Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 6 Episode 9

The Therapists

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on HBO

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  • This was a very well written and a very hilarious episode. Probably one of the best episodes.

    "The Therapists" is about Larry no longer being with his wife, Cheryl. Now that they're separated, Larry wants to get back together with his wife. They are both seeing therapists and Larry's therapist encourages him to be the "new Larry". Larry tells Cheryl he's changed. She is happy about this, but she says she will only do what her therapist tells her to do. Soon, Larry's therapist recommends an ultimatum. Because of this suggestion, Larry tells Cheryl she has until Monday to move back in with him. However, Cheryl (obviously) doesn't believe an ultimatum can lead to good news, so the situation becomes a lot worse. Now, in order to get Cheryl back, Larry decides to do a lot of insane things, involving his therapist degrading himself. I'm not going to give a lot away, so you'll have to watch the episode, if you want to see what will happen.
  • Larry, with the aid of his therapist, formulates a complex scheme to get Cheryl back. As usual, the plan backfires and Larry finds himself having to formulate more elaborate ones to get her back. Awesome as per usual.

    I love the way CYE episodes fit together. Even when I can see the end coming a mile away, even though I usually hate predictability, it's just so funny seeing Larry work his way through the plot. When things start to go really wrong, when his therapist joins in with his plan, it's perfect to see Larry quite unperturbed by the outcome.

    I don't think I've seen an episode I didn't like because even when the characters overact and behave irrationally, it just makes for better comedy.

    The therapist plays his part perfectly, switching from the dominant, know-it-all, to a fly caught in the web of Larry's scheming. Some classic moments too when Larry is chasing after Cheryl and resorts to a series of "argh, ahrg!" noises. Funny all the way.
  • Creating "New Larry" temporarily woos Cheryl

    While trying to win back his wife, Larry pits his therapist against Cheryl and her therapist. Lies, deception and earnestness reveal the "New Larry" as a sham and ruin the life of the terrible-advice-giving Dr. Bright.
    This CYE episode gets most of its laughs from the manner in which Larry rules absolutely over his therapist eventually causing his tragi-comic demise. Larry has no sympathy (of course) and displays his egocentricity like never before.
    Tightly woven, this script is the best of the season to date and uses some great visuals to nail down "The Therapist" as a quintessential episode. Larry's attempt to convince Cheryl that he is truly a new Larry is funny on a raw level since it is clear to the audience that he has done little but tuck in his shirt and put on nice shoes. We see Cheryl wanting to believe him and therefore know there is hope for their marriage after all.
  • Guest starring Steve Coogan as Larry's therapist

    Another great Curb episode, which makes two on the trot thankfully.

    In this episode, Larry becomes "New" Larry in order to win back Cheryl. New Larry tucks in his shirt, wears proper shoes and sponsors the Funkhauser walkathon (kind of) happily (at least more happily than he would have).

    However, on the advice of his therapist Larry decides to give Cheryl an ultimatum to move back in. This, quite obviously, goes horribly wrong and Cheryl's therapist advises her against getting back with Larry.

    Angry with his therapist, played by the british comedy legend Steve Coogan, Larry enlists the therapist's help to win over Cheryl's therapist (phew).

    What follows is classic Curb chaos, and involves a fantastic scene where Larry's therapist ends up being arrested.

    It was a great episode. Larry's plots and plans seemed to have gone right, but then he landed in it at the end again! This is what makes this show truly great.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: Episode 59: "The Therapists"- Larry tries to win back Cheryl by showing her the "new Larry". Of course, there is no "new Larry". (Spoiler Alert)

    This was a good episode. In order to win back Cheryl, Larry displays the "New Larry". But wait, lol, the old Larry is dying to break free and just act the way he normally acts, like a selfish, uncaring idiot (not too harsh). lol Of course, there is no "new Larry"; it's just an act; he's not even trying. An example of this is when Larry tries to deny giving Marty sponsorship for the marathon. lol Pretty hilarious when Marty wasn't walking. lol

    I really saw the thing between Larry and Cheryl's therapist unrealistic... but that's okay. The part with Larry's mugging and his therapist getting arrested was pretty hilarious. And of course, Larry ends up to be a fake at the end.

    It's really a good episode but it doesn't compare to the previous episode. This episode really displayed who Larry is and that he can't change. lol
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