Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 8 Episode 5

Vow of Silence

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 07, 2011 on HBO

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  • An acquaintance of Larry's, who seems unable to park in between the lines in parking lots, has oddly taken a vow of silence. Also Larry tries to lie his way out of attending a benefit for retarted children.

    "Vow of Silence" was not perfect, but it is certainly the best episode of the season so far. One of the reasons why this episode worked was its on the spot dialogue. The sharp writing is what helps make this show worth coming back for. This episode was also less predictable than other episodes we have seen this season. The final scene of Larry sitting across the aisle from Susie eating the ice cream was a great way to end the episode. Finally I have one question. Instead of parking right next to the red Volvo, consequently taking up two parking spaces himself, why didn't Larry just park in the next vacant parking space? RIP Oscar.
  • oscar, oscar, oscar

    this episode was slapped against the wall and many of the bits stuck..besides the chat and cut and bad parking another bothersome situation that irked richard and larry is confirmation of appointment/dates if made more than 24 hours in advance..first larry and then richard lewis were stood up waiting for the other to come to their lunch date..larry left out a good question to the vets wife about insects and animals going to the vet, after seeing tessler, the bad director in the episode.. i would have added gerbals in the equation of vet services since tessler was the one who started the gerbal up larry's a$$ season 7..well due to larry trying to get out of tesslers invite it's onto NYC
  • 805

    One of the best of the season thus far. It's that simple.

    There was not a conflict here, the main point of this episode was really to express Larry's frustration over two things: people taking up two spots when parking and people using the "chat and cut" in lines. Both of which are legitimate problems, and when you ravel them together, this turned out to be a strong half hour of comedy.

    Was it predictable? Sure was, and the idea of Larry and Jeff eating the Pinkberry before it got to Oscar was like something out of a Nickelodeon show, but I know that I was laughing during it. Some great lines from everyone involved tonight and they definitely need to give Richard Lewis some more screentime in future episodes.

    Curb may be dragging along these days, but at least the season has now had one great episode thus far.