Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 2 Episode 7

The Doll

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2001 on HBO

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  • By far has the best ending of any Curb episode to date.

    By the time the little girl utters those hilarious final words at the end of the episode, you could've almost seen it coming. Nothing ever goes right for Larry David, and this episode is perhaps the best proof of that.

    Larry finally gets another offer from ABC for his pilot with Julia and ends up getting invited to the screening of a two part miniseries ("What's the difference between Harriet Beecher Stowe and Harriet Tubman?"). It's here that he cuts the hair off of the ABC executive daughter's hair, not knowing that the daughter has no idea the hair doesn't grow back. So while he attempts to remedy this situation, he also has to deal with a broken lock in a bathroom.

    There's some episodes that just don't tie up very well in the end.. better then most shows, but some just don't work out as well. The Doll was absolutely perfect in its execution.. as Larry put the water bottle in his pants, you can already see what's going to happen.

    Definitely a classic episodes of Curb.
  • Wow what a laugh.

    Larry and Julia successfully pitch the show to ABC; Larry then traumatizes the executive's daughter by cutting her priceless doll's hair off. Note: "The Doll" was also the name of a Seinfeld episode. Ok so season one was great but it wasn't until season two that made this series one of my all time sitcoms, and I thought the best episode was The doll as many of you Curb your enthusism fans would agree, it was just laugh out load stuff all the way through this episode, I couldn't stop laughing when Larry and Jeff were in the room looking for the Judy doll and the ending was brill.
  • If you want to get into Curb Your Enthusiasm, this fantastic episode is a good place to start.

    This is one of the best examples of how acute and hilarious the writing of Larry David can be. While the amusing dialogue is down to the brilliant improvisation of Curb's cast, much of why this show is funny is, as was the case was Seinfeld, because of the way David intricately structures the plot so that no matter what his central character does to amend a bad situation he has already created for himself, it ultimately gets worse.

    The effectiveness of this plotting technique is evident in this episode's final gag which is undoubtedly the 30 minute's most hilarious moment. Another reason for why this episode is great is because it is one of the few appearances of manager Jeff's wife Susie, played with hilarious venom by Susie Essman.
  • Larry gets in trouble when he only meant well. Again. And he gets Jeff in trouble, embarrasses Cheryl, and freaks out a little girl multiple times.

    This episode is insanely amazing. It contains numerous laugh-out-loud parts, which I feel do not come along in CYE as much as they do in most funny shows. Curb's appeal is usually the awkward-"Oh my gosh I can't believe that just happened"-funny, not necessarily the haha-funny. But "The Doll" combines both throughout.

    Larry David rants about locks on doors, chest-freezes, people who make sure others are following the rules, and other social oddities. And in doing so, he once again turns what was once mundane and extracts every bit of humor found in it. The last scene is a perfect "Curb" moment, where the viewer feels so bad for him, but can't help but laugh hysterically.

    Plus, Suzie yells and swears, Larry does his imitative voice, and the dialogue is natural and realistic, as it usually is. Sometimes, on CYE, the viewer laughs because a joke is made or because someone has said something funny. Those moments exist in "The Doll", but most of the time, the situation is just so awkwardly amusing, that you can't help but smile and laugh.