Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 3 Episode 4

The Nanny from Hell

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2002 on HBO

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  • Larry and Cheryl along with the other restaurant investors are invited to a pool party, but only Larry and Jeff and their wives show up. Larry also tries to find a nanny a job after she is fired when she allows him to use the inside bathroom at the party.

    This is possibly the best episode in the third season, and my all-time favorite Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. The nanny is played by Cheri Oteri, and she gives an outstanding performance, better than most other Curb guest stars with the exception, maybe, of Rob Corddry in the fifth season.

    When the nanny allows Larry to use the inside restroom (instead of the "outside sand box"), she is fired after Hugh, the party host who happens to be the manager of the restaurant that Larry has invested in, finds out. The best part of this episode is Larry's ignorance towards the nanny's absolutely bizarre behavior, like singing the theme from Looney Tunes constantly or informing Cheryl of her various quirks, saying she likes horses and also takes baths with her socks on. In this episode, Larry also happens to offend Hugh after remarking upon his son's extremely large penis, which Larry sees at the pool party when the child's swim trunk are wet. However, the two men have to work together, and Larry asked Hugh to help Richard Lewis get into Bartlett Quotations, which Hugh's publishing company happens to put out. Larry and Hugh get into a huge fight at a screening of Richard Lewis' new comedy special, and Richard's chances look slim.

    One of the other highlights of this episode is the running sponge cake joke. Larry must bring a cake ot the party and insists the sponge cake is the perfect choice. After Jeff remarks it is delicious, Larry decides the cake would make a perfect birthday present for him. Susie, Jeff's wife does not find this gift appropriate, as Jeff is already a "fat f*ck!" Susie is one of the best characters in the show, and her interactions with the nanny are priceless. This episode is one of the best merely because of the Susie-Cheri Oteri combo, but Larry's pernis remark puts this episode on the Curb Your Enthusiasm's most entertaining list.