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Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 5 Episode 10

The End

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2005 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Larry finally learns the truth regarding his possible adoption, and makes his final decision about a kidney donation for Richard Lewis.

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  • The fifth season ends with Private Investigator Omar Jones telling Larry he is in fact adopted and where his biological parents live. Vitising them makes Larry have an epiphany which leads him to reconsider donating one of his kidneys to Richard Lewis.moreless

    This is the second consecutive disappointing season finale for this show. If there is one word to describe this episode it's predictable. I knew from the minute Omar Jones told Larry he was adopted that he would later reveal he was wrong (Great work Omar! I hope Larry didn't pay you in advance!). Also, I knew the second Larry died that he would come back to life (Who didn't?). Some very well written and clever dialouge (especially from an impressive list of guest stars) saves this episode from total disaster. I hope the finale losing streak ends in season six.moreless
  • I love this show but this was one of the worst episode ever. I mean it was gogin somewhwere but at the end it was like wtf. was this the series finale as well cause it sure felt that way.moreless

    I love this show but this was one of the worst episode ever. I mean it was gogin somewhwere but at the end it was like wtf. was this the series finale as well cause it sure felt that way. I gotta last season was lot better with the whole acting on a play.
  • For such a funny and well scripted show it was one of the worst season finales i have ever seen.

    Larry David, one of the funniest men in America . Made one of the most succesful US sitcoms .....What the hell happened , i mean one minute your laghing your head off the next your saying like, what the hell happened here ya know. i mean i could of made a better season finale.
  • What were they thinking?

    I'm sorry, I love this show, but the end of the 5th season is the definition of jumping the shark. Larry floats up to heaven and has encounters with his sarcastic guardian angels? Seriously, this show has never used any special effects (outside of slapstick) in almost 5 full seasons, and then out of the blue Larry is drifting through white clouds at the pearly gates. Painful and reminiscent of the horribly-overdone final episode of Seinfeld.moreless
  • Good.

    Larry is changed by a trip to Arizona, to Richard Lewis' profound relief. Larry also finds out the truth of whether he is adopted. Larry dies and goes to heaven until he is re-animated. This was probably the worst season of Curb your enthusiasm so far but that does not mean it was bad still very funny and it still had me laughing it also had many of great guest stars including the brilliant Dustin Hoffman who is a legend in our household for being Rain man and many more great guest stars appear, Larry is still great as uasual but I thought the lack of Jeff and Cheryl in this season let it down. i can't for the next season that starts soon in the UK.moreless
Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman

Guide #1

Guest Star

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen

Guide #2

Guest Star

Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi Phifer

Omar Jones

Guest Star

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis


Recurring Role

Shelley Berman

Shelley Berman

Nat David

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Susan "Susie" Essman

Susan "Susie" Essman

Susie Greene

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Bea Arthur's appearance as Larry's deceased mother was her final credited television role.

    • When Larry gets to Bisbee, the sign for it is misspelled Bisby.

    • The following actors appeared in the montage: Rose Abdoo, Brad Abrell, Amy Aquino, Michael Aquino, Karen Bankhead, Doug Benson, Muggsy Bogues, Sandy Brown, John Capes, Rachel Crane, Ted Danson, Christopher Darga, Paul Dooley, Svetlana Efremova, Barry Gordon, Paul Greenberg, Jackie Harris, Rachel Harris, Jack Heller, Melanie Hoopes, Maz Jobrani, Thomas Jones, Tim Kazurinsky, Richard Kind, David Koechner, Boris Krutonog, Zane Lasky, Lela Lee, Paul Lieber, Karen Maruyama, Deron McBee, William Mesnik, Sofia Milos, Alanis Morissette, Louis Nye, Kaitlin Olson, Julie Payne, Kimi Reichenberg, Gil Santoscoy, Lobo Sebastian, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Laura Silverman, Rachel Snow, Don Stark, Ken Takemoto, Josh Temple, Chris Williams, Alexandra Wilson, Paul Wilson, Marissa Jaret Winokur.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Larry: So if you're my guides, then how come you let me eat those seven pieces of pizza at camp. Remember? I got sick, I had to go home.

    • (talking about Richard Lewis)
      Larry: I'm not even that friendly with him. Yeah, I've know him forty four years, but we're not really close friends. He's more of an acquaintance. Who gives a kidney to an acquaintance?

    • Louis Lewis: It pays to be in a coma, I'm telling you. I've never felt so refreshed in my life.
      Larry: Oh, really?
      Louis Lewis: Those bears, they had it right. They go into hibernation, they come out like new bears. Everybody should do this.

    • Larry: Oh, my God! I'm gentile.

    • Larry: (to Jeff) You shouldn't have let me do that Seinfeld TV Guide cover. I really looked like an asshole.

    • Ben Hogan: You know, that sex offender had a good tip for you.

  • NOTES (3)