Curiosity Shop

Season 1 Episode 1

The Groon

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Unknown on ABC

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  • Overall an entertaining and somewhat educational show. The true centerpiece of the Halloween episode was an animated short featuring Rad Bradbury's poem "The Groon".


    The Curiosity Shop was a favorite of mine as a child, especially the Halloween episode that featured Ray Bradbury's poem "The Groon" (written especially for this episode)adapted as an animated short. The Groon is apparently a creature or being of some dread to the narrator-why this is so is never made explicitly clear. Unfortunately, no copies of this poem or of the animated short have surfaced, but there is a bit I remember about a connection to "Indians" (Native Americans) and their burial practices. The Groon apparently haunts places "...where their mummy dust silts, from their bones up on stilts,and the corn stalks..."-stalks in the sense of hunting prey, no less. The Groon is also apparently repelled by sunlight, as the narrator desperately implores "Come morning! Come sun! Thenmy battle is won! For The Groon cannot stay in the light of the day..." All in all a very creepy, very fitting piece for Halloween.

    Please note that these quotes are as accurate as I can make them-I am relying on memories of a program from 40+ years ago. If there is anyone out there who has a hard copy of the poem or a videotape or kinescope of the original episode I beg you to come forward and share it with the world. It is just too good to remain hidden.