Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sunday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Oct 15, 2000 Between Seasons


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  • This IS comedy!

    From the very moment I saw this show I loved it. Not for the fact that I am a massive seinfeld fan but because it stands on it's own as a truly brilliant show. In fact when I first saw this show, I didn't even know who Larry David was or that it had anything to do with Seinfeld, I just loved it for what it was.

    Season after season, this show just keeps coming back as funny as always. It's about as perfect as a comedy show could be. Larry is what more people should be. Completely honest and upfront yet with a heart of gold. He just unfortunately never quite seems to get it right. As a rule however there is pretty much one dud episode per season that's just not quite as funny as the rest. So 9 out of ten episodes per year are perfect with one not that funny (the reason for the 9/10 rating).

    And although when I was watching season 5, I felt ths show had lost it's touch a little, there season 6 was being just as funny and sometimes funnier than ever before.

    This show is still going strong and I believe season 7 will be no exception to the absolutely hilarious show.