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  • Terrible worst show I've ever suffered through watching. Worst acting I have ever seen. It's like he is trying sooooo hard, it's painful.

    What is this??? I am seriously confused as to if this is a reality show or a sitcom?? I am however positive it's THE worst thing on TV I have ever seen. The comedy is awkward and as far from natural as can be.
    It seems like this really bad blend of all characters from Seinfield into one bad actor who doesn't know where to use it, if that makes since.
    I just had to log on the internet to see if anyone else had noticed this to be the worst show ever aired on HBO, take it off the air!! Please. There are real comedians out there, I'm sure of it.
  • Rich guy acting out of necessity to prove he's not just a good writer producer.

    I'm sorry but i just don't see how this is anything but painful. I can appreciate and recognize the humour in the scenes but Larry Davids acting is so obvious and forced that i'm sure if they grabbed one of the guys from behind camera and got him to do Larry's lines it would be much funnier. His delivery is laboured and awkward. You can almost see him looking out of the corner of his eye to get some sort of acknowledgement from the crew to reassure him that he is funny. But i guess since he is paying their wages they would tell him what he wants to hear. Dont get me wrong, as i said it is a well scripted and shot show, its just the main characters ability to act that lets the whole thing down. Maybe ill wait another year and watch the DVDs again to see if i have changed and it becomes funnier.
  • LD Jumped the Shark (Or the Curb in his case..)

    Just garbage...he is over acting, unrealistic, going in too many directions. I am so dissapointed, and this is coming from a (ex) diehard fan. He acts over the top way too much, almost like his Steinbrenner character from Seinfeld. He has so much money in the bank, so why the need to overwrite the script? This show is NOT Improvised by any means. He has lost his edge, and is now just a whacky sitcom. There are story lines that go in so many directions, there is no subtle laughs. There are small laughs at times, but those are far and few between. Thanks LD for making this season unwatchable!
  • Worst show on earth!

    Curb your Enthusiasm is one of the worst shows I've ever seen on TV!

    What I mean is that this show has absolutely no meaning whatsoever , it is NOT funny ... at all , and is very boring.

    I used to think that Seinfeld was the worst show in the world until I watched an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm. At least Seinfeld even if it is a show about nothing is actually quiet funny at times and in a wierd way has some meaning.

    I can't believe that the same person who created Seinfeld actually created this show.
  • Painful, contrived, self-absorbed drivel

    After resisting this show for a long time (Didn't like Seinfeld), I just watched "Black Swan" and "...Like to Wear Panties" and I just cannot believe how many people think this is the greatest show ever. Every plot line is contrived, the characters are more one dimensional than Seinfeld, and the only reason I didn't give it a 1 is because there are a few good lines (and it does provide insight into the personalities behind Seinfeld).

    The Panties episode was amazingly dumb. Every single aspect of the whole pants plot was unbelievable.

    So the fire alarm closes the mall for several hours? He's told so by the same cop who appears at his house later? He goes home and leaves his pants there and doesn't go back later that day? He must've put his wallet in the pants he was trying on in the store so he wasn't without it when he did the lemonaid stand bit. He wore the same pants day after day and didn't even take off the tag after he stole them in front of the store employee who let him set off the alarm and walk away with stolen merchandise? What a bizzare chain of events.... all so he can have that officer from another unbelievable plot line demand he give the pants back (...instead of arresting him). It all has the character of a 'shaggy-dog story', where you sit through a long string of contrived events all in the name of a punchline; in this case, Larry dropping his pants to reveal that he's wearing panties.

    I love how his manager's wife walks out of the room and five seconds later he and Larry are yelling at each other about the panty thing (I guess sound doesn't travel in his world). This seems to be a constant for the show. Sound dosen't travel when people yell at each other after another person exits the screen.

    The Black Swan episode had all the unbelievable events (guy who's holding them back on the golf course has a heart attack right then and there but they don't see it?) lead up to the stone mason (who hangs out at country club vigils of course and wears funny foreshadowing hats) erasing and carving out accusations on a dead relative's tombstone.

    I normally don't like to point out plot holes in reviews, and in a show this poorly written, it's almost unfair, but c'mon. He's got enough money he should be able to pay someone who's at least modestly clever to flush out the plot, maybe give the characters a second personality trait.

    I swear there is no effort put into the writing because it's just another show about a bunch of shallow rich people and just how Zaaa-aaa-aaany their crazy lives are. I'd imagine most the people who like this show are avid fans of TMZ and honestly think Seinfeld was the very first 'show about nothing'.

