Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sunday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Oct 15, 2000 Between Seasons


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  • It's probably the best show on television. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a 30 minute heavily improvised comedy that focuses on the life of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David and the series of misadventures that he has on a daily basis.

    Though it may not be on TV right now, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a genius series. Some may find it hard to follow because it builds at times somewhat slow up until the big pay off at the end. Though I personally find the series a delightful comedy that is along the lines of Seinfeld and Frasier as both sophisticated, intelligent and funny! So each episode focuses on the life of Larry David (playing himself) basically he is the neurotic main character of the series. He basically makes a big deal about every little small thing. Kind of like George Costanza from Seinfeld. Well Larry is a millionaire and the show focuses on the people he comes into interactions on a daily basis. They include his wife Cheryl David (Cheryl Hines) who is usually Larry's straight-man or woman to every situation he gets into and usually the barer of good judgment compared to Mr. David. Then there is Larry's manager Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) who is a sex-crazed and usually Larry's cohort into various situations. Then there is Jeff's wife Susie Greene (Susie Essman) who plays Jeff's foulmouthed wife who is usually very angry with the shenanigans that Larry and Jeff usually find themselves into. The show also features a great deal of cameos including comedian Richard Lewis, Ted Danson, David Schwimmer, Mel Brooks, Bob Einstein as Marty Funkhowser, Wanda Sykes etc....It's such a genius show and I can't wait for the 7th season. Brilliant HBO Comedy showing off the comedic and acting talents of the genius known as Larry David.