Curse of Dracula

NBC (ended 1979)


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  • Season 1
    • Chapter XV - Pleas of the Damned
      Kurt and Mary have four more coffins to find and destroy. After finding and destroying the first three they race to the final location. When they open the last coffin Dracula is inside. After a struggle, Kurt gets a hold of his crossbow and fires a stake into Dracula's heart. Dracula's body begins to burn setting fire to the building. Kurt and Mary leave Dracula to die. Dracula removes the stake and grabs some soil from his coffin, fleeing the burning building to set up shop in another city.moreless
    • Chapter XIV - Thirst for Death
      Dracula realizes that he must leave the city and has his followers prepare for his departure as he sleeps. Kurt and Mary race to the castle to try and locate the remaining coffins. They must find them and destroy them before sunset.
    • Chapter XIII - Sealed in Blood
      Kurt's battle with Dracula continues as Mary fights her conscience over her mother. Dracula finally gets past Kurt and enters the crypt. As Dracula enters Mary finally decides to plunge the stake into her mothers heart. Daylight is approaching so Dracula escapes to his sanctuary. Kurt and Mary knew that their job was not done. They must destroy Dracula's remaining coffins.moreless
    • Chapter XII - Where Angels Fear to Tread
      Mary is nearly released from Dracula's power but still needs to kill one of Dracula's fellow vampires to complete the process. Kurt takes Mary to the crypt to find a subject. As they arrive, Dracula appears. Kurt shoves Mary inside so she can complete her task as Kurt fends off Dracula. She opens the coffin to find her mother. If she kills her, they will both be freed forever. Mary must decide quickly as Dracula awaits outside the crypt.moreless
    • Chapter XI - Threshold of Eternity
      Kurt arrives seeing that Dracula had been left for dead. Dracula tricks Kurt into thinking that Mary's life was in danger and only he could save her. Kurt releases Dracula who then leaves in search of Amanda and Mary. Dracula tracks down Mary and prepares to take her fully into his control. Amanda and Kurt show up and drive Dracula away before he can bite her. Mary thinks she has been bitten and attacks Kurt and flees.moreless
    • Chapter X - Sepulchre of the Undead
      The vampires have taken Mary back to Dracula. Kurt rushes after her only to get caught in a trap by Dracula. Out of nowhere appears Amanda, Mary's mother who had been thought to be dead. Amanda frees Mary leaving Kurt in Dracula's custody. Dracula secures Kurt and follows after Amanda and Mary only to be trapped by Amanda and left to die with the rising sun.moreless
    • Chapter IX - Depository of Death
      Mary escapes from Amanda’s attempt to kill her with her attack dogs. Kurt finds Mary and the two prepare for their battle that they know is coming with Dracula. Mary finds herself thinking of her mother but she’s unsure as to why.
    • Chapter VIII - Demons of the Dark
      Mary and Kurt visit a mortuary supplier looking for more of Dracula's coffins. Dracula arrives and offers to give Mary the gift of immortality, but the jealous Antoinette follows and sets her attack dogs loose on Mary.
    • Chapter VII - Blood Stream
      A sabotaged fuel line causes Kurt's car to catch fire, but Mary finds him in the woods after her narrow escape from Dracula. She takes him to the hospital, but Dracula sends two of his students there to inject poison into Kurt's IV.
    • Chapter VI - Lifeblood
      Escaping the barn fire set by Dracula, Kurt and Mary get a lead on his secret identity as a professor at Southbay College who only teaches night courses. Mary enrolls in his class in Eastern European History, but when she visits his estate with a bunch of other students, she finds out that he knows who she is and that the rest of the students are all already under his hypnotic influence.moreless
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