Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 1 Episode 1

The Pants Tent

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2000 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Larry goes to the movies with one of Cheryl's friends and his pants have an unusual bulge in them, making him look like he's having an erection.

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  • a classic pilot

    Y\'all know the drill, folks. Larry\'s an azz-man, a pervert, a non-conformist. He\'s funny as hell in the process. The series only gets better from here, but the first episode of curb was really special. It was racy, witty, and above all, classic. Hardly any pilots in the history of time have matched up to the calibur of curb\'s first episode. enjoy...
  • Fun with Richard Lewis

    I thought this episode was a decent start and Richard Lewis was especially strong in it. The neurotic fight between Lewis and Larry was hilarious! Larry making the Nazi comment was pretty funny and the awkwardness when he goes to apologize was perfect. It seems like the show lives off awkwardness and there are some gold moments here, like when he's trying to explain to his wife's friend that he didn't have an erection, and then explaining where his erections come from. "Sofia Lauren was once a source." Hilarious!moreless
  • Amazing, really Seinfeld, GREAT SHOW

    I first watched this series tonigh and I was amazed by the scenes, it really remainds me of Seinfeld, great. The whole discussion of Nancy, Larry and his wife, is great, it really remainds me of the Seinfeld times. The waitress and the table discussion, is GREAT, is so Seinfeld. In a way, Larry works as Seinfeld, Kramer, and Constanza, and he has also a little bit of Elaine.
  • This was the first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that I have ever seen. This episode was wrote brillantly, with the antics of Larry David, his manager, his wife, his wife's friend, and the guest stars.moreless

    This was the first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that I have ever seen. This episode was wrote brillantly, with the antics of Larry David, his manager, his wife, his wife's friend, and the guest stars.

    I loved how the story lines came together to reveal one central outcome. The scene in the movie theature was great. This is a must watch episode!
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm starts off with a bang. Or is that a "bone"?

    I've decided to sink my teeth into Curb Your Enthusiasm, starting with the first episode since I really can't get into a TV show unless I join in on the first episode of the entire series (I tried and failed to break this habit with Deadwood). I was never a big fan of Seinfeld, but this immediately connected with me as I have fallen victim to The Pants Tent plenty of times, although fortunately it has only been me who noticed that I was sporting a ghost boner. A pattern that I notice with the episodes is that at 30 minutes, they really cram a lot into the episode and you get plenty of problems and resolutions in a quick amount of time. The Kathy Griffin stuff seemed a little forced and just stank of Larry David owing Kathy a favor or something by putting her in this show. Otherwise, this is a fine pilot episode and sets the pace for what people would be expecting in future episodes.moreless
Kathy Griffin (I)

Kathy Griffin (I)


Guest Star

Robin Ruzan

Robin Ruzan


Guest Star

Sofia Milos

Sofia Milos


Guest Star

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis


Recurring Role

Susan "Susie" Essman

Susan "Susie" Essman

Susie Greene

Recurring Role

Antoinette Spolar

Antoinette Spolar


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The Greenes have two children in this episode: a boy, Sammy, and a daughter, Sara (both mentioned by Susie). In subsequent episodes, they have but one child: there is no Sara, and son Sammy becomes daughter Samantha.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Cheryl: How was the movie?
      Larry: Oh, not bad. So, not quite sure how to tell you this but, I think your friend Nancy thinks she got me aroused in the movie.
      Cheryl: Why would she think that?
      Larry: Because of the tent in the pants, and she looked down.

    • (At the movie theatre, Larry is trying to get to his seat)
      Larry: Excuse me. Is that a problem for you?
      Sofia: Excuse me
      Larry: Yeah, that's exactly right.
      Sofia: Could you be a little bit nicer about it and just go by.
      Larry: A little bit nicer, you make this big sigh, I'm just trying to get by
      Sofia: Well I'm sitting here and you could enter the other way
      Larry: Could you just move your legs?
      Sofia: What are you doing? Are you looking at my breasts? You're looking at my breasts.
      Larry: I'm not looking at your breasts, I'm trying to get to my seat.
      Sofia: Announcing He's looking at my breasts
      Larry: Yeah, your special breasts. Just excuse me please?
      Sofia: Please just go by, without stepping on my foot!

    • Larry: My wife tells her friend I'm looking for somebody to go to the movies with, so now I'm going to the the movies with my wife's friend, who I find really annoying.

    • Larry: (on the pants tent) Is it a bad thing? Maybe it's not such a bad thing, you know?
      Cheryl: 'Cause you want people to think you constantly have an erection?
      Larry: I dunno, is it a bad thing for me to walk around like that?
      Cheryl: Yeah, it is.

    • Larry: They're not breasts; they're just big, chemical balls.
      Richard: You can tell they're fake?
      Larry: I can take a guess.

    • Nancy: (on Larry's pants tent) There was something hard in there, and it was your fucking dick!

    • Larry: A gay Jew in Nazi Germany. He must have had a hard time.

    • Sofia: He's staring at my breasts.
      Larry: (sarcastic) Yeah, you and your special breasts!

    • Jeff: You want to play golf this weekend?
      Larry: I don't know; I'll have to ask 'Hitler.'
      Jeff's Parents: (outraged) Hitler?!

    • Larry: You wear that dress because you want people to look at your shoes, right?

  • NOTES (1)


    • In this episode Larry goes to see the movie, Hard Nut to Crack, a play on "A Tough Nut to Crack" being the working title of the last episode of Larry David's Seinfeld.

    • Larry: (on Richard's girlfriend being well-read) You know what she should be reading? Emily fucking Post!

      Emily Post was an early 20th century author who became known as an authority on proper etiquette.

    • After Richard tells Larry he expects an answer from him by sundown, Larry asks, "By sundown? What are you, Gary Cooper?" This is in reference to the many Western movies made by that actor.