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    If you watched seinfeld.. u know what this thing is talking about. For all the people that gave it 1 or 2, you can die now and i wouldnt give a shit. this is the best show in the world.. and for those who watch how i met your mother.. these jokes are all made up, but this show is like real life.
  • It takes all the awkward moments from seinfeld and just turns the volume all the way up. It's hard to watch Larry bumble around and that's why it's so great.

    Curb your enthusiasm is one of the only current "sitcoms" that I enjoy. Along with Arrested development, another single camera, zero laugh track show, it proves every episode how funny the tv medium can be. Sure, it can get pretty jerky at time, but that's what we loved about the george character on Seinfeld and can now adore in Larry.

    One of the reasons I think it's an even a better show then Seinfeld is that it tends to not rely on characters so much as it does on plotlines. As with most HBO fare, you've got a mostly serial story that while in this case doesn't have much of a point, at least carries from episode to episode in some form of chaotic direction. It's also gotten better every season, which is a rarity in these season 2 peaks of TV. Now if only they'd release all the seasons on DVD. edit
  • ucommon genuis

    Larry David is at his finest. We are talking about they writer for Sienfield for Heaven's sake. The situations Larry finds himself in are absolutley hilarious without question and he often has me feelin sympathy for him being misunderstood all the time. The plots are relevant to everyday life and don't have to be so crazy and unrealistic. He does meet other c-list celebs and like any other person he come in contact with, he ends up pissing them of. I am black, and the fact that Larry said the n word does not phase me. First of all, Larry means no harm by saying this. His character houses a black person (have no clue if for free). Taking so much offense would be implying the meaning of the word which would actually make the critic rascist. Plus, Larry is'nt the rascist, we alll now Kreimer is. To finalize, its undoubtingly amusing when Larry scrunches up his eyes and his face and gives someone the stare down.
  • Both amazingly funny and incredibly painful watching. A must see!

    Larry David's lovechild is an amazing thing. The amount of times you will find yourself unable to move either from laughing so hard it hurts or from the intense awkwardness of whatever situation Larry has managed to get into is uncountable. Admittedly I say this loving British shows, such as the Office and Peep Show, which are equally painful and anyone who prefers to laugh without the associated cringing would best leave this alone. The improvisation that is so key to the shows format works wonderfully and the character (or perhaps caricature) that is Larry David, all bitterness included, is one of my favourite comedy creations in years.
  • It's probably the best show on television. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a 30 minute heavily improvised comedy that focuses on the life of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David and the series of misadventures that he has on a daily basis.

    Though it may not be on TV right now, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a genius series. Some may find it hard to follow because it builds at times somewhat slow up until the big pay off at the end. Though I personally find the series a delightful comedy that is along the lines of Seinfeld and Frasier as both sophisticated, intelligent and funny! So each episode focuses on the life of Larry David (playing himself) basically he is the neurotic main character of the series. He basically makes a big deal about every little small thing. Kind of like George Costanza from Seinfeld. Well Larry is a millionaire and the show focuses on the people he comes into interactions on a daily basis. They include his wife Cheryl David (Cheryl Hines) who is usually Larry's straight-man or woman to every situation he gets into and usually the barer of good judgment compared to Mr. David. Then there is Larry's manager Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) who is a sex-crazed and usually Larry's cohort into various situations. Then there is Jeff's wife Susie Greene (Susie Essman) who plays Jeff's foulmouthed wife who is usually very angry with the shenanigans that Larry and Jeff usually find themselves into. The show also features a great deal of cameos including comedian Richard Lewis, Ted Danson, David Schwimmer, Mel Brooks, Bob Einstein as Marty Funkhowser, Wanda Sykes etc....It's such a genius show and I can't wait for the 7th season. Brilliant HBO Comedy showing off the comedic and acting talents of the genius known as Larry David.
  • Person 1: What shows do you like? Me: I like Curb Your Enthusiasm. Person 1: Never heard of it - can't be that good. Me: (I immediately leave the conversation)

