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Cutthroat Kitchen

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On Cutthroat Kitchen, four chefs are pitted against each other using $25,000 they are given to purchase helpful tools or to sabotage the other players. After each chaotic round of cooking a chef leaves the game with no money and the remaining chefs continue competing with their remaining cash. Alton Brown brings his expert knowledge and goofiness that asks contests if they have what it takes to make it through Cutthroat Kitchen.

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  • Alton brown is a cool guy

    Cutthroat kitchen is one of the greatest shows ever created! Alton is a genius and he is funny as heck! One of the Greatest shows ever created! I make sure I DVR it every if I ain't home! Excellent show! Alton is a beast! Give him a raise
  • What cooking has been reduced to

    Food Network is among many of the shows that have been reduced into a popularity contest. Too many obnoxious personalities like Giada, Ina, Guy, Bobbi, etc. focus way too much on ratings rather than educating the viewers on how to improve in the kitchen.

    What do I have to say about this show?

    For starters, I used to respect Alton Brown, but he's become rather unrecognizable- flanderized with hate, and sadism, rather than being the creative, eccentric food genius we've come to love on FN. Think about it: "Cutthroat Kitchen" murder in the kitchen? Anyone's guess. My initial thought is the fact that there was literally going to be some violence, but instead Alton transforms it into physiological horror:

    1. Ridiculous time limits:

    -compared to Chopped, you can utilize as much of the ingredients from into your dish, now in Cutthroat Kitchen, you have literally a minute to collect your ingredients from the pantry before the door closes- what's the point in that?

    2. Cheated out of the winning money. i find it ironic that he forces the contestants to bid at high prices, and return the money to him. I mean, $25,000 is a pretty good prize money, but the average contestant who wins leaves with about less than half that amount.

    Sabotage is a cheap-shot, Alton.

    You of all people would realize that cooking isn't about incapacitating your competitors, it's about using your skills to create a wonderful, delicious, creative dish.

    Overall, this show is a pointless schlock that tries too hard to incorporate game-show tactics with legitimate cooking. In an actual kitchen, nobody will switch out chef knives for plastic ones. Nobody is going to make you squash grapes with your bear feet - that crap simply doesn't exist. This doesn't teach you about cooking, it only purports to depict humans as cruel assholes.

  • Why this show is different from the rest.

    While some viewers may be disappointed in the "fairness" of this competition, I find that the show makes the chefs have to deal with some amazing obstacles. In one of the shows, one of the competitors had to make a quesadilla using a lamp. It's not a test of who is the best cook; it's a test of who is the most creative and resilient when faced with inconveniences. If you only care about who wins instead of the struggle to get to the finish line, then this isn't the show for you. Also, Alton Brown is a deviously funny bastard that has the right personality for a show like this.

    tl;dr this show is about the struggle to the finish line and tests the culinary skills of chefs under unrealistically unfavorable situationsmoreless
  • A clever show

    I have to say I disagree with the two other reviewers, the host is not being cruel at all, nor is he being coldhearted, what makes you think he is, it's only for show.

    Cutthroat kitchen is not like Chopped, one doesn't just show their skills in the kitchen one must also show they can adapt to different situations. And manage their money, I read about the show's blog and I have to say they were spot on. The reason why people walk away with so little money is because they focus so much on bidding wars that they lose track of their budget. Cutthroat kitchen is as you guess cutthroat.

    A minute is all you need to stuff your basket and pockets with goods. Another thing I read on the show's blog is the five tips to surving Cutthroat kitchen. The chiefs don't look around the pantry they are too busy scrambling for basic items that they forget substitutions like for instance if you need a salty reduction sauce instead of making your own special sauce you could use a already salty sauce like soy sauce.

    Two: Keep it simple, some of those chiefs up there try to impress the judge with a complex fancy dish, with a horrible garnish. You don't have to doll you dish up most of the time. Sometimes plain is beautiful.

    Three: Sometimes its better to be cheap.

    If I was on Cutthroat Kitchen I would bid in estimates of 100 dollars not 1000. Alton and the Judges discussed in the aftershow that some of the chiefs they see bid at high numbers for simple products, over 1500 for the rights to use salts?.

    So Cutthroat Kitchen if for people who can play the game well, there is no fairness here and I'm glad for it. You putting people of different skill levels against one another, this show is an equalizer. Where even someone like me can best a master. In skill but in creativity.

    And because a host acts differently on a different show I see isn't really a valid reason to hate a show.

  • not a "fair" show

    I agree with almost everything the previous reviewer said except for Giada, Ina, Guy and Bobbi being obnoxious. They are amazing chefs who have become celebrities who handle all that pretty well, i'd say. Now, CutThroat Kitchen, for me is a huge disappointment. Alton, whom i adore, does come off as rather sinister and cold in this show. Yes, i know that's the whole point. But, Alton, has always seemed so lovable to me, in the past, being a HUGE fan of "Good Eats". The "sabotages" are ridiculous. You can be an extremely talented chef, but because of another competitor with no confidence who must sabotage their opponent as the only way to win, makes it impossible for the more talented chef to win. It's definitely NOT a fair game of who is more talented. It's all about who wants to spend more money. And, that, to me, is not cooking!moreless

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