Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 7 Episode 9

The Table Read

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on HBO

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  • The table read.

    Well, they did it. Curb Your Enthusiasm actually mocked Michael Richards' racist outburst, showing that Family Guy is not the only show that can push the envelope on Sunday nights.

    The episode was funny, but that seems to be the theme so far this season, which really has not had a bad episode yet. The constant use of the p word was a bit unsettling, but I suppose that was its intended idea.

    Why no Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza) on the reunion show? That ain't right.

    Strong performances all around. Leon, Jason, Marty, everybody was great tonight as Curb delivered its penultimate episode of the season.
  • Larry is furious at Jerry for allowing Marty Funkhauser to attend the final rehersals for the "Sienfeld" reunion. He is even more furious by the text messages he constantly receives from a co-worker's nine year-old daughter.

    I don't think there has ever been a funnier season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Just when I think the show can't get funnier after great episodes like "Denise Handicap" and "The Bare Midriff" I always find I'm wrong. The laughs in this episode are non stop. JB Smoove gives his best performance to date posing as the late Danny Duberstien in order to bring Michael Richards (In a performance greater than any he gave in the entire run of "Sienfeld.") out of his slump. I laughed constantly up until the brilliant final scene. I hope the finale delivers as well!
  • The highlight of Season 7.

    If the read-through for the episode was this funny.. then how can Curb one-up themselves for the finale? This episode was filled with all the best Curb elements (Larry getting into awkward situations, misunderstandings) and allowed us to finally witness what we've all been wanting: the Seinfeld reunion. Seeing them sit at the table, in character, reading off their lines was amazing and there were some pretty good scenarios present in the reunion as well.

    According to the Curb universe, in the future, Jerry Seinfeld has donated his sperm to Elaine, resulting in a child, George has gotten married, lost his wife due to snubbing her on the phone while she was in a life or death situation (taken right from the episode The TiVo Guy) and also lost his money in a Ponzi scheme by Bernie Madoff, and Kramer is.. well, still Kramer. The world that Larry and Jerry create in this Curb universe for the Seinfeld cast to reunite in doesn't feel strange or out of place.. it feels almost like leaving off right where they left off. Things are a bit different, but they seem like the same people. The discussion at the beginning about blowing your nose into a cloth napkin at a restaurant vs. sneezing into one reminded me of the button discussion that book ended the premiere and finale of Seinfeld, where George and Jerry talk about button placement on a shirt.

    Besides the Seinfeld reunion, there was an amazing sideplot involving Leon, Michael Richards and Larry.. Michael Richards learns he may have the fictional Groat's disease and tells Larry he's having a hard time concentrating on being funny. To make him feel better, he tells him he'll have a survivor of Groat's call him and tell him its not so bad.. however, he then learns Duberstein, the man he told Kramer about, is dead. He then has Leon pose as Duberstein, which ultimately leads to some hilarious moments, especially after Richards' makes fun of himself and his little outburst years before.

    There are other plots, and an ending that may remind some people of some of the best endings in the show's history, but it'd be a shame to ruin it all. Watching this episode is like watching the past at work again, sort of like Julia said at the beginning of the episode. A great episode, and proof that Season 7 is quickly becoming one of the best seasons yet.
  • Larry and the Seinfeld cast get together for "The Table Read". Larry must deal with an annoying child "texting" him, a rash, and a defiled pen.

    This was a great episode. The whole Seinfeld reunion show within the show is being done so well. I thought it was great that Larry interjected his neurosis into that table read. It was nostalgic to see all of the Seinfeld characters back together - sitting amongst the same sets - and just when you got caught up in that - cut to Larry watching Jason Alexander defile his pen. Other shows would have played up the nostalgia - Curb Your Enthusiasm is too clever for that. The whole scene with Michael Richards and Leon - brilliant - poking fun at Richard's whole nightclub fiasco - totally unexpected. No topic is taboo for this show. Next week is the season finale - I can't wait - but what do I do the Sunday after that?
  • by far the funniest episode of the season yet.

    after a few mid-season misfires, this is curb firing on all cylinders. everything from the complete cast of seinfeld rehearsing a very funny show within a show to the outer larry david machinations involving several separate storylines all coming together, this is it.

    the seinfeld cast reading and acting out the reunion episode is flat out hilarious, the always funny black guy living in larry's house gets a beefed up role in this episode interacting with kramer to great effect (playing on his tirade against black people to perfection), and larry's own problems with a 9 year old girl close out the episode in classic curb fasion.

    this 30 minutes alone has restored my faith in curb's ability to maintain its quality and renewed my desire to see another season after this one.

    after a pretty lame tirade on a kid's lemonade stand as well as several other bits that didn't really come together in a few other eps this season, this work of art completely makes up for it with non-stop laughs.

    this episode is a complete riot.

    kudos to larry david, he's done it again.