Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 7 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2009 on HBO

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  • The seventh season ends with the final preparations for the "Sienfeld" reunion. Along the way, Larry angers a man for not tipping him for a favor and he enrages Julia because she believes he left a water stain on an hierloom antique table.

    A great ending to a great season. Larry David has never been funnier. He delivers what could be his best performance of the series. His attempted portrayal of George Costanza was one of the funniest moments ever in the history of "Curb." Larry's detective work into who actually stained Julia's table was just as hysterical. The highlight of this episode is, in my opinion, the final scene. Larry accomplishes his goal for doing the reunion in the first place...but. It's a clever way to keep the viewer interested for next season. This is the finale that Larry didn't screw up.
  • We get the finale that "should've been."

    Well, now that this season is over, looking back on it, it probably had one of the most solid combination of episodes out of any season. There really wasn't a weak or unfunny episode in the bunch (my least favorite being Funkhouser's Crazy Sister), and as the Seinfeld reunion plot become more prevalent in the season, the show was able to combine the Seinfeld type humor perfectly with the Curb humor. Overall, this was one of my favorite seasons. One of my favorite finales? Definitely not. That honor has to go to the Grand Opening or the Season 5 finale.. but at least it's better than The Bat Mitzvah last year.. that wasn't great.

    I think if they really wanted us to get a good idea of the entire episode, they should make a full episode and not just show us scenes from it. I felt like what could've been a great episode was hindered by the fact it was chopped up into little pieces. However, Kramer was superb, as was everyone else. It was amazing to see them together, meshing as if nothing had ever happened. And I always like the fact that Jason and George are at each other's throats, whether it's because one person won't drive out to the other person's office or because one person uses the other's pen in order to clean their ears.

    I loved how Mocha Joe and the ring-stain came back to effect the final moment. It was yet another example of how great Larry is at bringing everything together full circle. Overall, it was a great episode that fell a tiny bit short of my expectations, but it still turned out pretty well. It'd be nice to get an eighth season (mine as well go for nine, like Seinfeld) but who knows what will happen with Larry David
  • Could have been better, but my high expectations were not disappointed

    Until the Seinfeld reunion was announced, I had never seen a single episode of Curb. While watching season 7, I got all the DVDs and watched them all -- literally watching 70 total episodes (71 if you count the special) in slightly over 70 days. And although the Seinfeld arc has been developing throughout this season, this episode is ultimately the one that I invested so much time and expense to be ready for. So if anyone had astronomically high hopes for a spectacular finish, I definitely qualified. I would say that this episode turned out very satisfying. Yes, it was a little formulaic and somewhat predictable. Yes, I longed for a bit more of the Seinfeld show-within-the-show. But on the whole, I felt this episode of Curb completely captured the essence of the entire Curb series and the Seinfeld portion completely captured the essence of the entire Seinfeld series. Many people will want to see Larry David do another season of Curb, and I certainly think he's got it in him. HAVING SAID THAT... Of all the previous six season finales, this is clearly the best one to serve as a series finale.
  • A perfect ending to an incredible season; an ideal ending to one of the greatest shows on TV, though one can hope for more to come.

    I'm not sure what more some of you are looking for. This was, after all, a Curb finale, and not Seinfeld. The way they incorporated the Seinfeld reunion in to this episode as well as the rest of the season was simply genius. I too would like to see the entire final Seinfeld episode, but in its own right. If they would have shown too much Seinfled then this would not have felt enough like an episode of Curb. Larry David's timing and his ability to bring everything together is impeccable. While I'm hoping, nay, praying that Larry eventually decides to write an 8th season, this will have worked as an excellent series finale. If you look at the way that Larry wanted to end the Seinfeld reunion ("What couples get together in the end?") and then see how this was alluded to in the final scene with Cheryl, this is just brilliant writing. Whether David decides to leave the show off this way remains to be seen... hopefully in the end he will "give the fans what they want," and to do this would require at least another season.
  • The end.

    You know what the bad part of Curb Your Enthusiasm is? Larry David is lazy and we only get 10 episodes every 2 years. But as far as content, there are few better.

    I will admit that I am in the rare class of people who enjoyed the Seinfeld series finale. Was it the ending I had anticipated? No, but it was different and it truly wrapped things up as opposed to a finish that would leave people guessing what happened.

    But as far as Curb is concerned, this was not a great finale. Think of all the past ones: the cursing scene at the restaurant, Larry dying, Larry wearing a sign that says he steals forks...this just does not hold up with them.

    The Seinfeld scenes were sort of funny, but were they as good as the reruns you could watch on TBS or your local affiliates? Not a chance.

    Jerry, Jason and Michael brought their A games for the season finale, and I was surprised to see veteran Becker actor Saverio Guerra pop up on the show as "Mocha Joe".

    Was it still really funny? Sure. Was it the best episode of the season? Nah.
  • Not Seinfeld, Definitely Curb.

    Like the reviewer before me, I am also in the group that actually understood how genius the Seinfeld finale was. I thought the finale was the BEST possible way of ending the show. The public just simply didn't understand how deep the ending truly was, and how genius it was to end the show the way they did.

    People were expecting something predictable, and if you're a Seinfeld fan, you should have known what you were in for in advance; the show was about NOTHING and the ending proved that NOTHING HAPPENED.

    Upon hearing about the Seinfeld reunion earlier this year, I was ecstatic; I couldn't believe that it was actually going to happen. The four would reunite and perform a final time.

    I was disappointed though: the "new ending" was predictable and too much of "what the people wanted". I felt as if it was forced and the original ending is HOW they meant to end it to begin with. It seemed with the new reunion, "let's just give them what they want so they'll shut up." The "new ending" was a dumbed down and predictable ending.

    The reunion scenes were too short and I felt that it was not given the proper treatment it deserved. If they wanted to do a reunion, I felt that it should have been done in a different manner and it should have been a whole episode rather than various scenes scattered throughout the season.

    In terms of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the episode was absolutely stellar. But as they said, this was not an episode of Seinfeld, it was an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    The Curb Your Enthusiasm episode though, may have been the one of the best in a long time. In fact, I'd say it was the best Curb episode since "Krazee-Eyez Killa" or "The Doll" (my two personal favorites). It was written phenomenally and the Jerry stare-down was perhaps one of the funniest scenes, that being said (!), George's 'pretty... pretty... good' was also classic.

    Despite the disappointing reunion, this episode was spot on and I can't wait for next season (If it happens).