Cutting It - Season 2

BBC (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode Seven
    Episode Seven
    Episode 7
    An explosive end to the second season of Cutting It! Besides Allie having to choose between Gavin and Finn, both salons go up in flames!... and it's not Sunni Khadir behind it.
  • Episode Six
    Episode Six
    Episode 6
    Najat and Zaki Amjad close their shop and relocate to Eccles, everyone believing that they are moving for a change of scene. However, when the rent on Gavin's salon is increased to a ludicrous price, Finn becomes suspicious of the local property sharks. Gavin is reluctant to take Finn's advice and decides to make an appeal to the government.
    The staff of Gavin's salon hold a demonstration outside, wreaking havoc, which involves Zinna in a black PVC cat suit tied to a lamp post! Gavin stops the demonstration though, not wanting to lower the chances of winning North West salon of the year.
    Finn decides that it's now time that he and Allie sort out their divorces, and Allie and Gavin arrange to meet to talk things through. Finn's decision backfires, because when Allie and Gavin look through old photographs of their wedding, they remember how good they were together. While this is happening, Mia goes to see Finn, and lies that Gavin told her that he and Allie have been sleeping together, when they haven't, and Finn's reaction to this is to make a pass at Mia.
    Ruby reveals to Eugene that she is pregnant with Gavin's baby, but makes him keep it a secret. Ruby became pregnant on purpose, doing the same thing that happened with Allie and Finn years ago, to see if Gavin really does love and will stay with her.
    Continuing to try and win Allie back, Gavin takes her back to his salon to reminisce about old times. As they are talking, they see two vandals smash the salon window. Moments after the vandalism, Sunni Khadir stops next to them in her car, giving a very clear warning to Gavin. He must stop his appeal against the rent increase, or there'll be real trouble.moreless
  • Episode Five
    Episode Five
    Episode 5
    Two of Finn's children, Layla and Jodie, turn up on his doorstep. Finn and Allie have trouble looking after them both, so Allie calls in the rest of her family to help her out. Meanwhile, Mia is creating a plan to find out Allie's priorities. Her plan is to pull out of the seminar where she's meant to assist Boo Wibberly, the Progressive Hairdresser of the Year, and suggests Allie to replace her. Allie grasps the opportunity immediately and leaves Finn and her family with the children. Finn takes them all back to Byzantium, his bar, and they all have fun making cocktails and other drinks. Unknown to anyone, the two children put alcohol in their drinks. Mia shows up just as this is happening, and sees it happen, but keeps it to herself. The two children become sick, and Finn is worried that their mother won't let him see them again because of his bad fathering. Mia tells him that she'll take the blame for the problem, to save Finn from getting in trouble. At the seminar, Allie carries out her work very well, impressing Boo Wibberly, and is offered a franchise for her salon. Allie however, lets her integrity get the better of her, voicing her opinion, and loses the chance of the deal. Gavin then finds Allie giving her a shoulder to cry on and some sympathy. Meanwhile, Zinnia goes to see Finn at Byzantium, trying to seduce him, but this fails and Finn ignores her seduction. Back at Gavin's house, Ruby leaves Gavin and Allie alone together to test his feelings about her. They begin to reminisce and remember old feelings, which causes them to embrace each other. Later on, Eugene proposes to Ruby, but she doesn't accept. She informs him that she's in love with someone else... Gavin. Ruby returns to Gavin's house to see if he did go after Allie, but he's home alone and lets her in. Allie returns home to Finn, where they are being spied on by Mia.moreless
  • Episode Four
    Episode Four
    Episode 4
    Remi and Calypso enter a Poptartz competition, which in turn reveals a dark part of Sydney's past. Mia and Sydney both "spring clean" their lives, and Zinnia issues a warning to Finn about his future with Allie.
  • Episode Three
    Episode Three
    Episode 3
    Allie and Finn take Ruby for a day out a Blackpool. Darcey continues to plot her and Gavin's future, and there's an incident involving the Manchester Ship Canal which gets Calypso a TV spot.
  • Episode Two
    Episode Two
    Episode 2
    With Allie out of the picture, Darcey takes the opportunity of replacing her in Gavin's business and bed. Finn, Allie and Gavin are all nominated for "Hey! Manchester" awards. Mia has been working as an escort, so Gavin offers her a job.
  • Episode One
    Episode One
    Episode 1
    It's one month after Allie chose Finn over Gavin, and she returns with Finn from their holiday in Naples. They pull up outside the Henshall-Ferraday salon, which is having its sign changed to "Gavin Ferraday". Allie obviously isn't welcome. Finn surprises Allie, taking her to a new state of the art health and beauty spa for her to run, Celestium. She's flattered and accepts Finn's offer to run it. Brawdie shows up for a cut and blow dry, to prepare herself for Tom's 60th birthday disco party, but Allie talks her into having the full Celestium treatment. Brawdie looks fantastic as a result of the pampering, and becomes the life of the party at the disco. Tom speaks to Allie, reminding her where her true talent lies, that she can make a difference to real people's lives, and that she doesn't really suit being a "hands-off" executive. A big argument kicks off at the party, with Ruby announcing the different partners Finn has had, information provided to her by the scheming Mia of course. It's revealed that Finn has two other children that he ran away from in previous marriages. Finn tells Allie that he pays maintenance for those children, and that he does want a child with her. Gavin reaches the decision that he will put in a bid for Blade Runner, Mia's old salon, but discovers that the property has already been leased. Gavin and the rest of the staff at the salon watch as the new owner arrives... it's Allie.moreless