Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sunday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Oct 15, 2000 Between Seasons


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  • Person 1: What shows do you like? Me: I like Curb Your Enthusiasm. Person 1: Never heard of it - can't be that good. Me: (I immediately leave the conversation)

    This Show is genius on so many levels.
    Many will hate it, many more don't really get it, however the large handful who know why it is so genius tend to be Critics, Comedians and intelligent members of the public - all in all, the people who really count. The premise of the show is very hard to describe to someone who has never heard of the show. The show is based around the life of Larry David - writer of the hugely successful mainstream sitcom 'Seinfeld'. However, Larry David plays a twisted version of himself in his life after Seinfeld and its success which involves interactions with friends, acquaintances, restaurants, meetings and regular life for a successful writer who isn't writing any more. What is mor interesting is the fact that the entire show is improvised and each episode is composed of nothing more than a 10-15 page outline for each scene. Everything else is made up by the actor/actresses. It is a sitcom you have to watch a few episodes of to get. The genius comes from the character of this fictional Larry David being played by Larry David. The humour is created because Larry David's fictional self basically expresses views on life and life's rules on etiquette that any normal person wouldn't say aloud. Despite the fact these views are controversial, you do see his point and often agree with him. He is a bit of an idiot but he isn't stupid. He tries to get out of situations he has created himself due to a faux pas said earlier on in the episode via elaborate schemes. An example would be from season 6 in which Larry is given a 50 dollar note which is owed to him from his friend who's mother has recently passed away. The note was kept in his running shoe. Larry, due to a problem in the episode, wishes to apoligise to his wife via buying her flowers, the flower-woman refuses to accept the screwed up and rather smelly 50 dollar bill and so, on the way back home, Larry steals flowers from his friend's Mother's memorial site on the side of the road. Is this wrong? Yes is the answer. However you do agree with him that the 50 dollar note his friend gives him isn't acceptable and taking flowers from a memorial is not as bad as from a grave. The genius comes from the loveable character of Larry David who's opinions we agree with over issues he has with the everyday rules we blindly accept such as when a shop has two queue lines and a person who came into the shop after you can easily get serves before you are just because there are two lines, or when people don't like telling you who else is coming to a dinner party that they have invited you to. That is the great thing about Curb, it is filmed with a slightly shaky, documentary style, improvised and inovative and yet has humour that people from all backgrounds can relate to - our day to day lives. Anyone who says it is awful deserves to thow themselves under a nuclear bomb that explodes in slow motion in order to inflict more pain. You can say you don't get it, that's fair enough, never say it is awful because people who actually know about comedy adore it. Also never put 10/10 because that means it cannot be improved, all shows can. It is Genius.
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