    This Show is genius on so many levels.
    Many will hate it, many more don't really get it, however the large handful who know why it is so genius tend to be Critics, Comedians and intelligent members of the public - all in all, the people who really count. The premise of the show is very hard to describe to someone who has never heard of the show. The show is based around the life of Larry David - writer of the hugely successful mainstream sitcom 'Seinfeld'. However, Larry David plays a twisted version of himself in his life after Seinfeld and its success which involves interactions with friends, acquaintances, restaurants, meetings and regular life for a successful writer who isn't writing any more. What is mor interesting is the fact that the entire show is improvised and each episode is composed of nothing more than a 10-15 page outline for each scene. Everything else is made up by the actor/actresses. It is a sitcom you have to watch a few episodes of to get. The genius comes from the character of this fictional Larry David being played by Larry David. The humour is created because Larry David's fictional self basically expresses views on life and life's rules on etiquette that any normal person wouldn't say aloud. Despite the fact these views are controversial, you do see his point and often agree with him. He is a bit of an idiot but he isn't stupid. He tries to get out of situations he has created himself due to a faux pas said earlier on in the episode via elaborate schemes. An example would be from season 6 in which Larry is given a 50 dollar note which is owed to him from his friend who's mother has recently passed away. The note was kept in his running shoe. Larry, due to a problem in the episode, wishes to apoligise to his wife via buying her flowers, the flower-woman refuses to accept the screwed up and rather smelly 50 dollar bill and so, on the way back home, Larry steals flowers from his friend's Mother's memorial site on the side of the road. Is this wrong? Yes is the answer. However you do agree with him that the 50 dollar note his friend gives him isn't acceptable and taking flowers from a memorial is not as bad as from a grave. The genius comes from the loveable character of Larry David who's opinions we agree with over issues he has with the everyday rules we blindly accept such as when a shop has two queue lines and a person who came into the shop after you can easily get serves before you are just because there are two lines, or when people don't like telling you who else is coming to a dinner party that they have invited you to. That is the great thing about Curb, it is filmed with a slightly shaky, documentary style, improvised and inovative and yet has humour that people from all backgrounds can relate to - our day to day lives. Anyone who says it is awful deserves to thow themselves under a nuclear bomb that explodes in slow motion in order to inflict more pain. You can say you don't get it, that's fair enough, never say it is awful because people who actually know about comedy adore it. Also never put 10/10 because that means it cannot be improved, all shows can. It is Genius.
  • The best comedy on TV, nothing comes close to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Anyone who says this show is overrated is either a complete idiot, or very, very jealous. Or maybe they just prefer shows with laugh tracks so all their simple minded family members can clasp along when they hear the laughs. Enough about these people let me start talking about the best show ever, Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's a fantastic show, full of wit and originality. It rivals any comedy 'classic', and to me, its more than a show, it's a way of life. I admire Larry David so much that sometimes when i'm going about my daily routines, I think, what would Larry David do in this situation? The brilliance of the show in my opinion is that it's unscripted, the actors have to be excellent to work on a show like this, and they most certainly are. It seems more real when you watch it, because the words coming out of the actors mouths are really most of the time their first impressions, they didn't stay up all night reading lines to get it perfect, they just say what they feel, and it works like a gem.

    Larry David is a genius, no doubt about that. The show gets better every season, not many shows can do that, please Mr. David, give us people with a brain more Curb
  • Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld, portrays himself in a shameless comedy. He has an understanding, activist wife, and a chummy manager. He has daily run-ins and feuds with just about everyone on the planet.

    To say this show is "funny", is a gross understatement. To say this show is "overrated" is, to me, a sign of ignorance. However, there are a number of opinions I can understand, without agreeing personally. This is a show I recommend often, yet when I do, I keep in mind that the prospective viewer might not be able to enjoy it completely. There are a few good reasons: Larry David, while brilliant of course, portrays himself unapologetically as this obnoxious, defiant, impossible to get along with man. His character alone is enough for many to call it quits. But the thing that crawls under most people's skin even more than character, are the often bizarre, always cringe-worthy scenarios he puts himself in. I understand not everyone can enjoy watching an old man yelling at everyone. It's often hard to watch. But these scenarios are far from random. As with Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm uses scenarios, questions, annoyances, etc. of everyday life, amplified times 100, of course. This show is comedic brilliance and it gets better with every season. If you think you can handle the absurdity and shameless embarrassment portrayed in Curb Your Enthusiasm, you must watch this show! My personal favorites are the episodes costarring Richard Lewis.
  • This IS comedy!

    From the very moment I saw this show I loved it. Not for the fact that I am a massive seinfeld fan but because it stands on it's own as a truly brilliant show. In fact when I first saw this show, I didn't even know who Larry David was or that it had anything to do with Seinfeld, I just loved it for what it was.

    Season after season, this show just keeps coming back as funny as always. It's about as perfect as a comedy show could be. Larry is what more people should be. Completely honest and upfront yet with a heart of gold. He just unfortunately never quite seems to get it right. As a rule however there is pretty much one dud episode per season that's just not quite as funny as the rest. So 9 out of ten episodes per year are perfect with one not that funny (the reason for the 9/10 rating).

