Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 7 Episode 3

The Reunion

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2009 on HBO

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  • They are all back together in this star studded reunion episode, even bloody David Spade makes a appearence.

    Larry at long last relents and agrees to a Seinfeld reunion when he realizes it could help him win back Cheryl. Larry's miffed when Jason Alexander refuses to coordinate tips on their separate, but equal, checks and when Lakers tickets given by NBC turn out to be terrible. I gotta be honest I was expecting a funnier episode here but this still gets a high rating because of the Seinfeld cast being reunited. The episode did make me laugh like the part with the tips and Larry's daydreams. Also thought that Michael Richards was hilarous in this one, were he was looking at the pictures not listening to Larry.
  • A pretty good re-introduction to the Seinfeld characters.

    There was a ton of hype coming into this episode, and I have to say, they didn't over-do it at all. Each Seinfeld character had some great lines, and even the one who didn't (Michael Richards) was funny. He may have seemed a little jaded and out of it, but it was hilarious how he was distracted by the naked pictures in the restaurant and didn't even realize Larry asked for a reunion.

    Other then that, the episode was pretty straightforward. Jeff tells Larry that NBC is once again asking for a Seinfeld reunion, and he realizes that this could be his chance to get back with Cheryl. He agrees to do so and goes around to each person involved in the show, pitching the idea to them. Each one of them has great scenes with Larry, and you can tell they mesh really well with the Curb world, especially Jerry and Jason, who both had some great lines and moments.

    On a side note, there was a plot involving lyme disease and a Lakers game that weren't as entertaining, but they still helped the episode reach a satisfying conclusion, where we get confirmation that the Seinfeld reunion show is going to definitely go through.

    I'm glad they chose this as the way to reunite the members of Seinfeld. In other shows, it may come across as contrived or lame, but Larry David is smart enough to know what makes a good reunion and what makes a bad one. Mark this under "good reunion."
  • In order to help his chances to get Cheryl back, David finally agree to make the Seinfeld reunion episode

    As a Seinfeld and Larry David fan,I always want it to see "Curb Your Enthusiasm" but,for different reasons I cant publicly share,I never had the chance to do it,with six seasons and two episodes along with all the years wishing this reunion to finally materialize,I wasn't really sure if "The reunion" will filled my high expectations.
    The episode has great writing,very entertaining situations,that take us back to the times the show was on the air during the nineties, this was a clever way to make the fans happy without falling in the average places this shows usually went worth the wait, worth watching
  • Larry, long opposed to a "Sienfeld" reunion show, suddenly changes his mind when he sees the show as an opportunity to get Cheryl back. However Larry, being Larry, causes some major bumps in the road due to his handling of various situations.

    It's nice to see a show for once actually live up to the pre-show hype. Hands down one of the all time best episodes of the series. All of the elements that makes "Curb" the great show that it is are present here. The excellent dialogue, the great performances, the clever laughs, it all comes together here. One thing I found odd though was that Julia's daughter did not mention to Larry that it was her sister, and not her, that went to the birthday party. You would think she would mention that. Regardless, "The Reunion" is just great entertainment.
  • Another great installment.

    Season 7 continues to bang out great episodes and wash the bad taste out of my mouth that was left by Season 6.

    I knew this would be the start of the Seinfeld reunion arc, but I was surprised to actually see all four principles appear tonight. Michael Richards, who was once a scene-stealing, charismatic actor, seems like a bitter, broken-down old man and his presence really put a damper on the episode. But luckily Jerry, Julia and Jason were funny and the episode as a whole was thoroughly humorous.

    I really do not like this teen drama-esque writing with the Cheryl and Larry relationship, but I am sure it will be over when this season concludes.