Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 2001 on HBO

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  • Quintessential Curb Your Enthusiasm, this episode has it all: Larry with his ass fettish, Larry acting semi-retarded, Larry lacking any personal skills. Wanda Sykes puts this episode over the top with lines like "Were you scrounging... looking for ass?"

    Despite its relatively low rating on this board, this is my attempt to elevate this episode as it is, in my opinion, the most memorable Curb episode I have yet seen (Note: I haven't seen them all).

    Sure it isn't perfect: the whole Thor-stop-harassing-my-kids incident is a bit ridiculous, the let's meet at my office vs. your office dialogue becomes a bit tired, and other episodes better tie completely obscure subplots together with unexpected hilarity. The entire kinky ass-fetish theme of "Thor" might be the funniest LD-contrived plot I've seen. Maybe it's because I like looking at ass, or possibly because I have a big ass, I don't know, but this episode strikes that special chord with me. Only Curb can go from a seemingly innocuous statement like "Hey, I'd recognize that tush anywhere" to being photographed running a red light gawking at one huge ass.

    And Wanda Sykes... hands down the funniest guest star in this show. I'd be hard-pressed to find a higher laugh-per-line quotient in any show. She basically stole the show in five lines which deserve repeating and possibly memorizing:

    Larry : I am not obsessed with asses.
    Wanda : Ok, assy. And what is all that shit all over your shirt? You been scrounging around, looking for ass?
    Larry : Ok, Wanda...
    Wanda : Oh, you know who I am, ok. I thought I would have to turn around and show you my big ass.
    Larry : OK, you completely misinterpreted that...
    Wanda : How am I supposed to interpret it? You shouted out 'Hey, Big Ass Wanda'.
    Larry : I didn't say big ass, I was just saying hello.
    Wanda : Is that how you say hello?
    Larry : Uh, well...
    Wanda : 'Hey big ass' or 'Hey assy' or 'Hey I know your ass'. What is that? That's not how you say hello.
    Larry : Perhaps not.

    Not to focus completely on ass the rest of this review (boy I'd like to), but other defining material include LD's one-person dialogue asking for help changing a tire, Jason Alexander calling his George Costanza character (based on LD) an imbicile to LD, and LD explaining that professional wrestling is fake... to Thor's kids. And don't forget Cheryl Hines' performance, she gets the whole kinky-ass-fettish theme going by spunkily asking, "So you thinking about a little afternoon sex." And as usual, Larry's on the defensive for the rest of the show.

    "Thor" taken as a whole might not necessarily have the greatest length of good dialogue, but it ranks among the best in grade-A quality lines. And one more thing, the episode name is a misnomer, it should be called "Hey Big Ass" or "Scrounging for Ass". Now excuse me while I get dirty doing the latter.