Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 6 Episode 8

The N Word

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2007 on HBO
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Larry's uncontrolled arousal offends Loretta's Auntie Rae; Larry dates an orthopedist whose personal interactions mimic her professional ones; Larry's quoting of the N-word introduces Jeff to the world of bald discrimination

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  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: Episode 58: "The N Word"- Hilarious and well thought out. (Spoiler Alert)

    I really love this show. In my opinion, the first three seasons were absolutely brilliant. However, the quality started to decrease during the fourth and fifth seasons, with the exception of stand-out episodes, including "The Survivor" and "Kamikaze Bingo". Still, they were enjoyable seasons.

    Now in its sixth season, CYE has returned, perhaps funnier than ever. I really wasn't expecting much but, wow, this season has been great. Usually, after the second or third seasons of most shows, they start to become stale. CYE started to show that in its fourth season... but then returned to its original quality, or maybe even higher quality. It is amazing how it rebounded.

    "The N Word" is the best episode I have seen in years with CYE. All of the stories, which were funny, are drawn out to connect with one another. It is a very offensive episode towards the black and bald people but that's how this show is; often very offending. Some funny moments include: Aunt Rae thinking Larry was masturbating Ben Stiller distracted by Jeff's baldness, the pharmacist reading Larry's letter, the end where Larry refuses to finish what he was saying after realizing there were black people in the room. OMG, this was a very hilarious episode.

    After the fifth season finale, Larry thought about ending the show. Many people feel that this will be the last season. At the time, I was fine with it. With only two episodes, I now want more Curb'.moreless
  • Larry's arousal while hugging Leon's aunt gets him into trouble with the Blacks. Larry starts dating a doctor who mixes her business and personal lives. Also, Larry quoting a man he overheard in a men's room gets him villified by everybody around him.moreless

    The dialouge in this episode is terrific as usual. What I also liked in this episode is the mixed messages Larry receives. He is verbally trashed when quoting the man he overheard in the men's room who used the "N" word, but at the hearing at the hospital, he is pressured to say the word by everybody around him, including Jeff and Susie who berated him for using it earlier. Also, the Blacks trash Larry for his use of the word, but when living with Jeff didn't work out, they forget he ever said it. A good reflection of society.moreless
  • A fantastic return to form

    This really was one of the best Curb episodes I've seen for a very long time, and certainly the best of this current season.

    Larry in his classic style stumbles across a man on a mobile phone in a public toilet, who proceeds to use the N-Word a number of times. In re-telling the story to someone, naturally things can only go wrong for poor old Larry.

    I thought this was exactly what has made this show great. Larry put into a situation that through some downright misfortune excaserbated (sp) by his own ludicrous actions is just so ridiculous. You feel for him, yet are so annoyed at the same time!

    I'm glad the Blacks came back too - Larry on his own would have been really horrible. Great epsiode, and hopefully a return to the glory days! :)moreless
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Ben Stiller


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Jerry August

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Ellia English

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    • Larry: [Auntie Rae] went over the appropriate amount of time that I can have human contact without getting aroused. I only have five seconds. After that, it's out of my control.
      Jeff: Not me. I've got discipline down there. I have a very discerning penis—very discerning.
      Larry: My penis is an animal.
      Jeff: Really? Just out of control. It's wild.
      Larry: It's a feral tiger, yeah.

    • Leon: Goddamn, Larry, what the fuck, man? You hug my auntie, man, you stab her in the stomach?

    • Larry: This guy is on his cell phone. He's talkin' to his friend and he's upset and he's complaining, you know, he had to move some furniture, and he says to his friend, "I hurt my hand because I had to take the top because of this 300-pound nigger who was..."
      Black Doctor: What did you say? What did you just say?!
      Larry: (flustered)
      Black Doctor: What did you just fix your mouth to say?!
      Larry: No, no...
      Black Doctor: You just used the most vile word in the English language! How dare you?!
      Larry: No, I was...
      Black Doctor: How dare—in front of me! You are despicable! I can't stand people like you, you bald son-of-a-bitch!

    • Auntie Rae: (to Larry) First you gonna be rubbin' all up against me, then whackin' off in the damn car, and now you gonna call me a nigger?!

    • Black Pharmacist: (reading Sheila's note to Larry) "Larry—Had a great time last night. Would love to get together Friday night at the Bel Air Regency Hotel, just the two of us." Um, "So tired of all these sisters and brothers around. I know you feel the same way. Tell me your life wouldn't be better without the Blacks."

    • Jeff: (just snubbed due to his baldness) This blows. How do you deal with it?
      Larry: Well, you know, you just get used to it. I get support from my bald brothers.
      Jeff: There's, like, meetings?

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