    Larry David is so beloved that he could read a TV Guide and his fans would be rolling about on their backs laughing hysterically at his genius.
  • This is without a doubt the worst show on television...EVER!!!

    This is without a doubt the worst show on television...EVER!!! I don't even understand where some people think it's funny or entertaining. Larry is sooo frickin dry, and a horrible actor. The plot, well what plot? I don't even know how it possibly make it to tv? Is it just me? AND PLEASE stop com pairing it to Seinfeld. No comparison
  • Season 1 Episode 9 Afirmative Action

    I thought this was a good show, but am now having my doubts. Any show that makes the viewer furiously frustrated, is obviously misdirected. When I feel this way, its like the show's story has been side railed by some stupid unrealistic, event caused by Larry David the character. For example, this character, who is suppose to be the real Larry David, acts like an old man suffering dementia. In the episode Affirmative Action, Larry for no reason, makes a racist comment to his comedian friend's Dermatologist. Larry and his friend are talking and his friend flags down his black Dermatologist friend who is jogging by. He introduces the doctor to Larry, and Larry instantly attempts an affirmative action joke. He says something like "Your taking a chance on an Affirmative Action?". The joke is not finished because the doctor is offended. What is frustrating is Larry is often offensive in this series. I was thinking, who would say that? Larry's character Larry then looks confused like he doesn't have any idea he could have offended this doctor. Larry then apologizes, but just says it was a joke, its nothing really, and doesn't even try to attempt to tell the man the joke and what he meant. Larry's character comes off as a pampas wealthy jerk who could care less. The character is very selfish, always thinking about himself. In this same episode, he forgets to pick up his wives prescription. Larry dramatically describes his POV of the emotional encounter with the Dermatologist earlier, as reason for forgetting the prescription. He then thinks her prescription is money some how, and tips the host with it, for a good seat. Impossible. When he later realizes and returns to the restaurant, he asks the host for the prescription, never offering money for the prescription. Of course the host was angry. Larry's always acting like the stereo type of a Jewish person. In one episode, he offers to buy his friend a bottle of wine, and is upset when he chooses a 300 dollar bottle. Both the character and the real Larry David are both wealthy celebrities, why is he always so cheap? Is this the real Larry David were seeing? In another episodes Larry talks to people in a way that would get him punched in the face. There is no way his wife, who is good looking, would be with a guy who looks and acts like a helpless geezer. They actually show her frustration with the character, this I don't understand. He frustrates all his friends. Is this show meant to frustrate the viewers? In the episode The Group, Larry runs into his attractive ex while he is with his wife. I totally saw it coming when Larry was self absorbed and forgot to introduce his wife. I said at the screen, "introduce your wife, introduce your wife, introduce your wife, introduce your wife, introduce your wife". He was then clueless she was upset when she left him to talk with her wile she went to wait in the car. Later that night she wanted to have sex, but he told his wife that he masturbated to his ex earlier so he was not in the mood. Who would say this? I think this is the real Larry David. He thinks this humor is funny because this is probably how he treats people in real life. I mean, he is playing himself. I guess this is why it is not so hard for him to come up with story lines, he just takes them from his personal life.
  • Curb It

    We use to LOVE Curb Your Enthusiasm. We've been avid supporters for years. My husband and I were looking forward to the show. However, we felt offended when he used the N word. His character could have said "The N word" instead of the full word. It wasn't funny. The toilet humor was silly as well. After being off the air for 2 years, I expected more. We did like the "law jokes" and we think the show was pretty funny, generally. He could have did a much better job after this long hiatus. We won't watch anymore. Not funny!
  • I don't understand how this show made it for five seasons.

    This is one of the most unentertaining shows I've ever seen. I really tried to get through the episodes, but I gave up after about three.

    Everything Larry David says sounds like something George Castanza on Seinfeld would say, only not funny. He comes across as a curmudgeon, and in no way likeable.

    I mean why was he cast as the lead? Absolutely no empathy. Like nails on a chalkboard.
  • Larry's lost a lot of likability.

    Hey, my summary is an alliteration! Anyway, is it just me or is this season painting Larry as a very unsavory character? He was always pretty quirky and often made stupid decisions but was basically good-natured, or affable, as he would say. Most of the situations he got in were because of the absurd behavior of the people around him while he remained the relatively sensible one and you could feel sorry for him when things went horribly wrong.

