Cyber Team in Akihabara

(ended 1999)





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  • A cute decent anime with small pet robots who fight evil for their owners.

    Okay, I saw this anime about 5 years ago after it was given a MST3K/Nostalgia Critic-like treatment by a couple of anime gurus who made fun of the anime. Rather or not it was for fun or serious is beyond me but I didn't think this anime deserved to be bashed though. I understand this anime is no where near perfect nor is it even close to one of the greatest anime series of all time but putting this anime under a "Worst list" would just be a crime. I'd rather see Bakugan or Girls Bravo on that list instead. Okay first of all, the anime is about a 12 year old schoolgirl named Hibari, who is a very kind girl who gets a PataPi (a small robot-like digital pet) named Densuke who I must say is the cutest thing I've ever seen in an anime (Even cuter than Pikachu or Hamtaro). The pet protects her from a crazy woman with giant breasts (It's a bit of a PG-13 anime with mild language and stuff) after transforming into a woman that looks like her future self. She also has four other girl friends who also have PataPies; Suzume, a "Mary Sue" who thinks she knows it all, Tsagumi an aggressive girl, and a blonde girl with a southern accent (Yes, a southern American accent reminiscent of Bobby Hill from King of the Hill), and another pink-haired girl who has a weird past (Think of Shadow The Hedgehog in a female human form). Anyways, I watched all 26 episodes on YouTube and it's a very cute anime just not a well known one. I even have a plush doll replica of Densuke in my room. Anyways, that about raps up my review. I can't believe people were so harsh on this anime. What were they excepting? Another Sailor Moon? Here's to hope someday this anime is seen on TV again but I'm better off getting the DVD box set off Amazon or just watching it on YouTube again. A cute but decent anime for anyone who likes cute kawaii styled anime series with cute creatures but everyone else probably won't like it that much.