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  • Bring it back CW!

    Cuts was a very good show and the UPN cancled it when they became the CW I was very upset this was very good show that chould have had a long future but they cancled it to put on new shows and 2 shows have already been cancled why not bring this back it was always funny I never thought it was boring the CW was very sumd o cancel this great show they chould at least put this on late nights like they did with the King of Queens it was very good and I hope someday Cuts gets picked up by another tv station I rate Cuts a 9.0
  • Got to get me some kev care

    cuts is a funny show good charactors and funny situations

    Good side: first of it is funny marques houston is a very talented guy and so is omarion thoose guys make it look like it real.good acting and funny script

    Bad side:it did not have that good felling it was good but some was missing i think omarion did not play much roles or it ended to quick
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  • DOes any body know the song from when walt and faith are getting it on in the episodeThe love below. There is a song in the backgroung when there at walts house does anyone knoe th song??

    Does any body know the song from when walt and faith are getting it on in the episode The love belowThere is a song in the backgroung when there at walts house does anyone know the song?? Does any body know the song from when walt and faith are getting it on in the episode The love belowThere is a song in the backgroung when there at walts house does anyone knoe th song??

    Does any body know the song from when walt and faith are getting it on in the episode The love below There is a song in the backgroung when there at walts house does anyone knoe th song??
  • One need only listen to the theme song to see that this show just aint cuttin' it

    Basically, Cuts is what I like to call filler TV. I don't even think the actors on the show took it seriously. At least I hope they weren't, because their performances leave a lot to be desired. Marques Houston, one of 'lead' actors on this comedy, plays the former sole owner of Cuts, a barbershop in the middle of a hood in CA. His acting reminds me of someone trying to parody Martin Lawrence (constantly picking on coworkers and calling the female nail lady names), only they fall far short. Then, to add insult to injury, the barbershop is sold to Corbin Bernsen's character, and he puts his daughter (Shannon Elizabeth) in charge as a co-manager. Talk about loser idea. I can't really say exactly what the major problem with this show was, But let's just say anyone who hasn't seen it, thank God the network chose to cut it.
  • Lets see if its cancelled.

    Lets see if its cancelled, it could use a little work, but if they cancel, I wish they would just have a finale show or something, I hope it comes back, I know they are changing the network to the Cw or something, no more shows for us, at least probably won't be that many left after they get through cutting them all out...... blah blah blah horrible, we need a network that isn't all about the benjamins. I love girlfriends heard that wouldn't be lasting either, I think Cuts has already been cut anyway. Can't remember where I saw that, must check again.
  • I love Cuts... no more needs to be said here!!

    This show had me in fits from day 1! It's so funny, especially with the clashing character personalities. I love Kevin more than life! He is so buff and he always has me laughing. All the people in Cuts add to the essence of real life problems and comedy. There hasn't been a show like this for so long, and I'm so happy I started watching it because now i'm hooked. Life without Cuts would be a pretty boring one...
  • Needs work.

    This is not a show that I watch regularly. I've only seen a handful of the episodes, and none of them were that funny. The style of comedy and the jokes on this show seemed kind of forced, like their trying their best to make people laugh. And, the plots are pretty boring, and I'm not moved by them at all. Also, the characters aren't very interesting. They all seem pretty average to me, nothing over the top to keep me watching. I'm actually surprised this show made it to a second season, because it's not good.
  • This show is awesome

    The show is active and entertaining. I think it's funny. Their jokes are just... words can't describe them. The actors are really good at what they do. Everyone knows that Faith and Walt are gonna end up together. They're definitely goin' to "Keeps it Light" as Kevin says.
    Keepin it real,
  • My personal opinion on Cuts

    I love this show. It keeps me laughing. It also helps that MH is in it and i have been a fan since i was like 11. I also like that Omarion has been in it. The only thing about is theres never a real problem or somthin serious that happens. But thats minor for me, I still tune in every thursday night.
  • An O.k Show.

