'm going about my daily routines, I think, what would Larry David do in this situation? The brilliance of the show in my opinion is that it's unscripted, the actors have to be excellent to work on a show like this, and they most certainly are. It seems more real when you watch it, because the words coming out of the actors mouths are really most of the time their first impressions, they didn't stay up all night reading lines to get it perfect, they just say what they feel, and it works like a gem.

    Larry David is a genius, no doubt about that. The show gets better every season, not many shows can do that, please Mr. David, give us people with a brain more Curb
  • Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld, portrays himself in a shameless comedy. He has an understanding, activist wife, and a chummy manager. He has daily run-ins and feuds with just about everyone on the planet.

    To say this show is "funny", is a gross understatement. To say this show is "overrated" is, to me, a sign of ignorance. However, there are a number of opinions I can understand, without agreeing personally. This is a show I recommend often, yet when I do, I keep in mind that the prospective viewer might not be able to enjoy it completely. There are a few good reasons: Larry David, while brilliant of course, portrays himself unapologetically as this obnoxious, defiant, impossible to get along with man. His character alone is enough for many to call it quits. But the thing that crawls under most people's skin even more than character, are the often bizarre, always cringe-worthy scenarios he puts himself in. I understand not everyone can enjoy watching an old man yelling at everyone. It's often hard to watch. But these scenarios are far from random. As with Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm uses scenarios, questions, annoyances, etc. of everyday life, amplified times 100, of course. This show is comedic brilliance and it gets better with every season. If you think you can handle the absurdity and shameless embarrassment portrayed in Curb Your Enthusiasm, you must watch this show! My personal favorites are the episodes costarring Richard Lewis.
  • It's probably the best show on television. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a 30 minute heavily improvised comedy that focuses on the life of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David and the series of misadventures that he has on a daily basis.

    Though it may not be on TV right now, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a genius series. Some may find it hard to follow because it builds at times somewhat slow up until the big pay off at the end. Though I personally find the series a delightful comedy that is along the lines of Seinfeld and Frasier as both sophisticated, intelligent and funny! So each episode focuses on the life of Larry David (playing himself) basically he is the neurotic main character of the series. He basically makes a big deal about every little small thing. Kind of like George Costanza from Seinfeld. Well Larry is a millionaire and the show focuses on the people he comes into interactions on a daily basis. They include his wife Cheryl David (Cheryl Hines) who is usually Larry's straight-man or woman to every situation he gets into and usually the barer of good judgment compared to Mr. David. Then there is Larry's manager Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) who is a sex-crazed and usually Larry's cohort into various situations. Then there is Jeff's wife Susie Greene (Susie Essman) who plays Jeff's foulmouthed wife who is usually very angry with the shenanigans that Larry and Jeff usually find themselves into. The show also features a great deal of cameos including comedian Richard Lewis, Ted Danson, David Schwimmer, Mel Brooks, Bob Einstein as Marty Funkhowser, Wanda Sykes etc....It's such a genius show and I can't wait for the 7th season. Brilliant HBO Comedy showing off the comedic and acting talents of the genius known as Larry David.
  • This show is an extension of Seinfeld and is mainly done by Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld and producer through 7 seven seasons. It portrays the life of Larry David and his outlandish life styles and the people he runs into.

    This show is fabulous. Larry David is a genius for Seinfeld and then thinking of starting his own show that has the same idea of Seinfeld but he applies his own ideas. The acting and writing in the show is awesome, especially from Larry and his how he improvises during the show to give more comedic affect. through the first five seasons Larry encounters many people and has many disagreements or fight with them. In the sixth season it goes a step further when the Blacks (an African-American family displaced by Hurricane Katrina) come live with him and Cheryl. It launches the a new portion of the series that I hope Larry and HBO decide to continue. This show applies great ideas and occurrences that happen to many of us and if you like Seinfeld or find it funny you'll love this.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm is about the creator of Seinfeld, Larry David, having a series of weird stories that surround his life. He has everything: A wife, a large house, many friends, and is rich. So, why on Earth is he still angry?

    Okay. I just loved this show! My God, I live it. Larry David, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, and many guest stars! It is like, Seinfeld-Funny! To me, there are three types of funny: The Chuckle funny, which is just like a sitcom that doesn't make me laugh but I like it, a Raymond-Funny, which is like where I laugh at a sitcom because it makes me laugh a few times like Everybody Loves Raymond, and Seifneld-Funny which is laughing at every joke I know. I just loved The Doll episode. Larry just got a doll, and cuts its hair! And it was an antique, and all sorts of hilarious stuff happened! Best show on HBO ever!
  • Larry David, thy name is comedy.

    This is the ultimate for any fan of Seinfeld. Larry David's trademark humor permeates every scene and the show never ceases to get a laugh. Timeless television in every sense of the word. The story follows Larry through his daily life and all the trouble he seems to cause. Often he's not the cause directly, he just has ways of creating social tension whenever he's in the scene and the results are hilarious. Larry is a successful comedian and a co-writer of Seinfeld, in this series you can really see how the character of George Costanza was really based off of Larry David's personality.
  • This show is about the life of Larry David (writer for Seinfeld) His wife, Cheryl, and his friends such as Super Dave Osbourne (Marty Funkhauser), Jeff Greene (Jeff Garland) and Richard Lewis (as himself).

