Cutting It

BBC (ended 2005)


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  • Cutting It is amazing I was sad to see Ali henshall leave after three and a half fantastic season's . . .

    It's true Ali Henshall died , Sarah Parish was with the show from the very begining back in 2002 and now three years on she has been killed and on her wedding day too.

    Ali had a sad exit and a good story line , she was the first charchter seen in the pilot and since then basically in one way or another dominated every storyline the show had.

    Season five wont be the same without our Ali but im sure it will still be brilliant , Im expecting preganant Darcy to name her child after her dearly departed half-sister if its a girl ofcourse. Ali died after being reunited lawfully with husband Gavin , she had two children Ruby to Finn and baby Ralphy to Gavin as well as a gran son the exact same age as baby son Ralphy if they can I hope we see her one more time.