    And although when I was watching season 5, I felt ths show had lost it's touch a little, there season 6 was being just as funny and sometimes funnier than ever before.

    This show is still going strong and I believe season 7 will be no exception to the absolutely hilarious show.
  • The absolute funniest television show I have ever seen.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is an underappreciated masterpiece that lives in the long shadow of Seinfeld. It is the absolute funniest television show I have ever seen.

    Larry David is great, funny and likeable even lovable. The show goes where others fear to tread it is amazing and utterly hilarious.

  • Creator of Seinfeld Larry David is awesome in Curb!

    Seinfeld Creator Larry David stars in Curb Your Enthusiasm as himself, a belligerent man who goes about his daily life running into the most hilarious scenarios. There are tons of cameo's and guest appearances, and the cast is hilarious. Whats more, is that the dialogue is completely original. The cast are given the scenario and directions, but most of the script is original and character made. While being a different show from Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm will make you laugh. However, it is on HBO and language as well as content may be a little bit extreme at times, but nonetheless hilarious!!
  • Will Become the Top Comedy Sitcom After It's Finished.

    It will be very sad when Curb Your Enthusiasm retires from the HBO network. This is a damn great show with plenty of laughs that seems to be ignored by the public. It will finish up quietly on HBO, then a network like TBS will pick it up for re-runs and people will start to ask questions like, "What the hell is this, its so damn funny?" People will begin to watch it every day in the evening and find that they missed out so badly when it was running. I knoiw it will happen. Hopefully, something will happen and cause it to be recognized by the public.
  • Larry David offers a glimpse into his life, which despite his riches, always manages to leave him holding the short end of the stick.

    Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm is a stronger, more potent espresso to Seinfeld's coffee. Written only in outline form, the actors take a few key items or phrases and ad-lib the rest, giving the show a very real feeling. Wife Cheryl (Cheryl Hines), manager Jeff (Jeff Garlin), and Jeff's foul-mouthed wife Susie (Susie Essman) come along for the ride as we get a sneak peak into what it's like to live as Larry David, and envy not being him as much as we might envy being him.
    Much of the clever, biting humor revolves around Larry's distaste for confining social mores, be it chatting with acquaintances on the street (he hates the "stop-n-chat"), following the rules of someone else's house (he won't remove his shoes), or simply singing "Happy Birthday" (he refuses to). His refusal to conform to nearly any situation, no matter how "in the right" he may actually be, always makes him look unbelievably bad. Even better, when he tries to do nice things, life seems to punish him even more. Writing an obituary for a relative and buying a gift for a surrogate mother both caused no end of difficulty for Larry.
    Differing a bit from Seinfeld is the inclusion of some continuing plot threads. Seasons 1 and 2 saw some arcs revolving around former Seinfeld cast mates, and seasons 3 and 4 followed season-long arcs, the opening of a restaurant and Larry's starring role in Mel Brooks' The Producers. The show also moves at a slower pace, not rushing to get to the next joke, and the lack of commercials lets the show "flow" much more naturally.
    The show is sprinkled with friends like the always excellent Richard Lewis and Wanda Sykes. While he alternately is in cahoots with Richard or accidentally offending him, Wanda constantly "catches" Larry in perceived ill circumstances. Neither is on the show long enough to wear out their welcome, and both are always fantastic when they are.
    If you are not a fan of Seinfeld, stay away from this show: it's not for you. If you are, and are interested in seeing how it might have looked on HBO, give this show a try. It's well worth your while and will leave you laughing constantly.
  • My favourite comedy series.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm has been one of those shows that I have always watched right from the start, normally I drop shows after one season but this has stuck with me for years and there is a reason for that. Curb is one of the best sitcoms ever and beleave me this is a true sitcom in every episode Larry David gets himself into some strange but often hilarious situations. I think the show has gotten better each season with season seven nearing it's end I honestly think that this was the best season. Bring on season eight, hopefully it wont be the final season.
  • the BEST in laughs :)

    Love all the episodes of Larry David and his mishaps. He can get into more trouble, so funny! The best ever! Thank you guys for a fabulous show!!
  • I'm Larry David, And I Happen To Enjoy Wearing Woman's Panties

    Larry David's hilarious follow up to Seinfeld. I didn't care to much for the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but as i watched more of Curb Your Enthusiasm it started growing on me and before I knew it, it started getting funnier and funnier. The show is set around Larry David's everyday life and people around him getting mad about the things he has been doing. The last seasons Seinfeld reunion was a dream combination with Curb Your Enthusiasm and i can't wait to see what the hilarious mind of Larry David has come up with for next year.
  • Seinfeld's Successor

    This show has gradually become one of my all time favorite shows on television. Larry David, the creator of Seinfeld, plays himself as a neurotic and gloomy person living in Santa Monica, California. Much like Seinfeld, Larry finds a perfect cast to be centered around the main character. You could watch this show over and over and never get tired of it.

