Cutthroat Kitchen - Season 1

Sunday 10:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Aug 11, 2013 In Season




Episode Guide

  • S'more Sabotage
    Episode 13

    Sharing is anything but caring in a fiery barbecue round when two chefs have to share their cook time. The competition gets heated when one chef adds s'more fuel by forcing an opponent to build a campfire.

  • 10/27/13

    Watch as one chef attempts lasagna as they make an opponent grate a three pound block of Parmesan. There's a noticeable chill in the air when a chef denies his opponent the ability to taste their chili.

  • Un-Holy Trinity
    Episode 11

    It gets tough when a chef's forced to cut their overflowing jambalaya ingredients to just five pounds. Finally, a chef "meats" their match when they get "creamed" by the winning dish of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

  • Humble Pie
    Episode 10

    The competition gets rolling when one chef has to wear oven mitts to roll up his burrito. Finally, it's a jungle out there in a teriyaki bowl challenge when one chef is forced to harvest all of their water from whole coconuts.

  • Kiss My Grits
    Episode 9

    Chefs compete for the right to force a rival to make nachos without utensils. One chef hands in herbs and spices and use jelly beans to flavor a sausage and peppers dish.

  • Steak Out
    Episode 8

    One chef's world is turned upside down as they're challenged to make a perfect omelet on the underside of a pan. And, one chef sticks it to another as they force them to serve their bananas foster on a stick.

  • 9/22/13

    Things really heat up in the kitchen as one chef forces another to create grilled cheese with a hand torch. A chef might come off like a big jerk as he makes another fill their shepherd's pie with beef jerky.

  • Wing It
    Episode 6

    In this devilishly fun episode, which chef is the most cold blooded as they bid to freeze an opponent for ten min. One of the chefs will have to wing it when they're forced to use some strange ingredients in their chicken wings.

  • See if a chef can turn gas station snack food into gourmet ravioli. The chefs are put through the grinder as one has to make a burger on a camp stove. See which chef has more guts as one has to serve giblets with fried chicken.

  • 9/1/13

    Another chef makes waves as he forces an opponent to make cupcakes in a microwave oven. See if one chef gets pie in their eye when forced to use pie crust as their pizza crust.

  • Tac'o the Town
    Episode 3

    A chef tempts the judge when forced to make tacos with bologna. Find out who the traitors are as chefs try to derail each other's Eggs Benedict. Can a chef can hold it together while trying keep their crab cake from falling apart?

  • 8/18/13

    Full of savory sabotage, can the chefs can make a winning pork chops and applesauce dish without the use of pork chops or apples? Then, there's a literal meltdown as the chefs compete to make the perfect mac and cheese.

  • Vive Le Sabotage
    Episode 1

    Pocket knives and thievery turn a turkey dinner into a not so "Thanksgiving." See which chef gets burned when making an edible French toast with burnt bread. A chef gets their hands dirty making a lobster roll without utensils.

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