Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 6 Episode 9

The Therapists

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on HBO

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  • This was a very well written and a very hilarious episode. Probably one of the best episodes.

    "The Therapists" is about Larry no longer being with his wife, Cheryl. Now that they're separated, Larry wants to get back together with his wife. They are both seeing therapists and Larry's therapist encourages him to be the "new Larry". Larry tells Cheryl he's changed. She is happy about this, but she says she will only do what her therapist tells her to do. Soon, Larry's therapist recommends an ultimatum. Because of this suggestion, Larry tells Cheryl she has until Monday to move back in with him. However, Cheryl (obviously) doesn't believe an ultimatum can lead to good news, so the situation becomes a lot worse. Now, in order to get Cheryl back, Larry decides to do a lot of insane things, involving his therapist degrading himself. I'm not going to give a lot away, so you'll have to watch the episode, if you want to see what will happen.