    This show has gradually become one of my all time favorite shows on television. Larry David, the creator of Seinfeld, plays himself as a neurotic and gloomy person living in Santa Monica, California. Much like Seinfeld, Larry finds a perfect cast to be centered around the main character. You could watch this show over and over and never get tired of it.
  • GOLD !

    Curb your Enthusiasm, what a show. I can't describe how hilarious this is to me. This episode had me in tears, all the way through it, it's so well written, everything fits in, i can't wait for next week's finale.
    I really hope that next weeks episode includes some of the big characters that were in Seinfeld, like George's father or Puddy, and i noticed George's mother and Steve Hytner where in this one.
    Before i even watch this show, i have a big grin on my face because i know how good it's gonna be.

    COMEDY GOLD ! Well done Producers.
  • This show is an extension of Seinfeld and is mainly done by Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld and producer through 7 seven seasons. It portrays the life of Larry David and his outlandish life styles and the people he runs into.

    This show is fabulous. Larry David is a genius for Seinfeld and then thinking of starting his own show that has the same idea of Seinfeld but he applies his own ideas. The acting and writing in the show is awesome, especially from Larry and his how he improvises during the show to give more comedic affect. through the first five seasons Larry encounters many people and has many disagreements or fight with them. In the sixth season it goes a step further when the Blacks (an African-American family displaced by Hurricane Katrina) come live with him and Cheryl. It launches the a new portion of the series that I hope Larry and HBO decide to continue. This show applies great ideas and occurrences that happen to many of us and if you like Seinfeld or find it funny you'll love this.
  • jester, jerk and jerry

    Seinfeld, Schmeinfeld. Herein lies the true heart of cantankerous genius. My friends and lovers tell me that they cannot stand this show because they cannot stand Larry. They find him irritating. They find him uncomfortable. He isn't "funny." Poops on all y'all. The way I see it: Larry is the one-eyed king in the land of the Los Angeles blind. He's the only person who ever says what he is *truly* thinking, regardless of how others might react. I think we all could use a hefty does of that attitude. Add it up: brilliant writing, moebius strip plot devices, moments that make you squirm AND laugh... and that hideous jacket-shirt thing he constantly wears. BINGO: Comedy.

    Proof that "Curb" is unique: Ted Danson was funny on this show.
  • An amazing show, by far the most inventive and creative comedy in the history of television. Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld and basis for the character George, epitomizes the misanthropic character in this amazing show.

    Everyday in the life of Larry David he upsets the vast majority of the people that he meets.

    He takes the comedic loser that accidentally puts his foot in the mouth to the extreme.

    The only person who puts up with his antics is his long suffering wife Cheryl who is constantly exasperated with Larry's most recent altercations.

    The most amazing thing about the show is the improv ability of the main cast, and even the secondary characters the majority of the time.

    Guest Stars include Richard Lewis, Dustin Hoffman, Ted Danson Michael York, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mel Brooks, Bob Odenkirk, David Schwimmer, Ben Stiller, Martin Scorsese, Jason Alexander, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Absolutley hillarious

    'Curb Your Enthusiasm' creates two solid groups. One group that loves and is in love with the show and another that absolutely loathes it, same with Davids other show seinfeld very rarely do you find a median inbetween the bunch. Much like Seinfeld, Curb your enthusiasm finds humor in average every day activities and situations in Larry David's life. The genius behind the show is how Larry reacts to these situations which always leads to a hillarious outcomes. Curb is a brilliant show that has developed a cult following and adds to HBO's already amazing series lineup. Larry David has become a poster child for those who have had always wanted to just tell it how it is. they should never cancel this show.
  • AMAZING! This show is so real. It's like all the daily issues people deal with!

    Wow, wow, and wow. I love this show more and more with every episode and every season that goes by. Larry David is so clever. I don't know how he comes up with these amazing shows...first Seinfeld and now this. He gets more clever as time goes on. Rock on, Larry! Please coming up with these awesome episodes!
  • We can now see where the comic brilliance of Seinfeld came from- but Curb goes beyond that as only HBO shows can. Each season gets funnier and the season four finale was a classic hour of television where for once- Larry won.