    This show was an Ok show it wasn't very funny to me.
    The jokes were very stale and the show just made it off of cheap laughs. The only reason sometimes I watched it (very often) was because of Candy she had some funny lines once in a while. Overall the show was a joke and needed to be carried by someone who was much more funnier then Marqus H. then it probably would have been decent that goes for the cast as well.
  • Pretty Damn Good

    I really like this show because the cast is diverse, and the scripts are well written and most importantly funny. I think Marques Houston reminds me a little of Martin back in his day with his mannerisms and the way he speaks, which also is a plus because we need that kind of comedy that stays fresh. This is a good show, and I think the guy that plays Walt is sexy!
  • ONE WORD.......................... MARQUES!!!

    I love this show. Personally I think Omarion should be a permanent actor for the series. But back to the show Marques Houston is a wonderful actor. I believe though that he tries to hard to be something he's not. I mean come on now, you're not Denzel Washington so don’t try to be. Just as in You Got Served M.H. was a little overexcited. I mean if a glass breaks you don’t have to cry about it, just get another one. So as I said CUTS is a very good series all of the actors are great and very funny and realistic. I hope that it stays on for many more seasons especially with Omarion.
  • I missed the premiere but that's okay. I still love it!!!

    I love Shannon Elizabeth and Marques Houston! I watched the show once and I was hooked. It's bad now because whenever I want to watch it, I miss it. I hope I see it soon because I really need to catch up on it. It's my fault but it doesn't really matter. As long as it's still up and running, I'm cool. It should stay on as long as possible.
  • I like this show because of how real Marques's Character is. This show is an overall good show. I really have no more words. But I hope it lasts a few more seasons before UPN decides to cancel it. Overall this show is funny, different, and brings alot to

    This show is good. But...Marques Houston's character tries too much to be like Martin. I coulda sworn the name of the show was Cuts...not Martin. Im glad Marques is back on t.v. acting an all but the character he plays really does bother me. Overall this show is okay, and I hope it lasts a few more seasons before UPN decides to cancel it.
  • Love it!

    I loved this show. i thought it was so funny. i loves how kevin and tiffany always faught, and they would always make fun of eachother's race. kevin would bring up jokes about O.J and he was so funny. i loved him. i also loved how the firends fit in so perfectly. Wit was my fav. friend. he was so funny. i just loved him. he had that cute little smile and he was so hot. i can't wait til the next season. it's gonna be so funny! i just hope they have more jokes to make you laugh and bring in new pople to spice things up. i don't want to hear the same jokes and see the same people every week.
  • About a young man running a barbershop after his father turns it over to him and is ran by by his spoiled, bratty daughter Tiffany. He wants a place where you can drink beer and hang with the guys while at the same time be able to cut their hair.

    This the worst show on UPN right along with The Bad Girl's Guide. I saw the show and it was terrible. It's not even funny, the jokes are lame and it's not worth watching. I'd rather watch Eve or One on One than this crap. Shannon Elizabeth is not good on this show. It seems like she's trying too hard to be funny and it really looks bad. I think that they could have picked a better person to play Tiffany because she's not it.
  • "Cuts" is a spinoff of the TV show "One on One". The youngest son of the founder of a barbershop is trying to keep the barbershop alive (and fashionable "hip" to what's new) because the barbershop is family history and they want to keep it running.

    The show is gradually growing on me. I wasn't much of a fan of Marques Houston but he's gradually getting better. Just keep up the dynamic and comedy of the show, and it's all good. It's a good show so far and I will be watching it more and more.
  • Funny

    When i first heard about this show i thought it was going to be so stupid , but this is a real comedy , its so funny they talk about stuff that i actually understand , i never think comedies are actually funny but this show is really funny i cant wait to see this show when it comes on because its the only thing that is funny to me and im hard to make laugh , and Marques houston and that girl he co-star with are so funny together i never thought they could find so many things to make funny but they do.