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    I am shocked and outraged to learn of CW's decision to take Supernatural off the air after the remaining 4 new episodes and not broadcast re-runs. Since I have Supernatural DVDs I can re-watch all the episodes I want at my own convince so personally it's not a big deal for me or other hardcore fans of the show. The re-runs are however crucial to gain new viewers! Right now most of the major TV-shows are on re-run therefore people are bond to get bored and tune away from their regular favorite shows and see what other shows are out there...which would have been a perfect opportunity for CW to promote Supernatural (even if it's re-runs) so that the show's audience could grow.

    First of all it amazes me how CW never provided Supernatural with a fair share of publicity and on top of that set it on the toughest timeslot competing against major shows like "Grey's Anatomy", "CSI" and "Scrubs"! Despite this fact Supernatural managed to seize a dedicated fan base and remain popular due to being a remarkable show. I have never witnessed so much interest and talk from fans about a show which has had such little publicity.

    Second, Supernatural is a phenomenon and profound show that has everything a creative entertaining show ought to have: suspense, drama, comedy, family values, and socio-historical critiques, not to mention captivating storylines. Within an hour Eric Kripke's innovative TV show has one scared, saddened, laughing, crying and intrigued. Also the leading stars of the show, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are amazing actors with great talent and realistic onscreen chemistry. Personally, I would never have thought a show about two brothers hunting supernatural beings across America would ever capture my interest, especially since I am more of a movie person. Supernatural has however that cinematic quality to it and is the only primetime show on any network companies that is worth my time and has me hooked every week.

    I hope the management team of CW realizes they have a terrific show on their network, which they cannot afford to lose!!!

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    yes, i totally agree. cw doesn't promote supernatural enought and that is soooo unfair. in fact it promotes lower rating shows like one tree hill and for supernatural nada. if they cancel the show i'll be really pissed...
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