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Curiosity is a Discovery Channel documentary series for anyone who has dared to ask for answers to life's great mysteries-what makes us happy? Why do we dream? Is time travel possible? Host Dan Riskin shares your insatiable thirst for knowledge about the world around us. In this unique series, Dan travels the globe searching for answers to all the unanswerable questions he can think of. No mystery is too indecipherable for Dan and his crew, and they're willing to do whatever it takes to find the truths they're looking for. Dan uses his own body for some of the experiments, which include studying the effects of fear (in which he leaps from an airplane) and the nature of memory (in which scientists implant false memories in his mind). Dan seeks answers to the questions that have nagged at us since childhood, as well as the questions we haven't yet dreamed up. Curiosity is an entertaining and inspiring series about one man's quest for knowledge in a world full of mystery.moreless

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AIRED ON 4/12/2019

Season 2 : Episode 13

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