Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 4 Episode 6

The Car Pool Lane

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2004 on HBO
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Episode Summary

After evading jury duty, Larry purchases marijuana for his father and comes up with a rather unique way to get to Dodger Stadium in time for a game. All three events later combine to put Larry in a difficult spot.

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  • Am I really the only person who feels this isn't the best Curb episode?

    Looking at the top list of Curb episodes on this website, I've constantly been surprised that The Car Pool Lane is at the top of the list. What started off as a hilarious episode ended on a weak note that felt sort of rushed. How the episode still has the top spot out of all the superb episodes the show has had surprises me. Even Krazee Eyez Killa was better than this one.

    I absolutely love the ideas and plots involved in this episode. Between Larry picking up a prostitute to use the car pool lane and than actually having conversations with her about B.J prices and how good she actually is at it, and trying to buy weed for his father from Hurley from Lost.. just some great ideas. And I really thought Funkhouser was funny in this episode as well.

    However, after they got back home to Larry's dad's house, I really just wasn't interested in anything that happened. In my head, the episode ended with Funkhouser being arrested. Everything else was sort of unfunny (although Larry yelling at himself in the mirror was hilarious). The ending just didn't feel like a good Curb ending.

    Overall, I feel like this episode did a good job with the ideas it had but failed to create an ending that tied everything up as well as they usually do. Also, I don't know who's ranking all the new episodes low and the old ones high, but no way "The Corpse Sniffing Dog" deserves to be so high up on the list while "The Table Read" and "Vehicular Fellatio" lose their spot. I usually could care less about these lists, but I mean honestly.. I can understand Trick or Treat, but Corpse Sniffing Dog?! Come on..moreless
  • Larry David is at it again! Larry finds a way to get out of Jury duty by acting like a racist. He tries to help his dad by purchasing some pot from a street dealer. He meets a very funny prostitute, who he picks up just so he can use the car pool lane!moreless

    This is one of my favorite episodes! Not only because Larry gets high with his dad and a hooker but the whole episode in it's entirity is just brilliant. I really liked the scene when Larry is at the ball game, with the hooker, and he see's his friend Morty Funkhauser in a much closer seat. So he finds Morty who is sitting next to an empty seat and asks him if he can sit in the empty seat. To Larrys surprise Morty tells Larry that the empty seat is for his dead father and that he can't sit in it. After arguing with him for several minutes, Larry gives up and goes back to his seat with the hooker. After the game Larry see's Morty again and he is having trouble getting his car started. Morty asks for assistance and Larry replies 'Why don't you ask your father?' 'Hey Louis, wanna help Morty start his car?' That is one of my favorite scenes in the whole series. I love the fact that this show is mostly improv! It really gives you an edge for the characters! This is a brilliant show! If you haven't seen it...for pete's sake watch it!moreless
  • One of the funniest Curb episodes ever!

    I couldn't stop laughing during the episode. It definitely brings out the best elements of Larry David. The scenes with his father smoking pot with the hooker are classic. The fact that in real life an innocent man was cleared of murder charges after his lawyer used unaired footage of the show filming at Dodger Stadium only makes it even better!
  • Absolutely BRILLIANT!!

    This episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm was excellent!

    I can honestly say that this episode beats any other episode of any other television show, ever in the world! IMO of course.

    I found myself laughing through the entire episode! He has to buy marijuana for his father's glaucoma, and also wants to go to a game. I am not going to ruin the surprises in this episode by telling you what was funny, so watch it!

    I guarantee you will love this episode, watch it!! I would give this the best score you can give 10/10 but I think it deserves SO much more!moreless
  • Classic CYE

    Classic 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' episode with a classic set up (Larry making a racial slur to get out of jury duty) that ends up having repercussions at the end of the show. Loved the episode, the hooker Larry picks up to use the car pool lane was great at impov and the drug dealer played by Jorge Garcia (Hurley) from 'Lost' was an added bonus (gee he looks alot like Jim Belushi)! Larry one again has problems with dogs and will he ever get his tenth wedding anniversary gift by the end of the season? This was one hilareous episode, a 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' classic!moreless
Jorge Garcia (I)

Jorge Garcia (I)

Drug Dealer

Guest Star

James B. Sikking

James B. Sikking

Jim Remington

Guest Star

Ken Howard (I)

Ken Howard (I)

Ken Abbot

Guest Star

Shelley Berman

Shelley Berman

Nat David

Recurring Role

Bob Einstein

Bob Einstein

Marty Funkhouser

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (13)

    • Drug Dealer: OK, now walk away!
      Larry: Any particular direction?
      Drug Dealer: Just walk!
      Larry: OK.
      (he walks away)
      Drug Dealer: Jesus Christ.
      (Larry comes back and walks by him the opposite direction)
      Larry: I actually have to go this way.

    • Nat: (smoking marijuana) Do you know what this is?
      Monena: What?
      Nat: This is good shit.

    • Larry: I don't quite have enough cash to pay you tonight. But I'm, you know, I'm totally good. I'll pay you tomorrow. I'll come to your house--
      Monena: Tomorrow? This ain't motherfucking pussy on layaway!

    • Attorney: Is there any reason you can think of that you would not be able to decide this case in a fair an impartial manner?
      Larry: I don't know that I could, Mr. Condan, given that the defendant is a negro.

    • Larry: An ounce of schwag, $200.
      Dealer: $200.
      Larry: Is that a fair price you're quoting me there, sir?
      Dealer: Look, you can pay me $200 or go fuck yourself. I don't need to sell the drugs. The drugs'll sell themselves.

    • Monena: I can give four blow jobs an hour.
      Larry: Four blow jobs an hour?
      Monena: Oh yes, I'm good.

    • Monena: You bought me one little raggedy-ass hot dog!
      Larry: Yeah, which you proceded to blow!

    • Nat: That's good shit.
      Monena: You're crazy! "That's some good shit."
      Nat: I wonder what it is to smoke bad shit?

    • Marty: I gotta pick up someone at the airport, and I know it's on the way. Can you give me a lift, please?
      Larry: Why don't you ask your father to help jump start the car? (to empty passenger seat) Hey Leo, why don't you give him a push?!

    • Larry: (to country club interviewers) If you're ever looking for a good blow job at a reasonable rate, she's your gal.

    • Monena: Hey daddy, you wanna date with momma?
      Larry: (sees empty HOV lane) Get in the car.

    • Monena: This chronic is the shiznick.

    • Monena: I will pull a titty out in this thing!

  • NOTES (5)

    • The French episode title is "La Voie réservée", meaning "The Reserved Lane".

    • Ed Steidele, who voices the stadium announcer, is a foley artist for the show.

    • Jorge Garcia's portrayal of a drug dealer was slyly alluded to in the Lost episode "Numbers."

    • This episode earned director Robert B. Weide an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series.

    • In 2003, a man named Juan Catalan was arrested for a murder in California. He repeatedly professed his innocence and asked to take a lie detector test, a request that the police denied. He also had an alibi: he swore that at the time of the murder he was at Dodger Stadium with his little girl, watching LA get creamed by the Braves, but his lawyer was unable to find him in any of the Dodger Vision or FOX footage he subpoenaed. Catalan's lawyer discovered that there was another possible source of crowd footage: Curb Your Enthusiasm had shot at Dodger Stadium that night. Although he Catalan did not make the final cut of the show, his lawyer was able to find him and his daughter depicted in the outtakes, and ascertain from the timestamps on the tapes that he could not have been the killer. When told that his show had released a wrongfully accused man from prison and a trial that could have led to the death penalty, Larry David commented, "I tell people that I've now done one decent thing in my life, albeit inadvertently."