Curious George

Weekdays 8:00 AM on PBS Premiered Sep 04, 2006 In Season


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  • Mostly it's just entertainment for kids, nothing more. Proof we live in a pet-society. Nobody stops to think it's strange that the best freind of a nice-but-weird adult man who always wears yellow and a goofy hat (even indoors) is a mischevious monkey.

    Some shows teach good things. Some teach bad. This one is neither ... it's just entertainment for kids.

    Not sure why the "Max and Ruby" show get's slammed for not showing the parents of 2 little bunnies, but this gets kudos for this bizzaro scenario.

    I'd rather have my young impressionable kids watch loving children raised by their grandma, than watch a nice-but-wierd single adult man and his monkey, though both shows are oaky to me. Also it's strange that people think it's cool if George is mischevious, but not cool when an adolescent bunny on "Max and Ruby" is mischeivious.