Curiosity Interviews Part 2

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Curiosity Interviews Part 2

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Curiosity Interviews Part 2 is a TV news magazine from the Discovery network that reports on extraordinary topics and things that are possible in the future. TV journalist Teresa Roncon hosts the first show, beginning the season with interviews from Stanford University professor and futurist Paul Saffo. Saffo sits down with Roncon to discuss things yet to come on the Internet and the advantages of being optimistic about what the future holds for society. Saffo also discusses innovation, internet privacy and the "Creator Economy" later in his interview. In the next segment, businessman Mike Hawley gives a counterpoint to Saffo's ideas and warns Roncon about what could happen if people become too dependent on technology. The presenters change throughout the season and include celebrities with actor Robin Williams reporting on how the human body reacts to abuses of controlled substances. Actress Helena Bonham Carter host the show in another episode, taking a look at how evil a person can become if pushed to his or her limits. Buy the end of the season viewers get insights on a variety strange and unusual of subjects.


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