    Larry David and all the things that happens to him and his friends. He is a comic genius! Somehow Larry manages to piss off pretty much everyone around him and in his life. Poor Larry is always trying to fix things but he ends up only making them worse. Richard Lewis is a RIOT!! As Larry's best friend they get into fights all the time. No matter what Larry does he makes a fool out of himself or his friends. This is non-stop humor at it's best! You could say that it is kind of like Seinfeld but way better! If you haven't seen this show..for Pete's Sake WATCH IT!!!
  • larry david(SEINFELD)and a slew of stars make this a very worthy show. the things larry says and does seemingly always offends multiple people, and enrages others. almost seinfeld-esque, but a totally different show, it never fails to get a laugh.

    you gotta love a guy who seemingly never wins. larry is that guy. this show is brilliant. larry is always the scapegoat as he unwillingly goes about his day offending those around him. you see, he has these little quirks.............and hard time holding his tongue. with a revolving door of stars to nag and offend, every episode is truly brilliant. this is one of the funniest shows on tv today, no doubt about it. ive found that the shows run in order making it easy to understand every show. it has a seinfeld feel to it, but is completely different. nothing is out of bounds here, anything is game.if you like witty but childish humor from adults of all backgrounds, then this is your show. it gets a ten, BIG TIME.
  • Love this show. Makes you feel you are actually watching people live their lives. Doesn't seem like you are watching a sitcom.

    The whole cast seems to fit just perfectly into their characters. And what a bunch of characters they are. Poor Larry... always in trouble because of his big mouth. He doesn't seem to be mean sprited...but sure comes off that way. Many things he says and does are things we would all like to say and do. Every situation he gets into seems to snowball and most of the time through really no fault of his. The people around him take everything too personally and isn't that the way society is today. Instead of forgetting some small insignificant thing the characters take it personal and "run" with it. It is a great show and I love watching it. Can't wait to see what trouble Larry will get in next. Great writing and a great cast. All comes together in a neat package...
  • Situation comedy following the life of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David.

    Lightning has struck twice for Larry David. Before Ricky Gervais' The Office and Extras, before Australia's We Can Be Heroes and Real Stories there was a show created after Seinfeld which perfected 'cringe' humour and this show is it. In this politically correct world where everything has become NICE, blandness rules and thousands of people line up to make it onto reality TV shows because they want the world to like them, firing right into the guts of this type of modern society is the selfish, unlikeable, winy and opinionated character of Larry David. So brilliant is the creation of this comic character who goes against the standard conventions of your Mary Tyler Moores and Cosbys, that David's writing and performance is so cringe-worthy in style that he literally delves deep inside your stomach and twists the laughs out of places that have never laughed before. He taps into emotions we have which we never realised could make us laugh, and even better than that, once your whole body manages to finally somehow drag itself out of an episode, for some darn reason with one eye closed and the other only peeking a look, it cries out to see more.
  • Brilliant show Larry David gets it spot on.

    This show is one that i could not, not have in my favourites, everything about it is brilliant. To think aswell that it is improvised, to do that you have to have talent. Every episode makes you laugh with the situations that he gets himself into. I find that i have been in some situations that are abit similar to the shows, but i've never had the guts to say some of the things Larry David does in the show. Also he shows things that also irratate us the viewrs aswell in real life. Larry David is a comical genius. I hope this show goes on for a long time.
  • An amazing show, by far the most inventive and creative comedy in the history of television. Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld and basis for the character George, epitomizes the misanthropic character in this amazing show.

    Everyday in the life of Larry David he upsets the vast majority of the people that he meets.

    He takes the comedic loser that accidentally puts his foot in the mouth to the extreme.

    The only person who puts up with his antics is his long suffering wife Cheryl who is constantly exasperated with Larry's most recent altercations.

    The most amazing thing about the show is the improv ability of the main cast, and even the secondary characters the majority of the time.

    Guest Stars include Richard Lewis, Dustin Hoffman, Ted Danson Michael York, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mel Brooks, Bob Odenkirk, David Schwimmer, Ben Stiller, Martin Scorsese, Jason Alexander, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Jerry Seinfeld.
  • what a great show. It\'s funny to watch because some little thing always bothers larry if they keep this up it could be better than seinfeld! Only problem is that its been like 10 months and no new episode come on larry get off your ass!

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  • Absolutley hillarious

    'Curb Your Enthusiasm' creates two solid groups. One group that loves and is in love with the show and another that absolutely loathes it, same with Davids other show seinfeld very rarely do you find a median inbetween the bunch. Much like Seinfeld, Curb your enthusiasm finds humor in average every day activities and situations in Larry David's life. The genius behind the show is how Larry reacts to these situations which always leads to a hillarious outcomes. Curb is a brilliant show that has developed a cult following and adds to HBO's already amazing series lineup. Larry David has become a poster child for those who have had always wanted to just tell it how it is. they should never cancel this show.
  • I BUY this Series every time it comes out because it takes the inconsiderate klutz that most of us are from time to time, and makes it funny.

