Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 7 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2009 on HBO

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  • We get the finale that "should've been."

    Well, now that this season is over, looking back on it, it probably had one of the most solid combination of episodes out of any season. There really wasn't a weak or unfunny episode in the bunch (my least favorite being Funkhouser's Crazy Sister), and as the Seinfeld reunion plot become more prevalent in the season, the show was able to combine the Seinfeld type humor perfectly with the Curb humor. Overall, this was one of my favorite seasons. One of my favorite finales? Definitely not. That honor has to go to the Grand Opening or the Season 5 finale.. but at least it's better than The Bat Mitzvah last year.. that wasn't great.

    I think if they really wanted us to get a good idea of the entire episode, they should make a full episode and not just show us scenes from it. I felt like what could've been a great episode was hindered by the fact it was chopped up into little pieces. However, Kramer was superb, as was everyone else. It was amazing to see them together, meshing as if nothing had ever happened. And I always like the fact that Jason and George are at each other's throats, whether it's because one person won't drive out to the other person's office or because one person uses the other's pen in order to clean their ears.

    I loved how Mocha Joe and the ring-stain came back to effect the final moment. It was yet another example of how great Larry is at bringing everything together full circle. Overall, it was a great episode that fell a tiny bit short of my expectations, but it still turned out pretty well. It'd be nice to get an eighth season (mine as well go for nine, like Seinfeld) but who knows what will happen with Larry David
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