Curious George

Weekdays 8:00 AM on PBS Premiered Sep 04, 2006 In Season



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  • Just too cute!

    I suppose I can understand why some people might hate this cartoon. It is indeed very young. But kids find it funny without realizing they're learning basic math and science. And any adult who's a kid at heart, likes kids, or especially was a fan of the books when they were little, might also find this show really cute, and maybe funny as well. The movie was ok, but I personally think the show is better. And the animated and voiced George is so much cuter than the pictures have ever been in the books. He's always a "Good little monkey", and when his curiosity does get him into unintended trouble, he learns important lessons about life, and usually fixes things before the "Man in the Yellow Hat" even finds out. It's a really cute show, might make you chuckle a time or two, and you might find yourself saying "Aww!" at times too.