    Absolute comic perfection. I remember not knowing what to make of this show when I first saw it- then Larry quickly grew on me- to the point where I laugh in hysterics at every little gesture and expression... We can now see where the comic brilliance of Seinfeld came from- but Curb goes beyond that as only HBO shows can. Each season gets funnier and funnier- and the season four finale- "Opening Night"- was a classic hour of television where for once- Larry won. Season V in September!
  • Larry David’s character “Larry David” is a lovable, narcissistic asshole. The intelligent situational humor amplifies the unspeakably weird and personal situations we all experience.

    Larry David’s Character “Larry David” is a lovable, narcissistic asshole. First off, I unplugged from the cable/satellite grid three years ago because I really think most of what is offered is just awful! But, I happened to see Curb Your Enthusiasm once at someone’s house and became an addict. I have gone through four seasons on DVD. The intelligent situational humor that amplifies the almost unspeakably weird and personal situations we all experience is so engaging. The politically incorrect content is a welcome relief as well. The supporting cast are more than supporters, they are enablers for Larry’s hilarious dysfunction. It is also great to see such stars as Ted Danson, Ben Stiller, Mel Brooks and others be themselves. I suspect that much of the charm of the show for viewers is that we get to see great Hollywood personalities be something that is much closer to themselves than you will see anywhere else on television. Likewise, what Larry David seems to be giving us is a sensationalized version of himself. And... it’s enough for me!
  • One of the few shows that can make me laugh consistently.

    I'm not usually one to watch comedies, but Larry David just has an uncanny ability to make me laugh. Curb Your Enthusiasm is the funniest show I've ever watched. Larry gets into the most ridiculous situations possible, usually caused by his social awkwardness. Countless times I just wanna yell at my TV "SHUT UP LARRY" as he refuses to let go of a simple dispute or disagreement, always taking it further than any person would ever take it. Larry isn't the only funny one on this show, Richard Lewis, Jeff Greene, Marty Funkhouser, and more recently Leon Black are all brilliantly funny as supporting characters. Please do one more season!
  • One of the funniest there is..

    Curb your enthusiasm is one of the funniest, if not THE funniest comedy series there is out there...
    Even if the basic pattern in almost every episode is puting Larry David in embarashing situations, it never stops to give you many laughs!!!
    Also, most of the characters are not very funny, with the exception of the swearing wife of his manager. But Larry David and the unbelievable situations that he has to face in every episode, are!!
    Also, the political incorectness is fantastic and not seen in many comedy series in TV! Imagine a 9 year old girl hugging Larry, only to "feel" a bottle of water that Larry hide in his pants...
  • I have just started to rent this show on dvd, and now I am totally addicted.

    I think that the reason that I originally was interested in this show was when I first saw the cover art on the dvds. I really have no idea why. I saw a few of the covers with larry david looking very depressed and put-out and for some reason that looked appealing. After this initial interest I had heard from a few people that Curb Your Enthusiasm was really funny. Sadly, I do not have HBO. So I am left with this growing curiosity, but I do not want to shell out over thirty dollars for a season of a show that I have not seen. Netflix to the rescue! Every summer when I am out of school I subscribe to Netflix, and one of the first things on my list was the first disc of the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. At first I was a bit skeptical that I would compare it to Seinfeld and it would fall flat. I would expect greatness and be totally let down. However, my curiosity got the best of me.
    I saw the first episode and I loved it from the very start. I finally realized the type of humor that this show offers. It is that extremely uncomfortable humor where you are embarassed for the characters. The kind of humor that often is almost hard to watch. Luckily, this is the same type of humor as The Office, another one of my favorite shows. I love to watch these shows and often cry out "Oh no!" or even groan at the actions and misfortunes of the characters.
    Curb gives us the daily adventures of Larry David, who constantly finds himself in these truly uncomfortable situations, and frankly I cannot get enough of it.
  • This is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen!

    Curb Your Enthusiasm has got to be one the funniest shows ever created. I don't see how people don't like this series. I mean sure they make Larry David look like a jerk, but that is what makes every episode so funny. If you don't understand that your completely missing the aspect of show. I think that Larry David does an excellant job writting and acting in this show. Just about every storyline is great. People that do not like this show either have no humor what so ever or don't like the actors. If you are in need of a good laugh I highly recommend that you watch this show.
  • Can't Help But Laugh At Larry David

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is a mostly improvised show based on the life of Larry David who help create and write Seinfeld. Mr. David is probably the funniest person on television. There is no filter button from Mr. David's brain to his mouth. He says and will say anything to anyone and his mouth is always getting him in trouble. The plotlines are usually thin, but the point of the show is to see what uncomfortable situation Larry gets into each week. The show is true gem.
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