Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 7 Episode 2

Vehicular Fellatio

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2009 on HBO

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  • One of the funniest episodes of Curb!

    This was a brilliant episode. The subject in question - related to you in the episode title - causes grief, relief, and hilarity for Larry and his circle of friends, and even for some strangers. We even get a return character from Season 1 as part of the arc of the story. The scene in Dr. Karen Trundle's office is one of the funniest Larry David moments ever. Larry's just completely over the top, and it's hilarious to see. I love how the title of this episode plays out in different and interesting ways, resulting in various and always-funny outcomes. A truly fine example of Larry David's and the entire cast's brilliance and talents.
  • Another fun episode.

    Another strong episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight. One thing instantly apparent was how unique the opening scene was in relation to the previous 61 episodes of this series. Never before would they have Larry chopping at a box for a good 75 seconds, but this just shows how Curb is venturing out and incorporating more physical comedy into its improvised world.

    The awkwardness was there, but I hope you put the children to sleep before this as the content was very mature, even by HBO standards. With people freaking out over an f-bomb on SNL, you heard about 30 tonight on Curb Your Enthusiasm and a certain inappropriate act mentioned about 12 times as well.

    While that "raunchy" humor may have been the selling point for some fans, I really enjoyed how all the storylines came together. Larry could not open the seal in the beginning, and in the end, after buying something to open seals, couldn't get that seal open. That's good writing.
  • With the help, of all people, Dr. Phil, Larry comes up with a new way to end his relationship with Loretta. Larry soon finds himself in the middle of other people's relationships as well. From his friend Richard Lewis to unwanted house guest Leon.

    This episode has one of the best opening scenes in the show's history. I could not stop laughing as Larry flew into a rage trying to open the plastic packaging. The laughs don't stop there. From the brilliant dialogue to the hysterical restaurant scene, the viewer will be laughing all the way to the end. Larry and Jeff always have great one on one dialogues. This episode is no exception. Their discussion in the restaurant is brilliant. Everything works in this episode. Even the title is hysterical! The seventh season has gotten off to a great start. An excellent episode.
  • Great episode

    At a dinner, Larry offends yet another of Richard Lewis' girlfriends, this time after finding out she blew Richard in the car on the ride over. Larry hopes to get a doctor to recommend to Loretta that she break up with him. This was really funny, the whole episode had me in stitches right from the off with Larry's struggle to open a case (those things are annoying), then the whole take a sip scene after that I knew that this episode was going to be one of the best and we were only halfway through. Larry getting beat up by the Doctor was unexpected and well FUNNY and the blacks driving off in the car but Leon staying. the whole eisode made me cry of laughter and I was glad to see Leon stick around.
  • "You can't be homosexual by proxy! I'm pretty sure that's in the Constitution."

    Compared to Funkhouser's Crazy Sister, this episode was excellent. The episode starts off with Larry fighting to open up a vacuum sealed package and somehow works its way into Larry figuring out a way to break up with Loretta without hurting her feelings. And the way they get to that moment? Through a series of events that represents one of the best Curb scripts in years.

    It all starts when Jeff tells Larry that Richard got.. well, look at the episode name and you'll know what he got. This leads to a dinner where Larry repeatedly snubs Richard's girlfriend since he doesn't want to kiss the same mouth that she just.. umm, view episode name again..

    This episode combined some hilarious vignettes involving people mistakingly believing other people were giving vehicular fellatio. At the same time, we get to see multiple storylines tied up, all by the simple act of Richard Lewis and his girlfriend.. oh, and the ending is superb too. Seeing Jeff and Susie offroad and Larry excited that the exacto knife he bought could work in this case is amazing, and is proof that Curb still has it.
  • The first episode of the season was thoroughly disappointing, the second(being this one) is much better with threads interweaving and coming together either at the end or very close to the end. (read-on for more)

    The episode is about Larry trying to get-out of his relationship with Loretta. Found myself chuckling throughout most of the episode. Most scenes were at the very least, amusing. I don't want to give-away any of the threads in the episode, suffice to say this one surely ranks in the top 10 of Curb episodes. For the most part, it felt like things were moving-along at a decent-enough pace, a lot of Curb eps are more slow-burning, this one probably has had the best pacing of any Curb ep I've seen so far. The closer this show can get to the pacing of a Seinfeld episode the better. I've gotta feel things are just starting to ramp-up now with show. Seriously though, if the pacing and editing and plots get any better after this episode, this show now in its seventh season could potentially compete with at least 40% of the entire Seinfeld-run.

    That's saying a lot, of course, because Seinfeld remains the best and most re-watchable sitcom/comedy programme of all time.
  • This episode shows Larry trying to find a way to break-up with his girlfriend, while he continues to walk around and has to deal with people misunderstanding him. Larry gets blamed for everything, but I totally agree with his actions, all of the time.

    This episode was one of the best episodes ever!

    Tons of funny moments that made me laugh out loud!

    This is a totally memorable episode and very well written.

    I loved it when Larry was trying to open up the GPS that was in a plastic, blister packaging.

    It was really funny when Larry wouldn't take a sip from Richard's girlfriend's glass and it was great when Larry wouldn't give her a hub goodbye.

    It was awesome, at the end, when Larry was trying to save Jeff and Susie with his Exacto-Knife, but he couldn't get the packaging opened. I mean, who hasn't been in the same predicament?