Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 5 Episode 2

The Bowtie

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on HBO

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  • I guess every series reaches the bottom of the barrell when it resorts to making fun of the physically disabled, lesbians, blacks, muslims and persons who stutter. I thought for a moment I was watching a version of shock jock Howard Stern.

    In the episode Larry seem to feel guilty when offending the usual targeted groups ( Blacks, Muslims, Lesbians, physically disabled). One group that Larry shows no guilt in offending are persons who stutters. The premise that a person would qualify for a handicapped parking placard because of a stutter is absurd. I am a person who is physically disabled because of an accident, I am very familiar with the qualifications for a handicapped parking placard. I have one. And Larry faking a stutter made me sick. This season's episodes so far proves that the show has gone on one season too many.
  • Great stuff for the not so touchy

    Funny stuff. Apparently "some people" (somple) think that only the white anglo saxon American non handicapped college educated male can be picked on, otherwise its a "new low".
    Larry should do a show about those people the "somple' and that would truly be funny!!

    Keep it up Larry, You have an audience.
  • Good, but still building toward something.

    I really like how Larry David has the courage to tackle topics like racism and racial stereotypes in situations that frequently teeter on the edge of offensiveness. This episode has an examination of how a black/white man is perceived if they are wearing a bow tie. I think larry walking into the office to say "you ARE a muslim," walks that line. I like sherriff, and i hope he becomes more of a presance as the season moves on. You can see how he's still using these early episodes to give story information about events that will be happening later in the season, how he's setting up jokes that will be paid off later, and i can forgive the less than total hilarity of this episode as a debt to be repaid later.

    the lesbian subplot was also very close to my heart. I loved the "friend o the lesbians" line. In all a very good episode just a bit of comedy sacrificed for story.