Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 6 Episode 10

The Bat Mitzvah

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2007 on HBO

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  • Larry gives the dating scene another shot despite the fact he's having trouble moving on concerning Cheryl. The Blacks announce they are going home and Larry decides to go so Sammy Greene's Bat Mitzvah in the hopes of clearing up a vicious rumor.

    After the disappointing season five finale, my expectations for this episode were not very high. I'm glad to say I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. It avoided the formula and predicatble story line of "The End" and instead decided to go with a very clever and well-written story. The Blacks provided some good comedy relief to the show, but I am glad that the producers of the show decided to move forward and say good-bye to them before the Blacks wore out their welcome on the show. I hope season seven can keep up the good times coming.
  • Larry tries to move on from his separation w/ cheryl.As usual humor abounds as he attempts a 1st date, deals w/ an itchy backside, tries unsuccessfully in a voicemail to include a hidden, double meaning & then gives a beastiality-related batmitzvah speech

    I didn't LOVE this episode because my expectations for this 40-minute season 6 finale were really high. There were some hilarious episodes this season but this one wasn't my favorite. I thought the plot was okay, but definitely not the best they've come up with. I really miss cheryl and I want them to get back together. On a good note, I almost cried from laughing during the last few minutes of this episode when they had all those clips showing Larry with the Black family. I love that addition to the show--whoever came up with the idea for them to adpot a Katrina-victimized homeless family was brilliant. Curb your enthusiasm is one of the rare shows who can write a really funny script of the interactions between black & white characters, that is entertaining to everyone--and doesn't come across as racist or offensive to anyone.
  • Larry attends a Bat Mitzvah.

    The sixth season brought about some of the weakest writing and storylines in the show's eight year history. Episodes were dull and lacked the entertainment, and laughs, of earlier years. This episode wrapped up the season's storylines and hopefully will lead to more years to come, but it lacked the classic moments of past finales. The whole storyline regarding Larry's "tickle" seemed very juvenile and away from the usual adult-oriented humor the show brings to the table. While the episode provided a few laughs, it definitely lacks the repeat value of past episodes. One of the stronger episodes of the season, but not enough laughs for a Curb Your Enthusiasm finale.
  • Am I the only one who's disappointed with Cheryl leaving? Her passive side to her and Larry's relationship was what made them the couple that I could watch. Excuse the clichéd comment, but she was the ying to the yang--Larry.

    Although their relationship was not the best, I was still able to see compatibility between them. Her passiveness implied that an individual could somewhat tolerate Larry's behavior and obsession over the least of people's concerns. I have to admit, I did and do feel sorry for the repercussions which Larry has to endure from his careless and inconsiderate remarks, but I can't help to feel even more sorry for him after this has happened. Albeit by far one of the funniest television series I've watched, I'm a little disheartened that one of my favorite passive characters in the show has now moved on.

    Everyone gets upset with Larry, but they end up forgiving him one way or another as we see them later in the series. Is Cheryl's tolerance really that low? 10 years of marriage and it took her that long to decide not to be with him? All of "Larry's" friends, or shall I say Cheryl's now, have seemed to choose her over Larry yet we never really see Cheryl engaging in social activity outside of going to parties with Larry next to her. I have to say, the direction of the show with Cheryl in it I enjoyed and the more I write this I feel like I've fallen in love with her character. Now we know there will be a 7th season but I can't help to think that Cheryl is out of the series that quickly. Does she deserve someone else who is more 'down-to-earth' or is this simply a break for the two? Will Larry stay with the Black's? Their compatibility seems very strong, but the better question is, will you be able to watch a show where people are supporting Larry's decisions? I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm saying bring Cheryl back!
  • Nothing gets better then Larry talking his way into trouble. When you think it can't get any crazier in Larry's life and a gerbil comes into his life. Then there's the last 10 minutes.

    Larry is going through the toughest time in his life. Yes, people think Larry went to the Dr. because he stuck a gerbil up his anal tube. You would think it would be he's going through a divorce with Cheryl and she has a boyfriend. No, not with Larry. Larry also runs into a past director for 2 episodes on Seinfeld, but there's a problem. There's always a problem though. Like the Bat Mitzvah. Problem is Larry doesn't have a date, so he's on a mission. That mission brings him to the Doctors office. Larry mets a beautiful lady, but will Larry change? Not be selfish? God, I hope not.

    It was a great season. Especially after last year being a emmy winning season. Can't wait till season 7.
  • An average episode with a very strange ending...

    Up until the final five minutes of this episode, I was simply enjoying it - it wasn't the funniest episode of Curb, but it was well-plotted. I was surprised they never came back to the lady Larry met in the doctor's office, though - I was expecting some sort of payoff with her ailment, but sadly, it never came.

    The final moments are totally ridiculous, and I'm not quite sure yet if I really liked it, but if this is the final Curb episode, then that feels like a very rushed ending. There's no doubting that Vivica A Fox looked ravishing in the final scenes, and Larry made the logical choice - but is Larry ever truly about logic? And moreover, would she really dig someone like Larry? Still, this show is all about being outlandish, and so I appreciated their daring attempt.

    The way it ends feels like that's it for Curb, although I said the same thing at the end of Season 5, so who knows? It's a considerably better finale than Season 5's would have been, so I commend Larry and co. for that.
  • The review for this episode, and season 6!

    Okay, so Larry's butt itches and there is this rumor about him sticking a gerbyl up there, which turns the whole community against him. Yeah yeah yeah, but the best part was the ending. Out of all the out comes, this was the most unexpected one! LD and i-forget-her-name hit it off! I'm kind of sad that Cheryl and LD didn't resolve their whole problem, but I was happy to see that Larry wasn't going to be alone.

    Anyways, season analysis.

    BEST EPISODE: The N Word, I thought this one was just hilarious!

    WORST EPISODE: The Tivo Guy, I just didn't get much humor out of this, and it was sad to see Cheryl leave.

    SEASON OVERALL: Great season! The Blacks really added something. I also like LD's new nickname. hehe.

    Series finale...? The way they ended it just seemed like "Okay, this is how it will be for the rest of their life".

    Well, okay. Peace