    That seems to have been flipped around this season. I can't picture the Larry of just a season ago going to ridiculous lengths to protect a cell phone while potentially allowing a little girl to drown. The ridiculous factor of the show has been pushed past the point where I can suspend disbelief.

    Maybe this is a sign that the show has run its course. Or maybe I just need to shift my perspective and start enjoying the show on a different level. I'm not sure yet, but I'm hoping it'll return to form.
  • We get to watch Larry David, a bitter man, go about his daily routine, interacting with various people.

    I had reviewed this show before, scoring it a 2 after watching the first couple of episodes. Since then, I have watched the rest of the first disc from the first season, and I'll have to say, it's getting a little better.

    It seems as though the production value has been increased a bit, and there are a few more laughs in these later episodes than in the first few.

    The thing that I like about this show is that the comedy is based on everyday events, but at the same time, I don't feel that those events warrant a whole episode, as the jokes are often carried on a little long.
  • Quite A Rollercoaster

    I spent a lot of time whilst watching this show simply waiting, patiently, for the good parts. It seems that a considerable amount of intellectual resources are pooled to reach the gem (which are almost invariably reached however awkwardly), which can be torturous. I watched it all though, as I thought the good parts are worth it.

    I think it is important to remember that a disdain for characters is not a criticism of the show's worth. Larry is essentially playing a character he would like to, and acting abilities aside, he seems to be pleased with that. Also, a plot which seems to cover too much, or stray from the story is not a bad plot, but simply a complex one. I feel that Curb manages to avoid going into too much detail in these sub plots but does include them, which is what chaotic events entail.

    Overall I don't regret watching the show but I kind of wonder what I could have done instead...
  • Ok, now that I have seen 3 seasons, it has improved greatly.

    The first season was incredibly painful to sit through. Not really that funny the majority of the time and so uncomfortable to watch I actually got up and left the room half the time and let my husband watch it. But now that we finished the 3rd season where he invests in the restaurant, I cannot wait to finish the next few seasons. I don't think I laughed so hard at a sit com before (30 rock is awesome, but the final for C.Y.E. season 3 was insanely hilarious)

    I am starting to see the genius of Larry David's humor. He is definitely unique.
  • Talk about mass appeal. The beginning of the end for CYE began last year when they finished w /David in the Producers. What was that. The show was great because of Jeff's wife and Shelly Berman etal. Now she's the straight person and Berman mumbles. Less

    Talk about mass appeal. The end of CYE came w/the Producers finale. Watching David sing and act was like watching Elton John play in his own tennis tournament
    The show has become painful to watch.
    Too much David in EVERY scene, not enough of Jeff's wife and the actors who really made the show funny.
  • BAD TASTE, DISGUSTING Larry, what were you thinking?

    Larry, is unquestionably a genius. But, he definately has a genius which goes over the edge sometimes, to the side of insulting.

    Okay, so if you're moved in any way by art therefore the artist feels vindicated in his craft.

    Tonight, his show featured the intentionaly humiliation of a Japanese son of a Kamakazi pilot who survived the war.

    The aged, 80, year old dad is in the nursing home and getting along famously with Larry's dad.

    When Larry comes into the resturant, sits down with his wife who is discussing the purchase of a piece of sculpture, Larry rudely interupts, cuts off both and then interjects the comment about his dad getting along with the American Japanese young man.

    Larry burrowed into the psyche of the concept of a Kamakazi pilot as a survivor and how that he must have had a change of heart while dive bombing his plane unto one of our ships.

    Then orders chicken and makes it very clear to the audience and the young man, he is implying his dad is a chicken.

    Never mind the kid would have never been born, never mind the kid loves his dad and the family is proud of him, no matter what his past, and never mind the man is now in a nursing home.

    Later that night, while playing poker with the guys, a phone call brings the news the young man, totally humiliated, and in keeping with a tradition, attempts suicide and is in the hospital.

    They keep playing, the pizza has been ordered and he didn't die, so why have any remorse?
    Laugh it up boys.

    Turned the channel, may never visit the show again. What are you thinking, Larry, curb your self.
  • Greatness to Badness. What happend?

    Curb your remote, HAHAHAH! Yah I went there!

    The first 4 seasons had genius script techniques, beautiful and funny acting, and whiney Larry David bitching about every little thing that we ponder today out in public.

