Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 8 Episode 2

The Safe House

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2011 on HBO

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    I have wondered before if this would be the show's last season and after this episode I think it might be time to wrap things up. This was a really forced episode of the show that not only produced very few funny moments, but they borrowed a plethora of things from Seinfeld. The bringing together of all the storylines did not work either as Larry was not really responsible for Richard getting screwed by the big lady in the ice cream aisle.

    Easily one of the show's worst episodes ever. It still was not that bad, but this was not Curb Your Enthusiasm quality and a huge letdown tonight.
  • of coarse its larry's fault mr fanof

    larry was responsible for the hilarious scene at the end with richard dying to put his hands on his girls luscious melons one more time before she goes in for breast reduction surgery the next morning..if larry didnt mention the mole he saw by the breast of rich's galfriend, she wouldnt have thought of reduction..didnt the woman who runs the safe house look like marty funkhouser's estranged and strange ok episode but better to come
  • Not a good episode, but still funny.

    This wasn't a good episode. At least not for curb. The direction wasn't good in some parts, but that might be because of the seemed forced and unnatural, not something Larry would do, but some fan of the show trying to write an episode of his favorite show. ( I know there's no dialogue scripted, but that wasn't the problem ).

    A lot of storylines that go to nowhere, and an ending that was not good, trying to bring together the storylines and it didn't make much sense. It wasn't larry's fault that Richard got his arms broken. It seems Larry didn't know how to end the episode...because that was pretty awful.

    The whole Leon and Larry being a couple and Leon hitting larry was obvious and stupid. And the closing of that story was more obvious and incredible.

    I don't know why I gave this episode a 7...if I think about it it was a awful. still made me laugh a couple of times, and that's more than other "comedies" out there do for me in a season.

    Generous rating for a bad episode.