    Where do we get such great writers? Another part of 'Curb's' charm is the fact that it shows us how celebrities live, folks with high intelligence, as well as a higher standard of living than most of us have.

    My favorite shows include the agent, who is a great foil for Larry David's klutziness. He is more subtle than Richard Lewis. I wish Stephen Wright would be hired. He is a fantastic comic who would also play well with Larry David.

    Since there is an infinite number of ways we can offend others, especially if some of them are neurotic, I think that placing this in L.A. is perfect. This series should go on forever.

    If any of you can tell me where I can submit show ideas for "Curb...", please let me know.
  • Larry david is a genius he is thinking about doing a tv show called stanny is spain with David Heron another comedy producer they would be great together but Larry david should bring Curb your enthusiasm back its great he is so funny with jeff and cheryl

    Larry david is a genius he is thinking about doing a tv show called stanny is spain with David Heron another comedy producer they would be great together but Larry david should bring Curb your enthusiasm back its great he is so funny with jeff and cheryl he is great
  • Possibly the funniest show on television...definitely the best on HBO!

    Word cannot describe the humour that Larry David displays in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'...unbelievably quotable, insanely hilarious, and grossely unpopular (at least with most of the people I talk to, who haven't ever heard of the show); this is a true gem.

    I currently have seasons 1 & 2, and am looking forward to grabbing the third season, specifically for the "Crazy Eyes Killer" episode (which was the first I ever saw from this show).

    It only takes a few words from Larry David to reveal the true essence of George Costanza within...and it's no wonder Georgey-Boy was so well-received...David is spectacular in this role, speaking his mind and making the most absurd decisions/choices one could ever conceive.

    As Larry David would say, "You people" ought to see what all the fuss is about, and have a good laugh over a severly under-rated show.
  • best show in syndication!

    when seinfeld was over i didn't know what to do! thank you larry david for picking up where seinfeld left off. I also enjoy the fact that its on hbo. like larry said if you throw in the f-word you double your laughs!!

    i own all the dvds season 1, 2, 3, & 4... and they are always out on loan to my friends, who, buy the way love the show too...

    also, does anyone know when season 5 comes out on dvd?
  • one of the funniest shows in a long time

    what is not to like about this amazing comedy??

    there are so many laugh out loud moments in every single episode.

    the stand out character has to be jeff's wife suzie and her constant abuse of larry.

    if you have yet to experience the wonder of this show then make sure you do sraight away - as you are really missing out
  • A souped-up, mature version of Seinfeld, with usage of the magical f word.

    There will never be a new episode of Seinfeld again. Unless thirty years from now, Seinfeld will be turned into a bad movie remake like the Honeymooners or Bewitched (I hope Jerry would be smart about that decision).
    Thank goodness Co-Creator Larry David made another show, although without Jerry, one of the undisputed gods of comedy.
    The summary of the show is like the stories of George Costanza but with Larry, a loser... but ten times more annoying. Unlike George, he is rich, has a wife, and is famous (wait until the little people meet this nut in Curb Your Enthusiasm).
    The stories are obviously like Seinfeld (guy gets obsessed with something that is not worth it), but some of them are fresh, original, and contains new laughs.
    Curb Your Enthusiasm is a must-see for Seinfeld fans who have had enough with watching the episodes over and over on TBS and FOX.

  • Like no other well aside from Seinfeld

    This show is quite simply the best thing going for fictional comedy right now on television (well aside from Arrested Development, and other assorted candies on tv). Its always a trip to watch our protagonist Larry David get into a situation and feck it up beyond our wildest beliefs. The recent episode with the edible underwear and the orthodox jewish young woman was amazing. This show creates the most unbelievable situations and conflicts. I worship the character of Larry David and hope to see him in future works once this show is unfortunately over. Considering the format of the show, this show can go on forever. Perhaps one day, it will even surpass the greatness of his show Seinfeld. I think its well on its way.
  • Curb your enthusiasm continues to be one of the funniest shows on televison.

    Before the fifth season started, i really wasnt sure what to expect. The first 4 seasons of Curb were outstanding, but very few shows are nearly as good as they were after taking a 2 year break, as curb did. I wasnt expecting it to be as good as the previous seasons. Fortunatly, I couldnt have been more wrong! The new season of curb has got to be one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life. Each episode is a classic, funnier than the last. There is not a single episode of this show that will not make me crack up laughing. Some people dont like this show, which i can kind of understand. You have to have a taste for this type of comedy. And if you do, this is one of the best shows you could possibly watch.
  • Hands down, the best comedy on television - cable or otherwise.

    I've seen every episode of this show and laughed my ass off at every single one of them. It's SEINFELD on steroids and Larry is a misanthropic everyman for the ages. Even last season's Producer's storyline - though not the strongest of the series - was still funny. Jeff Garlin is an underated side-kick.
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