    Now he just bitches about every single thing that crosses his view and we complain as viewers wondering "why the hell is this considered funny, what happened to the old Larry?"

    They do not have a new writer or director or producer or actors. So what the hell is the problem?

    Maybe Larry had a good run and now its time to throw in the towel. It has been successful for four years, and now, it’s just depressing. I could come on set and write, produce, and direct an episode, for I have as much talent as Larry himself. Actually I don't, that’s a lie, but it’s making my point that anyone could do this show.

    The new season has had only two episodes and hopefully it will get better. I won't give it the entire season if it continues to plummet downhill, and fast!
  • Not bad.

    There are few men working on television today that rival the wit, the insight, or the genius of Larry David. To compare "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to "Seinfeld" is preposterous. With "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Larry David has created one of the greatest comedic series one have ever seen on American television. Fortunately for us, we got hooked right away from his first year and we sadly miss a new installment, which we thought would be forthcoming in the 2004-2005 season.

    Most of the episodes have been directed by Robert Weide, who seems to be attuned to Mr. David's kind of comedy. The episodes directed by the other guest directors are fine as well, but it seems that Mr. Weide gets the best out of all performers in the ones he is at the helm.

    The cast is flawless. Larry David is always enjoyable playing himself, something that is no small accomplishment. He is just a natural. Cheryl Hinds plays Larry's wife with a lot of style. Jeff Garlin, as Larry's manager, is good. Many talented performers are seen in different episodes among them, Sisie Essman, Wanda Sykes, Richard Lewis, and Ted Danson.

    "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has a quality that most other sitcoms don't have and it is the ability to amuse us even in reruns! This happens because of Larry David's tremendous intelligent approach to comedy.
  • Does anyone else see a resemblence to Alan Partridge in this?

    Curb is outstanding stuff, as good as Seinfelds, (allthough doubtfull if he can maintain it for as long.)

    I doubt many American viewers are familiar with Steve Coogans Alan Partridge, but British viewers will be. Allthough completely different, there seems to be some kind of similarity between the two characters, just wandering if anyone else felt the same way?

    I'm Alan Partridge is probably my favourite comedy off all time so this is a complement, for those who like Curb, should check it out.
  • This is one of the most original shows on television.

    I came across this show after watching some Seinfeld re-runs on TBS. I flipped through the channel, but then flipped back. What was going on? What was this guy doing? I watched the entire episode and loved every minute of it. This show follows the life of Seinfeld creative genius Larry David. The show is a virtual copy of Seinfeld and should be receiving Emmys. One of the funniest things on TV, no questions asked.
  • Funny, creative, and new

    My friend Angela told me about this show and I knew Larry David was funny. But I never expected him to do so well as the lead actor on a tv series. But the reason I like this show is because it is so different from other sitcoms. Here's why

    #1: It's on HBO so they can basically get away with a lot of things you cannot get away with on network television. That's what critics like.

    #2: There is no script each episode. There is a heavily detailed outline. But the actors improvise all their lines. I don't know how they get each episode complete on time.

    #3: They shoot with handheld cameras so it feels more real than most sitcoms do. Larry David has created something brillent and I know fans and critics alike love it and hope the show continues to get new fans. A show about nothing and on HBO.
  • Great dry senese of humor

    Larry David shows off his writing talents on this great show. It really feels good to watch and know something is going to happen, but you get excited when it does anyway. I always feel this excitement when watching the show. I predict a lot of the events in the episodes. Either I watch too much Larry David shows or I write like he does.
  • Insanity at it's best.

    I started watching this after my brother kept going on about it, since then i loved it.

    The show is insane, i just don't know a better way to describe it, every time he gets into major problems, he always has a point, you always understand his reasons, but you never understand why he does the things that he does.

    The way the show is made makes things even better, first of all it doesn't really have a real script, it just contains general information about the episode, but the rest is just made up, which makes it all more interesting, also the way it's filmed makes it feel like you are really following him in his daily life, that he truely is such a jerk and all.

    As most people know, the character George Constanza was based for a large part on him, take George Constanza and make him twice as insane and you got Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    If you loved Seinfeld and always wished that they would go abit further, then you really should watch this, you will love it.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm. My type of humor.

    Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld, has a normal life. He is a semi-retired multimillionaire, and everyday is a challenge, or every episode for us viewers. Of course he was to deal with the usual fans who know him and old friends that he used to work with. This kind of humor is not for everyone. But it's for me all thats all that matters. The humor behind Curb is the irony. People or situations will end up biting Larry in the butt. At first a character or place may seem like a joke, but by the end of the episode you'll be laughing your head off. Unless you're not like me and you're taste in comedy is different, then you can go watch How I Met Your Mother or something. The characters in Curb was hilarious as well. Larry David gives his bland yet charming touch on everything. And don't forget his best friend Jeff and his well evil wife. Of course Larry's wife is the exact opposite Larry. She can see the fault in all of Larry's events. Well they kind of are a bit disturbing at times. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a great comedy/dry-humor show for the people that are like me.
  • The true Successor to Seinfeld!

    If there’s one thing that Larry David does best its embarrassing himself in front of millions of viewers. That’s just what this show is all about, its the everyday life of a man who literally everyone hates. But you love to watch him because he gets himself in some of the worst situations possible. Larry David is absolutely sensational in this show, and all the guest appearances are wonderful as well. The humor is very similar to that of Seinfeld. Overall its comedy at its finest!
  • Improv at its best

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is a very original show and I find it very impreesive that it manages to stay fresh and comedic despite the fact that the main character is always screwed in every episode, which gives it a great difference from the "and everything's perfect" endings to a lot of regular sitcoms.

    While I find the show impressive and hilarious, there are a few moments, because of improvisation, that are boring, and the running gags such as the long stares and "pretty pretty pretty good" are getting old aswell.

    Despite a few downsides, Curb Your Enthusiasm is definitely an entertaining watch and should at least be given a chance by everyone.
  • Follows Larry David in his "day to day" life, meeting with celebrities, pitching new tv show ideas and going to dinner parties. Sound fun? Not for Larry and his habit to always provide an awkward moment, this show is without a doubt, brilliant.

    Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld, movie producer, writer and failed stand up comic takes us whevever he goes in what is supposed to be his everyday life. Meeting with celebrites, pitching new tv show ideas and going to exclusive dinner parties. Sounds like you would expect Larry's life to be easy, unfortunately, Mr. David has the unfortunate habit of creating the most awkward moments in history, and his days spiral downward from there.

    In a golden example of how everything can go wrong to him, Larry realises that if he gives a waiter 20 dollars he'll be seated faster, and he does so. Only later does he realise that he's accidentaly given the waiter his wife's prescription for her intense dermatitis, so he must go back to retreive it. "Where is the prescription?" Larry asks to be told it is in the garbage can, after sifting through garbage for a half hour, he goes and asks a man who he made a racist joke to for a prescription, he is thrown out of there after meeting an old friend. His wife Cheryl rings the doctor and asks for another, he phones through to the chemist. The chemist is busy, so Larry gives him a twenty to speed things up, and he is thrown out of the chemist, to face his wife and her itching.

    This is a prime example of how every seems to go wrong, and a great summary of this TV show. The humour is based around awkward events (ala George in Seinfeld), the music is sensationally suited to the show and the acting (which is greatly improvised) is great. This is on show I can't get enough of.
  • Ooh late night

    (3 ep, Apr-May 2015) TV Land
  • A jerk you can love.

    Larry David is a jerk you can love. Curb specializes in that great form of humor... taking something too far. Larry will often pursue a trivial slight, trying to get it put right, to the extreme. He will often say something horribly awkard. Then ask follow up questions. And just won't let it go. The thing is half the time you want him to just stop, and let it go, and the other half of the time you completely agree with him. Why shouldn't you be allowed to bring water into a theater! But whether you thinks he's nuts or a crusader for justice, the result is always hilarious.
  • The best thing on TV right now!

    Well, it took me a while to accept Larry as the main caracther of a show, but I must admit that the man got me.
    The script is awesome, the situations are funny and make me remember the old Seinfeld days. The actress playing Larry's wife is perfect on the role, and they fit very well together. I hope HBO keep it on the air for a long time!
  • a LOL riot

    Watching this show, you think, how can one person possibly get screwed over so many times in one life time.. or even in one day? This show is so original and so hilarious, you cant help but laugh. The way the show's seperate storylines intertwine with each other.. its just TOO GOOD. You sit and watch and understand where this crazy guy is coming from most of the time, but then he does something so absurd, it always kick him in the butt. Real props to his wife Cheryl to put up with Larry if this is close to his real life character. It takes patience. Get writing, each show is different, and wonderful.
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